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Teams / 2017 / U12 Girls Div3

U12 Girls Div3

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Steve Andrews
  • Team Managers: Rachel Andrews
  • Runner: TBC
  • Parent umpires: TBC
  • Trainers: Rachel Andrews
  • Photographer: TBC

Match Report Round 15 Sunday August 13th

Match Report vs Beaumaris JFC Sunday 13th Aug
Coco and Ayla were co captains for the game. The weather conditions for the game were dry and sunny with little wind. Beaumaris won the toss and kicked towards the club rooms.
Beaumaris had 14 players and we had 11 so we used 1 of theres and played 12 a side.
Before the game we spoke about running with the ball and attacking the goal, hand passing and keeping possession of the ball.
1st Quarter
This is a big strong team and they sit 2nd on the ladder having destroyed all except the top team this season, As the girls line up they notice some very big girls coming there way, Especially No.4!
Its not a good start from us and wave after wave of attacks from the home side result in multiple goals and behinds.
At the end of the quarter the girls feel deflated and not motivated to go out again but i tell them this is our last game, forget the score just go and show everyone what you are capable of.
2nd Quarter
A much better quarter as we restrict Beaumaris to just 4 scoring shots.
Well done Ayla, Isabella, Catherine M and Zoe K who had a torrid time in defence but never stopped running and tackling all game.
Defensively some of the transition football was excellent as we break out of our 50 but Beaumaris are such good kickers of the ball every time they win it back its pumped right down the ground, They mark it and they attack our goal again.
3rd Quarter
Again the home side get points on the board but were now making it a lot harder for them and they are having to work really hard in midfield now, 
Great work from Kiera, Zara, Tara and Charlie in midfield hassling them and tackling hard.
Our mids are now winning a lot of battles and running the ball down to the forwards.
Coco runs clear to have a shot at goal but is tackled before getting a shot at goal.. then.. the moment we’ve been waiting all game for…Isabella runs clear of the home side defence to score her first goal for the colts, well done izzy.
We end the quarter on a high with the goal and now the girls can’t wait to get out and try for more.
4th Quarter
A similar story to the first quarter but now were getting stuck in, Tackling hard and chasing the ball trying to get down to our forwards.
As we attack Beaumaris hit us on the break scoring goal after goal, its unlucky on our girls for all the forward pressure we assert in this quarter, we just can’t finish.
Thats something we will work on making sure we take our chances. When the ball is in our inside 50 we must score at least 50% of the time and when we don’t have the ball we must defend to ensure it stays in our 50 until we score.
Isabella again scores, her second of the game and Zoe K has 2 shots at goal but is tackled agonisingly close to scoring.
The game ends on a high for us as we had a good number of chances in this quarter and should have put more points on the board.
Final score 16/16/112 - 2/0/12
Captains awards went to Izzy for her 2 goals and Kiera for a great defensive game.
Well thats it for the season, we have our team presentations coming up and we will send out information soon regarding times and venues, A big thank you to all involved helping out on match day duties we can’t do it without all the help we receive from the parents, and a massive thank you to all the girls involved this season, I hope all the girls enjoyed there first season as footy players and continue to play for their team.
As a team we’ve learned a lot this year both on and off the field, we will come back next year fitter, stronger and better than ever and hopefully get wins!
Hopefully we will see you all at the end of season presentations.
Thanks all and enjoy the off season,
Coach Steve A.


Match Report Round 14 Sunday August 6th
Zoe C and  Maya were co captains. The weather conditions for the game were very wet windy. We won the toss and kicked with the wind in the first quarter.
St Bedes had 12 players and we had 16 which meant some last minute changes to our line up and game plan.
Before the game we spoke about running with the ball and attacking the goal, hand passing and keeping possession of the ball.
1st Quarter
St Bedes/Mentone score first and its a very tough, wet, windy day. We have a couple of chances to score but the home team kick a couple more goals and now its going to be difficult to get back in the game.
Charlotte takes a great mark right on the siren but plays on so the goal doesn’t count.
2nd Quarter
Now we start to believe we can win and a few chances go our way but no goal, Molly, Kiera, Maya and Ayla are doing fantastic in midfield tackling and forcing the ball up to the forwards.
A foul on Savannah results in a free kick inside 50 and she gets her first goal, well done Savannah.
The quarter ends and we should probably have scored more than we did.
3rd Quarter
The home team could sense we were getting back into the game and looking very good so they change a few things around and get a grip of our mids as they attack our goal with the wind behind them.
Now we struggle to get the ball out of our defence and concede a few more goals.
4th Quarter
Although the girls are very cold and wet they still want to fight and try and force a result which is good to see, Unfortunatley the home team are just to strong and we can’t get the ball to the forwards who don’t get a touch of the ball for the whole quarter, Some good defending from the mids and backs but our attacks are broken up its a very scrappy quarter.
Final score 10/9/69 - 1/1/7 
A big thank you to the team today for going out and trying as hard as they did in such horrible conditions, Despite the 69 – 7 final score the competition was a lot tougher than suggested and our girls made them work for every point. 
Our Midfield got great possession and then well…those St Bede’s girls took it!
Fortunately, our girls gave as good as they got and…made some brilliant tackles as they pushed, shoved and ran over those on the ground. I can see definite improvement in all the girls and next year we will look at positions for them to play a more permanent role instead of changing every quarter. 
Next up - Beaumaris JFC on the 13th August, Yet another away game, They sit second on the ladder and will be very tough opposition but we won’t be scared of giving it to them,
Its the last game of the season and i want all the girls to go out and get a win which they deserve for there efforts over the season.
Thanks all and see you at training,
Coach Steve A.

Match Report Round 13 Sunday July30th

Match Report vs Murrumbeena JFC Sunday 30th July
Isabel and Catherine Lee were co captains. The weather conditions for the game were perfect with sunshine and a little wind. We won the toss and chose to kick against the wind in the first quarter.
Before the game we spoke about running with the ball and attacking the goal, hand passing and keeping possession of the ball.
1st Quarter
Although Murrumbeena score first its a very even quarter and a battle of the midfields, The girls have definitely listened and taken on board what were trying to achieve and today you could see we looked a lot better going forward running with the ball, were now using our voices and the communication is the best its been all year, Hand passing our way down the ground is definitely the way for us to win games we look so much stronger in this first quarter and we are unlucky not to get a goal.
2nd Quarter
Savannah, Molly, Catherine M and Bridget are all having a great game in midfield running with the ball and making lots of tackles, Were getting the ball forward and having chances to score, In defence Maya, Zoe C, Ayla, Charlotte and Coco are making tackles and winning the ball and we keep Murrumbeena restricted to just 1 more goal.
3rd Quarter
Murrumbeena start with a behind but some strong defensive work from Kiera and Molly gets the ball out and we again attack their goal, Lots of running today in midfield as we tussle for possession of the ball, There no.9 seems to be  winning everything and pumping the ball down field to start an attack for the home team but the defence are doing a fantastic job. Its still a very even contest and we just need a goal. Again great work in midfield and defence and Murrumbeena can’t get past and are scoreless in this quarter.
4th Quarter
As the girls take the field you can see the determination in their faces and they really want to win this, The score is so close we just need a couple of goals, A high tackle on Molly in defence and their umpire gives THEM a free kick right in front of goal!, Our midfield again take control of the game and we get the ball to Catherine M who just misses in front of goal, Now were really pressurising them and waves of attacks finally result in a goal, Zoe K, Zara and Ayla seem to be every where making good tackles and running the ball forward, Maya has a chance at goal but it just won’t go in, just when were about to score the siren goes for full time.
Final score 4-4-28 / 1-1-7 
Murrumbeena are a very similar side to us and this was a very even game despite the score, A massive improvement in the girls attitude and commitment to try and win this game and we looked so strong in defence, The midfield also really worked hard all game to break up Murrumbeenas attacks and run the ball to our forwards, We were very unlucky not to score more goals and win this game but the effort and hard work can’t be faulted, Playing with the intensity and effort like we did today we will win games, We have 2 games left to get our first win  and playing like we did today its going to happen.
Next up - St Bedes/Mentone Tigers JFC on the 6th August, Another away game, They sit just above us on the ladder so I’m hoping if the girls really go hard in this game we can win our first game.
Thanks all and see you at training,
Coach Steve A.

Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 23rd

Match Report vs Bentleigh JFC Sunday 23rd July
Charlie and Tara were co captains. The weather conditions for the game were very wet in the second half, Bentleigh won the toss and kicked toward the club room.
We spoke before the game about bringing intensity to our game from the start of the game to the end. Control possession and stay calm under pressure.
1st Quarter
Bentleigh come out of the blocks firing and we just can’t keep the ball out of our 50, They score 3 quick goals and 2 behinds, Zara and Molly put in a great shift tackling and running out of defence but Bentleigh pump the ball back in making it tough to get the ball forward.
2nd Quarter
Bentleigh again with the goals but we look a bit better now Izzy, Kiera, Savannah and Ayla doing a very good job in midfield keeping pressure on there defence.
3rd Quarter
Again the midfield are strong this quarter Bridge with a great mark to start a colts attack. Molly, Zoe K and Charlie fantastic effort in midfield to keep Bentleigh out of our 50, we restrict them to just 1 goal this quarter and look better going forward.
4th Quarter
Now the rain starts to really pour down and not much action happens for the rest of the quarter, we leave the feild wet and dejected but the girls can hold their heads high for never giving up and again a huge effort from everyone 
Final score 0-0-0 / 9-10-64
I think the girls as a whole showed an incredibly good attitude and sportsmanship and are on their way to closer games and hopefully a win soon enough.
Next up - Murrumbeena JFC on the 30th July, Another away game, It will be tough but we are learning more every game and we can win if we keep putting in the effort and determination which we always do.
Thanks all and see you at training,
Coach Steve A.

Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 16th


Match Report Round 10 Sunday July 2nd

Match Report vs Hampton Rovers AFC Sunday 2nd July

Zara and Namwan were co captains. The weather conditions for the game were cold but sunny, Hampton won the toss and kicked toward the club room.

We spoke before the game about the fourth quarter of our last game, how well we played and scored goals and to bring that intensity from the first bounce to the last.

Hampton Rovers are top of the ladder for a very good reason, As soon as they ran onto the field we could see they where big and strong and very well organised and we would be in for a tough game. 

1st Quarter

We started the game very well running the ball through midfield and trying to get the forwards into the game, Hampton stole the ball and ran on to score a behind. From the kick out Hampton win the ball and score another point.

Were under pressure now and Hampton attack resulting in a goal and 3 behinds.

Tara suffers an injury to her wrist that takes her out of the game and were short on numbers but the girls rally and defend brilliantly to keep Hampton at bay.

2nd Quarter

Hampton start where they left off and score another behind followed by a goal, Namwan with a fantastic tackle saves a goal but Hampton recover with a goal and a couple of behinds, Our defence is under pressure but the girls are really trying hard and fighting for every ball.

Molly running out of midfield was excellent again and Kiera in defence with good running out with the ball and kicking long to the mids but Hampton pump the ball back in and a very scrappy goal for the home team.

3rd Quarter

The girls continue to improve in leaps and bounds with the action spread far more evenly across the full team.

Savannah again brilliant in defence running out and shrugging off players (even telling one girl who complained “its footy toughen up”). Despite tough tackling from Zara Bridget and Maya we can’t keep Hampton out and they add to the scoreline.

Catherine Lee was excellent in midfield blocking kicks and running the ball to the forwards.

4th Quarter

We start with Zara again great at winning the ball and breaking through the midfield, Hampton win the ball and pressurise our defence again, Great tackling from Zoe K and another goal line save from Savannah.

Zara Charlotte Izzy and Maya all continue running through midfield forcing there way to the forwards but Hamptons defence is very strong and we just can’t score.

Final score 11-16-82 / 0-0-0

Despite the effort we put in today they were just to strong for us, we continue to improve in many areas and were all learning a lot from these games. Running with the ball, Tackling and confidence has massively improved from the first game and if we continue like this we will get results. We now have a few weeks off to recover, rest and prepare for our next game. 

Next up - Bentliegh JFC on the 23rd, Another tough game but we are capable of walking off winners in this one if the team put in the effort they always do.

Thanks all and see you at training,

Coach Steve A.

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 25th

Match Report vs Mordialloc Braeside JFC Sunday 25th June

Molly and Catherine McGowan were co captains. The weather conditions for the game were very windy and cold, Mordi won the toss and kicked toward the club room with the wind behind them.

We spoke during the warm up about using the game to practice skills that were learnt in training , Playing on and encouraging each other at all times.

Mordi came off an absolute hammering last week against Hampton Rovers who are still top of the ladder and unbeaten,

We also suffered defeat last week against St Kilda,

Unfortunately this week we had a very depleted team with sickness and holidays and arrived with only 9 players and had to use 3 of Mordi’s to make up the numbers.

1st Quarter

A slow start from us and it was Mordi who struck first with a goal quickly followed with a behind, A great  tackle from Catherine McGowan in defence saved a certain goal as the opposition player lined up for a shot, Savannah again made her now trade mark bursting runs out of defence but Mordi use the strong winds to pump the ball straight back to their forwards and another goal, The midfield started to gain the upper hand with some fantastic tackles from Catherine Lee giving us some forward possession, Mordi then hit the post and its a point to the home team.

2nd Quarter

Now we use the wind to force the ball down to our forwards and a couple of behinds from Molly give us a bit of confidence at goal but Mordi counter and score a goal, The home side midfield manage to keep possession of the ball and break us down for 2 more behinds, We respond very well, our mids are winning battles all over the pitch and getting the ball forward we are starting to create chances, A goal line scrap inside their 50 as we look for a goal but the siren blows.

3rd Quarter

Mordi’s turn to use the winds again and they score, Colts with another great response and Savannah almost scores (god that was close), Zoe C was tackling all over the place with Zara and Bridget and really starting to dominate the midfield, The home side again launch the ball down the other end for a goal.

Finally, Catherine McGowan with Port Colts U12 Girls Div 3’s first ever goal and the crowd erupts…women scream…grown men are reduced to tears, Pure elation! 

The comebacks on!!!

The superb Molly again in defence breaking up Mordi attacks and running the ball out of defence keeping them at bay.

4th Quarter

The goal has given the girls a deserved boast and we attack from the restart, Molly, Savannah and Maya in midfield press and tackle and run the ball to the forwards who start to really assert their presence, Zara, Kiera and Bridget pepper the Mordi goal with shots but it just won’t go in, Mordi try and clear the ball out but our mids tackle and harass and force the ball back in, Todays best on ground Zara breaks through and scores a well deserved goal, Mordi respond but our defence are all over them running the ball to the mids who then burst through to start another Colts attack, Our forward line really start to dominate now and shot after shot go agonisingly wide until Kiera goes close with a behind, Then full of confidence Kiera scores a goal, Zara then gets a behind, Mordi still can’t clear the ball with the midfield pressure relentless forcing there way through to the forwards, A foul on Bridget sees her awarded a free and she scores… is the comeback really on?

We continue to attack but run out of time, What an effort and what a quarter.

Final score 6-10-48 / 4-4 28

A few goals short of a win but if we play every quarter like the last we will be very hard to beat, A fantastic effort from all 9 girls on ground but it wasn’t to be. We now know how to score goals and hopefully continue in the games to come.

Next week - Hampton Rovers AFC away, The top team, This will really test us but I’m confident if we perform to our best we can get a result.

Thanks all and see you at training,

Coach Steve A.

Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 18th

Match Report vs ST Kilda JFC Sunday 18th June

Kiera and last week’s best on ground Savannah were co captains for our first home game of the season. The weather conditions for the game were perfect, the sun was shining with very little wind.

St Kilda won the toss and kicked toward the club room.

We spoke before the game about forward pressure and not letting St Kilda get the ball out easy from their inside 50, harassing, tackling and winning the ball back and setting up for another shot on goal. 

Charlie became the first ever Port Colts U12 Div 3 player to score a behind.. although she thought it was a goal!!!

St Kilda came off a loss last week against a very good Hampton Rovers side who are a big club and top of the ladder.

We also suffered defeat last week against South Melbourne who are also a very strong team with a lot of experienced players in their squad.

St Kilda arrived with 24 players and we had 14, thanks again to Tess and also Eliza who turned up early so had a run out with us before playing for our Div 1 side.

1st Quarter

A great start from both teams but it was St Kilda who struck first with a goal, A great display of strong tackling from Savannah and Namwan in defence kept St Kilda at bay until a ball up 2 yards from goal which resulted in a kick in the ribs for Eliza and a goal for the visitors.

After the second goal we responded very well with our own continued forward pressure and I don’t know how we didn’t score!

2nd Quarter

The visitors came out of the blocks firing in the second quarter but we stood firm with great running out of defence from Catherine Lee and Zara, unfortunately they eventually broke through to score 2 quick goals, we responded again with fantastic tackling from all the girls and a surging run through the corridor from last weeks best on ground Savannah. A high tackle on Tess gave us a free shot at goal which fell agonisingly short, we are getting closer!!!

3rd Quarter

Again the visitors are straight down our defensive end but what a tackle from Molly to save a sure goal, Kiera then clears the ball to Catherine M who drives the ball through to midfield and the start of a lovely attacking move which sadly broke down and resulted in another St Kilda goal despite all the effort our girls put in. St Kilda then had a goal disallowed for running to far, they then responded with a behind, and another. Molly again stormed out of defence with the ball to start another attack for our girls, again we just couldn’t get the goal we deserved…St Kilda score.

4th Quarter

Some more great attacking play from Isabella, Bridget and Maya and then Charlie with the behind, St Kilda then ran the ball from there defence despite being chased and harassed by Tara and Zara in midfield to score a very scrappy goal. Yet again we respond and are again frustratingly close to a goal.

The final result was an 8 goal loss but that doesn’t do any justice to the way the girls played today, I couldn’t be anymore proud of the way we tackled and played as a team, what an improvement we’ve made in a very short period of time, That elusive goal is coming and I’m sure we will start to win games very soon.

Next week - Mordialloc Breaside JFC away looks to be a very tough challenge but we will be ready and raring to go…


Thanks all and see you at training,


Coach Steve A.

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