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About the Team

  • Coaches: Warren Voss / Assistant Coach: Darren Williams
  • Team Managers: Paul Perret / Nicki Allen
  • Trainers: TBC
  • Photograhper: TBA


Training Times

Thursday 5.30pm to 7pm at Murphy Reserve.

  • Running group on Monday Nights:
  • Training for our Under 12s in 2017 comprises a running session and a footy session each week.

Monday Running @ JL Murphy Reserve, 6:15pm - 6:45pm / View Location Map

Wednesday Football Session @ JL Murphy Reserve, 5:45pm-7pm / View Location Map

Match Report Round 15 Sunday August 13th

U12 Boys - Port Colts v East Brighton @ Murphy Reserve 

Weather; Fine, sunny, breezy

Score; Port Colts 23 def by East Brighton 64

The final game for the year was at home, at a reasonable time, and with some nice weather! A relaxed dressing room as the boys warmed up, with emphasis placed on winning the ball, and applying pressure to the oppo from the outset. This was our final for the year and the boys were asked to play like that.

The first quarter saw the boys play the type of footy that we know they are capable of. Kicking into a stiff breeze, they worked together, hunted the ball, applied tackle pressure and continually held the ball inside our F50.
We hit the scoreboard early, led by some great work by Quincy. Ethan was providing a solid wall across the half back line, and Sam was working well in the ruck.

After an even start, we moved into the second full of confidence. Their effort certainly lifted and they were pushing forward strongly. We couldn't get our hands on the ball for the first part of the quarter but gradually worked our way back into the quarter, hitting the scoreboard again. Daniel enjoyed his time in the middle and was working well around the ground. Lachlan V was ever reliable in the midfield given us good drive forward. Patrick did some little things - tapping the ball to advantage that provide benefit by releasing a player to run onto and clear the ball. The first half was a fantastic effort of football with every one of the ground making a contribution.

Our third showed the effort the boys had put in. There were some tired legs and they started cutting us up through the middle with pace and overlap running. They used the wind well and our defence was under pressure for large parts of the quarter. Tyrone battled well in the middle and Nick was doing well to win some ball.  The heads were dropping and we needed to find some more energy.

The last quarter of the year and we needed a lift. The ball spent the first past of the quarter inside D50, but our defence had stood up well. Then the momentum turned, the tackle pressure returned, the run returned and the ball spent most of the second part of the quarter inside our F50. The highlight was surely seeing Marcus score his long awaited goal with a great kick. The boys had finished off the game the way they started - with commitment, effort, and teamwork.

In the end, the top team, defeated only once this year got the points. But everyone should be immensely proud of their effort, taking it up to yet another team. The difference for this game and most games during the year is the commitment to the whole match, not dropping off, and taking our chances to ensure when we move the ball forward, we hit the scoreboard.

Call outs today to Daniel, Quincy, Lachlan V, Ethan, and Ben K, all well played.

Finally, a special thanks to Darren, Paul P, John M, Scott, Matt K, Nigel, Donna and ALL of the parents that time kept, cut up oranges, waved the flags, escorted the umpires, enjoyed the sun, shivered in the cold and got drenched in the rain, but supported us through another year of footy. There were many highlights, some lowlights, footy development, new skills acquired, great friendships solidified, all of which will hopefully make GREAT memories for a long time to come. We hope to see you all again in 2018.

Match Report Round 14 Sunday August 6th

U12 Boys - St Pauls McKinnon v Port Colts @ McKinnon 

Weather; Cold, windy, showers

Score; Port Colts 18 def by St Pauls McKinnon 59

A very early and cold start for us at McKinnon for the second last game of the year. A very flat change rooms didn't really find any energy when the boys went onto the ground. This was amplified with the oppo winning the toss and kicking with a strong breeze in the first. That breeze, some good team play from them, and some very poor effort from us resulted in a disastrous opening quarter. We had no one that looked like they wanted to play today, and the boys were asked to lift their intensity in the second.

That seemed to work, with better commitment to win the ball at the start of the second. We matched them, but were still losing the midfield battle and giving up too many of their F50 entries. Marcus and Speriden were doing well in the back half. Overall, we held them well, but they still scored into the wind, and took a large margin at the main break. 

Lachlan V was moved to CHB and started to have an effect driving the ball off the half back line and Ethan into the middle seemed to find his feet. Ollie provided some good linkage across the middle. Tyrone was competitive in the ruck and we started to back each other with run. We were starting to get into our groove, but it was a long way back.

The last quarter started with us kicking with the wind. Will Sharpin played up for us today and took the honours of removing the donuts from the scoreboard by nearly kicking a goal, but ultimately getting a behind. He hot the scoreboard again n the quarter, which saw us dominate play by holding the ball in our F50 from most of the quarter. We finished up having 8 scoring shots and had we switched on earlier and got something on the scoreboard, we may have actually been in a position to challenge. But again, a slow start with low energy levels, left us to wonder what could have been.

Call outs today for Nick Sharpin, Lachlan V, Sam & Ollie. Special thanks as well to Jonty Robb who also filled in and had a good game.

Match Report Round 13 Sunday July 30th

U12 Boys - Brighton Beach v Port Colts @ Brighton Beach 

Weather; Mild, sunny

Score; Port Colts 29 def by Brighton Beach 52


We again started behind the eight ball with only 15 players showing on a beautiful afternoon. 

We started with some positional changes of what would normally be expected, including an ill Ollie R deep in the F50. The midfield worked hard and we had good supply into out F50 enabling us to score a few times in the first and erase the bad memories from our last visit to this ground. We went into the first break with a slight advantage.

The second saw the oppo use the slight wind advantage well and controlled the ball for the first 5 mins of the quarter. Marcus was doing well in the back half and Ethan provide good drive off half back. Lachlan was providing a good marking target at half forward and Patrick created some opportunities. We went to the main break with confidence. 

The third saw us start by controlling the ball, and Ollie getting his second. The game was opening up with some tired legs on both teams creating a lot of space. The oppo took their chances and took a small lead into the last break. There was a great effort across the ground with Quincy, Nick,Caspar, and Speriden doing a great job during the quarter.

The oppo started the last with the slight breeze, and a combination of our tired legs and their seven players on the bench meant their run and carry started to hurt. We were brave and gallant but in the end they had more than we did and got the points.

Today was a day that we saw effort and commitment by EVERY player on the ground. A genuine team effort that they should be all very proud of.

Call outs today for Ollie, Lachlan V, Quincy, Nick, and Ethan.

Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 23rd

U12 Boys -Port Colts v Dingley @ Home 

Weather; Cold, windy

Score; Port Colts 25 def by Dingley 43

We turn to the last part of the year and the challenge is to play consistent footy. We unfortunately this week were again low on players, putting us behind the 8 ball before we started. Thankfully, the u11's played at home and 3 boys - Oscar, Winston, and Sanjay all put up their hands to play and evened up our numbers. 

We started well in what was going to be an even contest, kicking with the wind in the first. The ball bounced between the D50 and F50 and whilst the oppo scored first, we took a small advantage to the break

The seesawing game continued into the second and we used the ball as well as we could into a strong breeze. Speriden and Marcus were doing a great job in defence and Quincy and Ollie were getting a lot of ball around the ground.
The midfield was doing well, but the oppo had a dominant ruck that was giving them first use.

The third started with the oppo holding the ball in the F50 for a long time, and our defence stood up well but eventually they broke through for a goal. Nick was strong in the midfield and providing us with drive. We hit back into our F50 and scored to level the scores at the last break.

The last quarter was always going to be a test, with their runners using the ball well, and the positioning a couple of marking targets forward. They were also assisted by a strong breeze and used it well, although our defence stood tall and fended off many attacks. We held the ball inside out F50 for a few minutes, but managed just a behind. Lachlan V and Lachlan P were doing well in the midfield and around the ground, but ultimately the oppo were too strong and kicked a couple of goals to get the points. 

We come back next week for a good test against Brighton Beach, who have shown they can be beaten. With a few players back and continued commitment to win the ball and use it well, there is confidence of a victory.

Call outs today for Quincy, Ollie, Lachlan V, Marcus, and big THANKS to Sanjay, Winston, and Oscar

Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 16th

U12 Boys - St Peters v Port Colts @ St Peters 

Weather; Cold, windy

Score; Port Colts 26 def by St Peters 47

Back after the holiday break to cold Sunday morning footy! Unfortunately, we still had a large number of players away and played short (15) against an oppo who wasn't up on their reading on the bylaws (allowed to play only 1 extra!). That said, everyone should be super proud of their efforts today - a genuine team effort that saw everyone fight hard for the whole game and had us leading during the game, with a few chances to cause a massive upset.

The ball lodged stubbornly in the oppos F50 for the first part of the game.
They should have kicked several goals, but our defence, led by Ethan and Speriden did a great job repelling the attacks. They finally hit the board, but we answered quickly with some great teamwork and went to the first break even.

With the aid of a stiffening breeze, we took the lead in the second with multiple entries inside our 50. The boys were playing with courage and enthusiasm, but as legs got tired towards half time, they hit back with a couple scores. Ben K and Ollie R were running and Quincy was again playing 'taller' that he is.

We needed to maintain our run and carry that was providing us a way forward with lower players numbers. The third saw them have continued shots at goals, and only some errant kicking resulted in 7 behinds instead of 5 goals 2, keeping us in touch. Marcus was rock solid in defence, ably assisted by Patrick.

 Their extra players started getting on top in the third and we had a big challenge in the last. The game opened up, and their run and carry was hurting us. We fought back and had pushes into our F50, but many were repelled with their extra. A special mention here to John who took a great mark at half forward and followed up with a good kick to set us up to have another shot.

In the end, the numbers got us and I am confident that with players back next week we get our structure back and launch a push for this group to play FINALS football for the first time.

Call outs today for Ben K, Ollie, Ethan, and Quincy

Match Report Round 10 Sunday July 2nd

U12 Boys -East Brighton v Port Colts @ East Brighton 

Weather; Sunny, cold

Score; Port Colts 6 def by East Brighton 67

 An early start against the undefeated top of the table oppo, with a reduced squad was always going to the challenging. But the team fought well for the whole game and should be proud of their effort.

The boys were given a briefing about the last time we played and some of their key players. We needed to ensure pressure was applied from the start, and that's what happened, controlling play in the first and having a couple of shots, albeit for minor scores. The ball bounced around the midfield for most of the first quarter, and they hit the scoreboard a few times late to open a small margin at the break. 

In the second we started well and added Caitlin to the mix the forward line. We were playing with 17, but the team was showing great effort. Daniel was competing very well in the ruck and Ethan showing resilience across half back. There were some good passages of play, allowing us to move the ball down the ground. We needed to work hard with lower numbers and there were some encouraging signs as we got to half time.

In the third, our tackle pressure increased and enabled us to hold the ball inside our F50 for lengthy periods. Lachlan V was everywhere, taking marks, and setting up thrusts forward. Sam presented well and took some good marks. Marcus worked hard in the backline and showed some dash to move the ball out of our D50 on multiple occasions.

The boys kept trying, but an injury to Daniel late in the 3rd allowed the oppo to have more of the centre breaks in the last and they started to show some ascendency. Our boys started looking tired in the last but they  fought the game out well and did an admirable job against a stronger oppo.

We enter the break with signs of some encouraging football, but with plenty of work to do if we are going to play finals. There are some critical games coming up and we need to put together the best parts of our game on a  more consistent basis. We now enjoy a break from training and matches for a couple of weeks for the holidays. We all look for the boys to come back and put together good, strong and consistent football to challenge for a finals berth in 2017.

Call outs today for Lachlan V, Marcus, Ethan, Daniel, and Nick.

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 25th

A word from the coach re player milestone games this round

Today we recognise the commitment of some great young men in this football club who have all achieved their 50th milestone game over the past few weeks. The one great thing about this group of boys is the mateship they have – built from their time together at school, time on the training track, time playing basketball together and then playing some great games of footy together.  

You will all recognise the fantastic community atmosphere that this club brings, and we believe these boys have a very bright future and hope they stick with footy for a long time to come. 

Now, let me stay a few words about each of these boys 

Beau  61  I recall a little kid with long blonde hair and a long-left foot kick starting out at Auskick with SMD way back in 2010. After a stint at Auskick, and a season at SMD in the u9’s, he joined his good mate, Lachlan and they made the move to Port Colts. He loves to kick a goal, and his football has improved significantly this year by playing down back where he has helped organise the back line and along the way stopped his fair share of goals.  And best of luck in the upcoming baseball tournament in Japan  
Cooper  58  A traditional ‘tough nut’ footballer that loves to attack the ball, the guy has great ability to win the contested ball and loves to take a run and have a bounce. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t! But he plays the game on the edge and always puts in the effort required and he is admired by all around him.   
Ethan   62  This guy has a silky smooth left boot and is always a pleasure to watch. When he gets his timing right, he can take a great pack mark. He reads the play very well and positions himself well. And whilst he loves playing forward, the coach has played him back this year to help in the development of his footy, and he has provided us with great drive off half back.  A great contribution to the footy club so far.  
Lachlan  60  Our reigning B&F winner, this guy provides inspiration to the whole team. He reliably wins the ball in the midfield and drives us forward. He covers a lot of ground and I think everyone loves seeing it when he lets go on one of his long kicks. He spends lots of time thinking about his footy and always challenges himself to be better.   Sometimes it’s hard being the coach’s son, but he makes my job a bit easier!  
Lochie  58  A super reliable half back flanker that always competes hard – regardless of oppo size or the scoreboard, this guy provides us stability and structure and can damage the oppo when going forward. He is always courageous and demonstrates great team work.   
Nick  55  Whilst he has only played with this group for the past couple of seasons, we have all been impressed by his footy over the journey. He has brought great experience to the group and through his leadership he constantly shows what is required to get the job done.   
Ollie  56  NUB as he is known, loves to run. His ball skills have improved significantly over the past couple of years and we can now start to see that although short in statue, he is building a solid game. Quiet and unassuming, he is ready to offer suggestions on how to make things work better. A fantastic effort to this point – lots more footy to go - well done 
Quincy  60  If courage and commitment could be measured, this guy would be 6-foot-tall and weigh 90 kilos!!! And although he’s not, his attack on the ball and ability to carve through space is great to watch. He is usually hard to catch, can take a mark and has a mean left leg.  
Sam  59  This guy’s career has been built on using his size to win the ball. He loves to sell some candy and sometimes ties himself in knots, but keeps working hard. He has a great ability to play in multiple positions, and I think it’s not too long before you see his football move to the next level.    

Well done on your career so far boys – so much more to go. And over the next few weeks, there are some others that will be recognised for their milestone 

Match Report:

U12 Boys -Port Colts v St Pauls McKinnon @ JL Murphy Reserve

Weather; Cool, cloudy

Score; Port Colts 38 def St Pauls 24

An enthused group of boys warmed up this week for an important match. The achievement by 9 from this group of playing 50 games was an extra motivation. On top of that, we need to extract some payback against the oppo as they made us look second rate last time. 

We started as well as we could kicking into a stiff breeze by pushing the ball into our F50 on multiple occasions, allowing Daniel to again hot the scoreboard early. Ben K was looking dangerous across half forward providing good run. Tyrone led from the front and tackled at every chance. There was some fantastic running play and everyone on the ground was making a contribution. We kept the oppo scoreless and the boys arrived at the first break with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 

The second started and the wind was ours to make the most of. We worked the ball well, with our midfield of Lachlan V, Lachlan P, Nick and Speriden providing drive from the middle. Using the wind, we controlled play in the first half of the quarter locking the ball inside our F50. The dam wall eventually broke and we scored again, opening up a nice lead. But then the tide started to turn. Their pressure and running saw the ball lock into our D50 for most of the back half of the quarter and they eventually scored a goal on the half time siren.

The boys had lost their edge a little and they were asked to lift. We played better in the third, but the turnovers killed us - constantly kicking the ball to them allowing them to move back to their F50. If we can correct this aspect out the game, and stay in control of the ball for longer, we can match it with the top teams.

The pressure from the oppo continued in the last quarter, although a lot of the time looked like kick to kick. We were starting to look tired lost our way a little. Marcus provided good drive from the centre on a couple of occasions including our last drive that resulted in a late goal.

A great way to finish off an important day for the club recognising the achievements of 9 players from this group. Well done today to Daniel, Speriden, Lachlan V, Lachlan P, Marcus and Ben K

Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 18th

U12 Boys -Port Colts v Brighton Beach @ JL Murphy Reserve

Weather; Fine, sunny, still

Score; Port Colts 19 def by Brighton Beach 52

A beautiful winters day at our home ground. The boys warmed up well and were switched on at the start of the match against a team that has been ins good form lately.

We started well with good pressure around the ball and strong forward ball movement. Some good linking play saw us hit the scoreboard early in the first with a great goal to Daniel and erase the 'donuts' we received from the oppo last time. They hit back in the first with a couple of goals, but our endeavour was good. They are a very good ball movement team and like to build across the ground and lead into space - something that we should take note of.

The second saw them start to exert some influence in the midfield and there were multiple thrusts inside F50 putting pressure on our defence. They hot the scoreboard more times than us, but at the half break, we never felt out of it. 

The third saw us matching them in intensity and applying pressure to slow down their ball movement. The ball seemed to ping between the arcs. Our D50 was under a lot of pressure, but stood up well with a couple of good grabs to Speriden saving some goals. A switch in team structure seemed to provide us with a little more run.

We enter the last with knowledge that our first three quarters had been respectable, but needed to finish it off. And that's what we did. Strong presence from Lachlan V, good work by Lachlan P, outstanding repeat efforts by Patrick were all highlights which saw us stop there run of scoring easy goals. Of note in the last was Isaac's great ruck work which was a good sign for the future.

Of particular note from this match is how we shut down their scoring. Our effort resulted in the oppo scoring 8 points and us scoring 7 - for the half. With that commitment, it shows we can match it with the top teams.

Another even spread this week, with call outs to Patrick, Lachlan V, Daniel, Speriden, Lochie, Beau & Isaac

Match Report Round 7 Sunday June 4th

U12 Boys - Dingley Dingoes v Port Colts @ Heatherton Reserve

Weather; Very cold, foggy, still

Score; Dingley 34 def Port Colts 31

 A very early, cold and foggy morning welcomed those that made the trek out to Dingley. The ground was dewy, and it was hard to see the other side (!) at an oval surrounded by paddocks and market gardens. To the parents that made the journey, your commitment is acknowledged!!!! As you would expect there were lots of concerned faces (about the cold) and comments regarding the conditions.

However, once they started warming up, the blood was pumping and they could concentrate on football.

The oppo started well and hit the scoreboard for a goal in the first few minutes. We took a while to get going but by the back part of the first quarter we had a few shots at goal - unfortunately none going through the big sticks. Ethan was again providing structure across half back and our small forwards, Ben White , Quincy and Ben K started getting involved in the second.

As expected, it was a scrappy game with the ball hard to mark (and see!) and thus spending lots of time on the ground. They had some good ball movers, but we kept pushing forward and the Lachlan's (P and V) were doing well against a larger and heavier oppo ruckman. 

We controlled the ball for most of the time, but weren't making them pay on the scoreboard, and at half time they were asked to provide better commitment and protection to their teammates. This seemed to work in the third, and after kicking repeated behinds, we were finally finding the goals. Lochie M had lifted his intensity, had some good tackles and a great bump, and Brendan had a solid game across half back. Our run and carry helped open up a 16 point lead, only to see that reduced after some good oppo team play and then a cheap goal in the dying seconds of the third to them narrowing the margin at three quarter time. That cheap goal really hurt and the defenders need to work harder to ensure we kill the ball or move it into space away from the goals late in quarters.

It was a tussle in the last, and they seemed to switch the game to their terms and had the ball in their F50 for a lot of the quarter. We had a couple of chances, but failed to capitalise when the ball moved into space. Our D50 was under continued pressure which finally gave out and enabled them to goal with a couple of minutes to go, and combined with some clock draining injury time before the siren, saw us run of time to close a narrow 3 point gap. It was a disappointing end to a game where we felt like we controlled the ball for most of the time and looked dangerous going forward, but the results won't show that.

In the post-match, the boys were asked to think about the little things; the things they could have done during the game - a tackle, a shepherd, kicking a goal (instead of a point), running that little bit faster, impacting the contest - that would have made the difference to the result. In the end they pressured us enough in the last, combined with us not taking our chances we had early in the game to put it out of reach - and will be remembered for more of a game we lost, than they won.

A very even spread this week, with call outs to Lochie M, Quincy, Lachlan P, Ethan, Caspar, Tyrone & Lachlan V

Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 28th

U12 Boys - Port Colts v St Peters @ Murphy Reserve

Weather; Cold, windy, dry

Score; Port Colts 45 def St Peters 15

Footy weather had finally arrived for 2017, with overnight rain leaving the playing surface damp and clearing in the morning, but the cold wind reminded us about us of our favourite jacket! We were home again this week and most of the squad was early to soak up some Port Colts community feeling.

The pre-game was about tackle pressure across the ground and to play like they do on a Wednesday night at training. Our training sessions have been good and we needed to take that into our matches. This week's captain Isaac started off by winning the toss and kicking with some wind assistance. We took off quickly and saw good energy around the ball. However there was some poor
defensive work that enable the oppo to hit the scoreboard first. We hit back soon after and then continue to press resulting in some minor scores. 

The second quarter into the wind didn't faze the boys as we started to see some running and kicking to targets that had been requested for the past few weeks. Ethan was in everything across half back collecting some great forward driving possessions and Marcus stood tall in defence reminding us of a young Alex Rance. Our teamwork resulted in hitting the scoreboard a few more times and the good play continued across the ground. Lachlan Voss and Lachlan Perret were controlling the ruck and around the ground and Nick
Sharpin lost his oppo and was roaming free picking up planet of possessions. Daniel provided us with a strong option up forward kicking a couple of goals and Quincy looked dangerous when the ball was down there.

The breaking into line groups at the breaks enabled the boys to discuss their observations of the quarter and where we can improve. After half time, the good work continued with several long kicks into our F50 putting the oppo under constant pressure which eventually allowed us to score on multiple occasions. Speriden was a welcome addition back into the team after a couple of weeks on holidays. There was a lull during the middle of the third with concentration and the boys need to ensure their efforts and
concentration last for the whole game.

We turned into the last quarter with a good lead, but the oppo was kicking with the wind. Our intensity dropped a little allowing them to score a couple of goals. We finished the game off strongly and our kick in work this week was much better and we seem to be able to move the ball out of D50 with structure and confidence.

This week we had many contributors to our team effort and everyone should be proud and after the past few weeks should be reminded of their good football skills, and that sometimes effort is what it takes. Call outs for Marcus, Nick, Ethan, Lachlan V, Lachlan P, Daniel and Speriden.

Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 21st

U12 Boys - Port Colts v East Brighton @ Murphy Reserve

Weather; Fine, sunny

Score; Port Colts def by East Brighton

A beautiful Sunday morning for footy. We are at home after a few road trips and coming off a good training sessions. The pre-game was about tackle intensity and helping each other.

An great start to the game saw us moving the ball quickly and with confidence for the first part of the quarter, and hit the scoreboard.
However the oppo hit back and set up a good quarter - their inaccurate kicking kept us in it at the first change. 

However the second quarter was a different story. They moved the ball with confidence and we seemed to lose our positioning. We were flat footed and second to the ball. We concentrated on the man, not getting the ball. When we had the ball, we turned it over to the oppo too easily. Our defence was leaking badly and there were multiple inside 50's to deal with, some with no pressure. We entered the half time break with the need for more run and more teamwork.

In the third, we showed some glimpses of teamwork, but the defence was still leaking badly and the oppo had multiple options to goal, which resulted in them moving further ahead.

In the last, we started again really well, had a really soft middle and finished strongly. Focus areas are spreading, kicking to and hitting
targets, and working together. The boys still have a long road ahead to find the type of football and consistency of character that we expect to see, however it was encouraging to see this week we are on the right road.

This week it was difficult to find our better players as most dropped in and out during the game. Call outs this week for Ethan, Ollie, Marcus, Lachlan V, and Ben W.

Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 14th

U12 Boys - St Pauls McKinnon v Port Colts @ Brighton Beach

Weather; Fine, cool, sunny

Score; St Pauls 52 def Port Colts 22

A cold, sunny but very early morning greeted us in McKinnon where there here was a good cover of dew on the ground. The pre-game was about putting last week behind us and concentrate on a good start and impacting the contest.

An even start to the game saw the ball bounce between the arcs, but they put some forward movement on late in the quarter and hit the scoreboard. Again, our boys seemed flat and disorganised. We focused attention at quarter time on getting energy into the game.

The second quarter, there were gaps opening up and whilst our defence was doing well, continued pushes inside F50 saw the scoreboard attendant being kept busy for the oppo.

The third saw a modest lift in intensity but the oppo continued to apply more pressure and be where the ball was by making good position.  We had hit the scoreboard a couple of times, but the ball spent far too long in the oppo forward half and we didn't pull the margin back. They were still controlling the ball and the plea of us being first to the ball didn't seem to register.

There were some encouraging signs in the final quarter, where some of that energy seem to had been found again, in particular towards the finish of the game.

The important thing now is to be able to build on an increased last quarter effort next week and start to rediscover the heart of what it means to be a Colt. There is still a mountain of work to do with overall effort, attitude, disposal skills, tackle pressure, and desire to be part of a team, and I ask that everyone bring the right mindset to training and then our next game.

Call outs today for Lachlan P, Beau, Tyrone, and Nick.

Match Report Round 3 Sunday May 7th

U12 Boys - Brighton Beach v Port Colts @ Brighton Beach

Weather; Cool, showers, windy

Score; Brighton Beach 55 def Port Colts 0

We arrived at the Brighton Beach oval to some sunny breaks. The boys warmed up and we briefed on their effort from last week and encouraged to continue that form. 

That was about the most energy shown all day. The boys were flat, beaten consistently to the ball by the more determined and disciplined oppo. They had multiple movements inside F50 resulting in many shots. 

They boys could not switch on - always second to the ball, and had no structure for the whole game. Some tactical moves seem to make little difference, with the whole team looking like that wanted to be somewhere else.

Our last quarter showed a minor increase in effort and we looked like we were going to get rid of the donuts, but no luck. Not our day. There is a substantial improvement needed from this group if they are to reach the heights which they are capable of. 

This starts with thinking about their football on the morning of the game - what can I do today, how do I make a difference today, what will I be remembered for today..

The easy option is to keep playing unaccountable, loose, and undisciplined football - but they have more to give than the easy option. We need energy attitude and commitment EVERY training session and match to make a difference.

Good efforts today from Tyrone, Beau, Ben K, and Isaac.


Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 30th

U12 Boys – Port Colts v Ajax @ JL Murphy Reserve

Weather; Fine, cloudy, cool

Score; Port Colts 21 def by Ajax 42

The boys were briefed about the scoring power of the oppo before the game, but alas we had the slow start we were trying to avoid. They were slick and quick with hands and feet and moved the ball with ease into the F50 for multiple scoring chances. They took a solid lead into the first break.

Into the second and after a rallying call for greater effort, we started to stop their run and take control of the ball. It was an intense quarter of footy – great tackling and pressure from both teams resulting in the ball being turned over many times. We had got the game back on an even keel and were the scoreboard attendant change our score as well!

There was a definite lift in energy at the half time break and the 3rd saw us continue the momentum. The pressure on the ball carrier upset their structures and there were many rebounds from our D50. We needed to continue to work hard as a team and use each other.

The game was in the balance at ¾ time, with oppo holding a small advantage. Our focus and concentration dropped off in the last part of the final quarter allowing them to score a couple of cheap goals. They were certainly better on the day, but the whole team should take away some comfort of the fight they showed to hold down a team that had 41 scoring shots last week to a much lesser score this week. We should be proud of our endeavour and team work. Still plenty to work on, but many positives to come from this game.

 Well down to Sam, Nick, Ethan, Lachlan V, Lachlan P, Isaac, Tyrone, Beau for great games. Everyone else made their contributions as well.

Thanks to all the volunteers – especially Matt K that stood in at the last minute as runner for an injured Darren.

Emphasis at training on kicking to targets and quick movement of the ball.

Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 23rd

A warm autumn morning greeted us at Murrumbeena for round 1. As is tradition, this brought the presentation of the 2017 jumpers to a very proud group of young men. After the jumper presentation, the message was to combine the training effort of the past couple of months into Colts teamwork.

On the ground, it was a slow start. The bright star was a great first up goal by Vincent, taking his chance when it presented. The oppo was moving the ball well into the F50 and they used the ball well to take a handy lead into the first break. We need to increase our pressure around the ball. Some structural changes and a plea for a greater effort started to have some effect in the 2nd. An increase in intensity and better ball use saw us start to show positive signs.

 The third started with some solid work in the midfield and a great clearance from Lachlan V kicking the ball long towards goals, creating opportunity for a finishing snap goal by Sam – we were back in it! Continued and sustained pushes forward and controlling of the ball around the ground was pleasing to see but we need to ensure that dominance is matched by applying scoreboard pressure to the oppo.

Into the final quarter, and the match was in the balance. We felt like we were doing well, but needed to enforce the scoreboard. A continued strong performance by Lachlan P in the ruck enabled us to use the ball first and kick some goals to establish a lead, Cooper Allen and Marcus Hagg were strong across the half back line, proving drive to move the ball forward on multiple occasions.

After a slow first half, the boys started to gel well in the second and there were some positive signs for the next few weeks. Impressive first up performances from Isaac and Troy and call outs this week to Cooper, Lachlan P, Lachlan V, Nick, Ben K, & Tyrone.

Next week @ home against Ajax – everyone needs to turn up ready to play. 


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