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U14 Girls

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Anthony Hurley
  • Team Managers: Chris Barnes
  • Trainers: 
  • Photograhper: TBA


Training Times

Each Thursday from 5.00pm to 6.00pm at Murphy Reserve.

  • Running group on Monday Nights:
  • Monday Running @ JL Murphy Reserve, 6:15pm - 6:45pm / View Location Map

Match Report Round 14, Sunday August 6th

There's some strange things happening in the world - Trump is in the White House, Richmond are firmly in the top four, don't even get me started on Game of Thrones, and Port Colts home games are played at Highett.....

The change in venue was necessitated by our real home ground being used for a lightning carnival, so it was off down the highway we tripped to meet the undefeated Beaumaris. The Sharks have not lost a match, and have a percentage over 400%. This means they regularly give their opponents a real thrashing, and we knew we had to have a plan, or face obliteration.

Remembering our last outing against the Sharks, it was clear our contested style of play upset their rhythm. On that occasion our fierce tackling and hard running kept us in the game all day.

They like the game played clean and open, so they can use their silky skills and strong marking. Their big bodied midfielders and key position players try to intimidate their opponents with extreme commitment to the contest, and our plan needed to deal with these factors.

On Thursday night at training, we rehearsed a centre square set up which closed down any ability for the opposition to burst through and take clean possession. We also discussed how we are in this together, and will never be intimidated. We are the Wolf Pack, after all.

Our plan relied on every member of the team working with the same intent toward a common goal. From before the bounce, we sent a clear signal to Beaumaris that we are a solid committed unit when our skipper for the day, Matilda, went to toss the coin, the entire Wolf Pack walking with her in a solid phalanx to the centre square. The message was clear - we are here to play, we will not back down, we are the Wolf Pack, and we run together.

Of course, it is necessary to walk the walk when you talk the talk, and did our girls do some walking! They were quite simply magnificent. Tackling, attack on the ball, and on the player with the ball was ferocious.

Our skills were not as good as our opponents, but our effort and commitment matched and exceeded that of the Sharks all day, to the extent we eventually were defeated by 20 points, mirroring the result last time we met.

We could not have been prouder of the girls, and as a result we decided to give the awards for the day to the entire team. Lucy Pollard was called on to accept the award, a popular choice whose great work in terms of commitment, determination and effort exemplifies the very fabric of the Wolf Pack. Well done Lucy!

This week is our final game, at home against the Vampires. If we bring the game we did yesterday, we will be in this up to our eyeballs, so let's all get to training on Thursday (bring mouth guards) and set ourselves for a fabulous finale to what's been a wonderful year.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

Anthony Hurley

Match Report Round 13, Sunday July 30th

On Sunday we travelled to East Malvern to play a very accomplished side, and in near perfect conditions, the stage was set for a good contest.

With a couple of our stronger players unavailable, the opportunity was there for some girls to take up the challenge, playing in different positions to where they might normally.

All the girls took to their tasks with customary Wolf Pack gusto, and our effort was tremendous all day.

Our opponents were too slick on the day, and their even spread of talent was a bit too much for us to overcome. However, we took some valuable lessons about adapting 'in game' and in the final quarter, we had most of the play, albeit without getting much score board traction.

It was a strong effort, and one we can be proud of, whilst at the same time taking some valuable lessons from. Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker.


Caitlyn - one of our most enthusiastic players, we gave her a role to play which was pivotal to our backline set up. Caitlyn executed perfectly, and showed she is an intelligent player capable of following instructions to the letter. After moving up to the wing, she ran herself literally to exhaustion, and was a real inspiration for the team.

Katia - once again we asked Katia to be the leader of our physical presence, and once again she delivered. There's not much one can say about this powerful athlete - she is the Mailman - she always delivers!

Mimi - asked to play centre half back for the first time Mimi stood a very good player, and acquitted herself brilliantly. Never out of the contest, she showed all her physical strength and commitment, and battled terrifically all day. Her selfless effort is one of the reasons Mimi is such a popular and respected member of the Wolf Pack.

'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 12, Sunday July 23rd

On Sunday, we hosted second on the ladder Mordialloc-Braeside at Murphy Reserve.

Some ways adrift in terms of ladder position, we nonetheless knew our progress and development was such that we could acquit ourselves well, and so our focus for the day was team effort.

Right from the start, with several of our more experienced players starting the game on the bench, the Wolf Pack hunted the ball in numbers, and set a high standard for effort and commitment.

At quarter time, we recognised this fabulous effort, and challenged the team to raise the bar even higher in the second. The Wolf Pack responded, and we were neck and neck at half time.

In the second half, some of our less experienced payers really started to have serious impact on our ball movement, and when the game opened up, it was the Colts who looked most dangerous.

In a thrilling final quarter, we started four points behind, but fortune favoured the brave, and we were able to pull away for a hard fought win.

So with three rounds to go, the Wolf Pack is hitting great form at just the right time, and finals are a very real prospect for us.


Pia - our mighty ruckman worked tirelessly the entire time she was on the ground, dominating the hit outs and applying massive defensive pressure, impassable in the air and on the ground. She is so consistent, we can sometimes take her for granted. Pia is a vital component of the team.

Sophia Nelson - a break out game from our little forward pocket, Sophia worked her way into the game with some really nice committed running and fancy footwork. As the game wore on, she became more and more dangerous, and took several shots at goal, any one of which could have been a major with a tiny bit of luck.

Poppy - before the game, Poppy was challenged to show us with actions her commitment to the cause, and she responded perfectly. Comfortable back and forward, Poppy used her physical strength to great advantage, and was one of the players who set the standard for hard work and application early. A great effort.

'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 11, Sunday July 16th

This week, we travelled to Oakleigh to take on that suburbs finest. With the ground being a long and wide affair, and the surface in tip top condition, the stage was set for a fast game.

A frigid and strong wind blew straight down from the alps, maeaning the southern end was clearly the scoring one.

Our plan was to attack from the top side of the ground when kicking with the breeze, and when in defense to use the dead side to our advantage.

The plan worked well enough to begin with, but Oakleigh proved to be a very capable team and when they had the wind in the second stanza, we conceded a few goals to their relentless pressure.

After a regroup at half time, the Wolf Pack drew together and dug in for the fight.

The result was brilliant to watch, as we ran, harassed, chased, tackled, and played on at every opportunity. It was exhilarating football, and come the final five minutes, we found ourselves only 5 points down.

Step up Phoebe, who as beneficiary of a free kick in a ruck contest, lined up from 30 meters out, on a slight angle, and kicking into the teeth of the breeze.

The ball sailed high and handsome, straight through the middle, and we were in front by the narrowest of margins.

The final minutes were fraught, as we continued to attack, but also to defend tirelessly. With seconds remaining, with Oakleigh pushing hard and the ball only 50 meters from their goal, haunting memories of prior last second defeats haunted the bench.

But some stalwart defensive work killed the ball, and the contest, and the mighty Wolf Pack was victorious, ultimately by 2 points.


Phoebe - our heart and soul, Phoebes is never beaten, and given the responsibility of playing at centre half forward, rose to the occasion magnificently. The winning goal was the icing on the cake for our star power tall.

Bianca -the captain for today stepped up yet again, and led by example. A mainstay of our backline for the first three quarters, she swung forward in the last, and was a handful for the Oakleigh defense.

Alex - full back is a very tough position, and Alex puts her hand up to take it on every week. Her strong kicking is a real bonus, as is her tremendous dash when she has the ball in hand. She is a clever and creative player, and today she showed this consistently across the game.

'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 10, Sunday July 2nd

  • Round 10 saw St Peters McKinnon as visitors to the lair of the Wolf Pack, with ladder positions suggesting we would be two fairly evenly matched sides. So it proved, the match ending in a draw.

    With a large number of players absent for school holidays, we took to the field with 17, which meant a hard day at the office for the team, but the weather was on our side serving up a glorious sunny day.

    Once again we switched up the side a bit, and gave some of the emerging players a chance to take on key roles from the start. The girls are ready now for these challenges, and it's important we give them their opportunities.

    Our new look midfield blitzed, our froward line was superb, and our backline virtually impassable.

    At half time we swapped backs for forwards, gave the mids a rest on the flanks, and vice versa.

    These changes were seamless, and demonstrated the versatility the team has developed, which is marvelous to see. There are no weak links.

    With the scores locked at 36 points apiece deep in the final term, and kicking against the wind, we had our chances to steal a famous victory. Alas, despite our absolute best endeavors, we were unable to scramble the wining score, and the siren sounded with ball locked in our forward 50.

    A draw was probably a fair result given how close the game had been all day.


    Georgia M - superb at full forward in the first half, Georgia 48 moved to full back in the second and was just as effective there. Commitment to the contest was excellent, and Georgia was never beaten one on one. A great effort, and a new key position player has been born.

    Tara - skipper for the day, Tara took on the responsibility of leadership with flair, and had her best game for the clubs. Tara led by example, and from her first victory at the coin toss through to the last minutes of the game, she showed the way for the Wolf Pack endeavor and courage, repeatedly crashing the packs and using her strength for her team mates advantage.

    Sofia - as a leader of the team by virtue of her experience, Sofia continues to show the way in terms of guts and determination, and her skills with ball in hand often bring exclamations from the crowd. A couple of goals, some strong marking and numerous contested clearances showed the value Sof brings to the team.

    'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 9, Sunday June 25th

This week the Wolf Pack played host to the Waverley Hawks, a side below us on the ladder, and a good chance for us to notch up our second win of the season.

A stiff breeze favored the Williamstown Road end of the ground, and we resolved to use the wind with quick long kicks when we had it, and try to trap the ball on the dead wing when the Hawks had the wind.

Our skipper for the day was Georgia Stacy, and we had our first little victory when she masterfully won the toss, giving us first use of the breeze.

This week, we had a theme for each quarter:

Q1 "Run like you mean it, with intent and commitment"
Q2 "Tackles must stick"
Q3 "Kick goals"
Q4 "Bring it home"

The girls all bought into the theme, and coaches and spectators were treated to a highly committed physical attack on the ball, hard chasing and tackling, mounting scoreboard pressure, and finally a concerted drive to final siren with no let up.

The result was a strong win, and our spirit when challenged at the beginning of the final quarter was superb.

A special sponsors award was given for the best passage of play, and it was terrific for Zoe Gur to receive this, based on her lightning runs into attack, carrying the ball like it was on string, and creating numerous shots on goal. Well done Zoe!

Our trophies for the day:

Bianca - every week Bianca adds a new element to her game, and this week we saw her crashing packs, bouncing up after big collisions, and going again. Her pace and courage is wonderful to see.

Georgia S - having been made skipper for the day, Georgia rose to the challenge magnificently, leading by example. Showing real commitment, she displayed her quite leadership skills, and was an inspiration to her team mates.

Poppy - our Wolf Pack swingman, Poppy is equally at home down back or up forward, playing in the deep key position role. She leads well, anticipates the flight of the ball, and uses her physical strength to the teams advantage. Was great to see poppy hit the scoreboard, and she was a real headache for the Hawks defence.

Training as usual this week, then two weeks off.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack"

Match Report Round 8, Sunday June 18th

On a sparkling Melbourne winters day, we traveled to Brighton to take on the Vampires.

Having narrowly lost in the first encounter, and with quite a number of our experienced players out due to school camp, we knew the Wolf Pack would have a battle on their hands.

But from adversity comes opportunity, and with this in mind, we spun the magnets to come up with a very different looking side to what we've fielded in recent weeks.

Backs payed forward, forwards played back, mids had a go everywhere. It was a really good chance for the less experienced girls to take on more key roles, and as we have come to expect, they really rose to the challenge.

The Vampires were going for the jugular early (sorry), and it was quickly apparent we needed to step up and be competitive, or get smashed.

The girls responded magnificently, and though the scoreboard was not in our favour at the end of the day, we certainly tightened up our defensive structures, and amplified our attack on the ball to make sure the opposition had to earn every kick and mark.

As always, the parents and coaches were very proud of the effort all the team gave, and I think everyone would agree we love to watch these girls play.

Our trophy winners for the weekend were:

Penny - after a solid first half in front of goal, Penny was moved to full back where she competed heartily, and prevented many forward thrust from becoming goals.  Spoiling and intelligent kick in options were a feature. Great swing man role.

Zara - With her plaits flying behind as she scorched the turf with her pace, our little winger was a revelation. As the game progressed, so did Zara's confidence, and by the end she was playing like a veteran. A break out game.

Harriet - one of our few experienced players on the day, Harriet responded to the responsibility and showed us why she's been missed in the early part of the season. Commitment and bravery, coupled with excellent running made The Hazz a dangerous payer especially as the game wore open.

Well done all.

'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 7, Sunday June 4th

After the wintry conditions of last week, it made a pleasant change to play on a brilliant sunny afternoon at Beaumaris, where we tackled the top of the ladder Sharks.

Our theme for the week was contested, spirited, team oriented play. Which was somewhat serendipitous, as this was a very physical game.

The match was tight throughout, being a very tight and hard fought contested game. Space was at a premium, with courage and hard work the order of the day.

Beaumaris, having the edge of the Wolf Pack in terms of size and experience, laid on an aggressive hard at the ball and the player style.

We needed to all be on song in terms of courage and commitment. And of course, our wonderful girls rose to the challenge magnificently.

We could hear the crunch of bodies from the boundary as the players cracked in hard. Our gang tackling and team oriented approach had us never out of the game, and although the score eventually went against us, the Wolf Pack once again made us so proud.

This game was also very challenging for the coaching staff, as we had nine on the bench. Chris Barnes once again did a magnificent job getting everyone on for a good run, and we tried very hard to be fair about rotating through different positions.

It's tough with that many interchanges, but we prefer to do our best in this way, and have all the girls play each week, rather than roster players on / off as some other clubs do. We hope all the parents understand where we are coming from in this regard.

Our award winners this week:

India - multiple efforts from this lightly built but courageous forward flanker, had us standing and applauding. Inspirational.

Georgia M - What a game from 'Georgia 48', in everything and never shirking an issue, she played with courage and commitment, and intelligence to boot.

Bianca - We saw the coming out of a player with Bianca today. Her pace was a revelation, and she ran to exactly the right spot more often than not. A real break out game.

'The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack'

Match Report Round 6, Sunday May 28th

Round six saw us return to our home turf for a battle with East Malvern, who have had a couple more wins than us.

Whilst the day was coolish, with a strong cross ground breeze, the sun was out for periods, and the ground was quite dry at the first bounce.

Our girls dominated the opening stanza, and did a great job of 'building the wall' to trap the ball in our forward 50. We have spoken about this tactic often, and it's really pleasing to see it developing as part of the team's game craft.

It was a very tight tussle between two pretty evenly matched sides, with Malvern perhaps having a slight edge in the aerial battles, but the Colts were strong in the clinches and won the contested ball exceptionally well.

Our skipper for the day was Lucinda, and it was fitting that on her birthday, she should score a brilliant goal. The team got around her, and her smile would have lit up the MCG on the darkest night.

Whilst the weather was kind initially, it couldn't last, and we will well remember when the winter of 2017 arrived in Melbourne - three minutes into the third quarter to be precise...

Rain, wind, and plummeting temperature saw conditions really deteriorate, and the game became a slog, conditions in which our mighty wolf pack seem to revel. We went to the final break with a slim four point lead.

The weather cleared in the last, but try as we might, the girls just could not force a strong forward entry against the wind, and so when Malvern scored a goal from a free kick in the pocket, the lead was lost.

When the siren sounded, we were two points adrift, having given a fine account of ourselves, but just falling short on the scoreboard. We are really coming together as a unit, however, and all are contributing consistently, which is all we can ask.

 Our trophy winners this week:

Georgia - who's repeat efforts were inspirational, notable beating three opponents at one stage to hold out a certain scoring chance.

Scout - we always knew Scout to be a good tall player, but her efforts around the ground in getting to contests and attacking the ball were fabulous.

Zara - getting to more and more contests each week, Zara's improvement is on a steady trajectory. We are seeing her position herself perfectly to play a role ion marking contests, and soon strong marking will sit alongside great pace as her trademark.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

Match Report Round 5, Sunday May 21st

Mordialloc-Braeside were our this week, and given they have been fielding girls teams for some years now, we knew we would have to be at our best to be competitive.

MB's home track at Galt Reserve is a very wide affair, with an excellent smooth surface, well suited to fast free flowing football.

Which we did see some of, in patches at least, from both sides.

More often, however, the game was a tight, inside crunch style of footy, with courage and commitment the order of the day. These are assets the Wolf Pack has in spades.

With a strong wind favouring the southern end, we lost the toss and were put under pressure immediately as our wily opponents chose to kick with the undoubted scoring end.

Defense was the order of the day, and the girls held up magnificently, conceding only one goal. Our backline was tight, and our mids / forwards advanced their line to lend support exactly as they were asked.

Our turn came with the assistance of the breeze, and the Wolf Pack bared their offensive teeth, with Penny Matthews proving to be a slippery and sneaky forward, booting a goal and narrowly missing another. At half time, only one point separated the sides.

The third quarter, they say, is the premiership quarter, and MB took full advantage of the breeze, and pulling out to a lead which, despite our absolute best endeavours, we were unable to breach.

MB were clearly the better side ion the day,  and deserved the four points. We learnt a lot, though, not the least that the girls are picking up quickly the rhythm of a game, and developing excellent game sense.

Our trophy winners this week:

Olivia Box - in everything from start to finish, tough on the inside and creative on the outside. Liv's instruction to her team mates at set plays is proof of her natural leadership abilities, and when she is in full flight, she is a delight to watch.

Georgia Mulcahy - outstanding around the packs, Georgia's ferocious tackling repelled several forward thrusts, and her tireless efforts inspired the team (and the coaches). She is making the defensive half back position her own.

Penny Matthews - will'o'the wisp, Penny twisted and turned, shimmied and at one stage I think i saw a pirouette. Whatever moves she was busting, it worked as she bamboozled the backs and created multiple scoring opportunities.

Special Mention - Phoebe Faulks, who as well as being a star player, is a star person. The MB coach informed me after the game that Phoebe had taken it upon herself to approach her, and shake her hand. The MB coach was impressed, and so am I. Phoebe gets what lies at the essence of all sport, and this action just shows what a role model she is for the team.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack".

Match Report Round 4, Sunday May 14th

A return to our home track today to play Prahran, and with both sides on equal points (zero), it promised to be a clash of the titans.

Conditions were perfect for footy, and both teams cracked in very hard right from the opening bounce. If either side thought breaking the duck was going to be as easy as just turning up, they were in for a shock.

Once again, the Wolf Pack turned out in force, and with five on the bench, the rotations kept the coaching staff on their toes.

After a pretty tight first half, the Wolf Pack consolidated their great team play, started to flex their muscles, and the score board consequently ticked over in our favour.

We saw debut goals to Katia, Penny, and Montana - the latter resembling a Shane Warne googly as it twisted this way and that, avoiding several pairs of legs and clutching hands, before rolling over for a major.

Zoe O was clearly the best payer afield, her courage, strength, and class was on full display.

Our first gamer Kate Snaith was terrific, looking like she had been playing all year. We are thrilled to have her in the team.

Awards this week:

Zoe - BOG, an inspiration to all, and a great team player.

Montana - not just for the goal, her tackles and second efforts were superb.

Lucinda - determined and so fast, Lucinda was an asset whenever the ball was in her area.

Well done all, first win to the Wolf Pack. Rudyard Kipling would be proud.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack"

Match Report Round 3, Sunday May 7th

The under 14's - or the Wolf Pack, as we are becoming known -  went on the road again this week, to Centenary Park in Bentleigh to play St Peters.

Playing on the main oval, a very good crowd was in attendance who seemed to appreciate the game and the efforts of all the girls. The atmosphere in the crowd mirrored the way the game was played, in a really good spirit by both clubs.

Intermittent showers swept the ground, but we played mainly in sunshine, albeit with a fresh cross wind, which made it harder to execute skills.

The two teams seemed reasonably evenly matched, although it did seem as though the St Peters girls may have played together for a while - they had some good set plays, particularly around stoppages and to contain forward entry, which we needed to figure out and try to negate.

Physically, though, we were pretty even, and the game played out as a very tight arm wrestle. Scoring was at a premium, and although it did seem late in second quarter as the game may  have been slipping away somewhat, our girls fought tooth and nail and at the main break we remained in the match.

In an inspired move (well done Chris Barnes), Katia was sent into the midfield in the third quarter, with immediate impact. Her strength around the contest really started to tell, and combined with the insprinational tackling of Sophia (Captain for the day), we saw the teams work rate really lift.

Unfortunately we did not quite get over the line, falling 2 points short, but we can see big steps forward every week, and the effort of our girls cannot be questioned.

We are now giving three awards each week to the players we feel exemplify the way we want this team to play - fair, hard and with respect. This weeks award winners are:

Sophia, who took on the captaincy and led by example, her tackling was ferocious, and set the scene for our effort on the day.

Mimi - given a number of roles throughout the game, she adapted quickly and was prepared to do whatever was required to help the team.

Katia - a clear best on ground performance, Katia has stamped herself as a dynamic midfielder, with strength and courage, and who cares for her team mates.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack"

Match Report Round 2, Sunday April 30th

Round two saw the Colts visit the stronghold of the Cheltenham Panthers, a long, wide ground which requires quite a degree of stamina to traverse.

We were able to field 17 players, however with the opposition only having 15, we found ourselves with the luxury of two interchange players.

Kicking with the aid of a slight breeze to the southern end of the ground, from the first bounce our girls played strong, committed contested football.

The Chetlenham team were considerably bigger and more experienced across the board, but our girls did not give this consideration, as they cracked in hard at the contest, and broke even in pretty much all areas except the scoreboard. The signs were good for a competitive match.

The second quarter saw the wind stiffen a little (why does that always happen when we are kicking against it?) and the heat was on to keep the games from breaking open.

Whilst our effort and intensity did not slacken, we were finding it hard to keep our defensive structure (due mainly to the coach not being fully au fait with the numbers and names of some his charges, thus confusing the runner) and so let through a few goals.

We went in at half time and reaffirmed our commitment to the contest, and each other. This was our sole goal for the remainder of the match.

As often happens, when we focus on just the basic simple things, the game seems to become easier, and sure enough, in the third quarter we started to make inroads on the scoreboard.

We went to the final break well within range, and even though the breeze was against us, managed to hit the front with just a few minutes remaining in the final stanza.

Alas, a late couple of points from the Panthers saw us miss the win by the narrowest of margins.

But the scoreboard worries us not. It does not reflect the spirit, team work, and camaraderie which this team is showing in spades. It would be difficult to name our best players, as we had such an even contribution from all. So this week, we will just say we had 17 best players, and those who were there will know the truth of this.

We leave this game with high hopes for the season ahead, and with absolutely no doubt this wonderful group of girls are a team in every sense of the word. This is quite remarkable, and a credit to the girls and their families.

Thanks to all helpers on the day.



Match Report Round 1, Sunday April 23rd

U14 Girls played East Brighton Vampires – first match of the season and for 15 of our girls their first match ever. Despite this the girls launched into the first quarter like seasoned professionals. Pia led in the ruck admirably (was this really her first game!?) and the on ballers in the centre led by Box, Barnes and co. pushed the ball forward. Zoe Gurr was able to capitalise on a Poppy Wilson punt towards goal and our first goal of the season was on the board…all right in front of a group of very proud parents. A couple of additional chances and we met at quarter time 2 points up.

The second quarter saw Zoe O’Connell control the back line under great pressure and supported by first time gamer Katia Dossis in the last line of defence. Phoebe Faulks seemed to be everywhere and even surprised the umpire with her skill and hardness at the contest (have heard her say she really loves tackling and it shows!). Alex Gurr owning the full forward position snuck a goal back before the major break. Three points down at half time.

Third quarter we were kept without a goal but not through lack of trying…Lucinda Ledermen running across half back line pulling down opposition players twice her size and Sophia Nelson taking the mark of the day.

Although up against it with a 16 point deficit at three quarter time the girls pushed hard for the last 15 minutes getting a goal back with Harriet Webb taking a snap from the pocket. Unfortunately the final score of 3 5 23 was not quite enough against 4 8 32 and whilst the Vampires got the points on this occasion the parents conversation in the change rooms was focusing on how well ALL the girls played. If the number of smiles at the end of the match were anything to go by, then the season is poised to be a huge success. Thanks for all the girls who turned up and played – well done! To all parents (particularly the “first gamers” thank you for your help with the parent roles…).  Looking forward to next week…

Goals kickers Z Gurr 1 A Gurr 1 Harreit Webb 1

Best players Phobe Faulks Zoe OConnell Harriet Webb Pia Martyn Mimi Barnes

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