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Teams / 2017 / Under 10s

Under 10s

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Dave Farquharson / Assistant Coaches: Chris Farrell, Anthony Cullen, Elliott Doig
  • Team Managers: Chris Ryan
  • Parent umpires: Mick Younger, Chris McMullen
  • Trainers: Kylie McMullen, Lindel Percival, Jeremy Goodger

Photograhper: David Stanton

Training Times

Thursday 4.15 to 5.30pm at Murphy Reserve.

  • Running group on Monday Nights:

  • Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm

Training for our Under 10s in 2017 comprises two training sessions, a running session and a footy session.

Monday Running  @ JL Murphy Reserve,  6:15pm - 6:45pm /  View Location Map

Wednesday Football Session @ JL Murphy Reserve, 4:30pm-5:30pm / View Location Map

Match Report Round 14 Sunday August 6th

Under 10s mixed PMCJFC vs Beaumaris JFC at Banksia Reserve Beaumaris (away game)
Result 2.7.19 to 7.8.50 Win to Colts
With the weather not nearly as inviting as the previous week, we all arrived at Beaumaris with great expectations for the last home and away game. An early start was just what the doctor ordered, the way the day worsened we were all thankful of that if only with hindsight.
The boys were keen to get a good start to this game, having started poorly the week before, the warm up was a series of whole team and group drills.
Our captain for the day, Tommy Mac was giving careful consideration to the prevailing wind and the good chance it would again pick up later in the game…tactics in hand he promptly lost the toss and we were asked to kick into the wind.
No problem for the mighty Colts, a focussed and team oriented group took the field and continued just where they left off in Q4 last Sunday, determined there would be no easy ball for the opposition it was a tough no nonsense quarter of footy where the whole squad contributed with some great hard ball gets and fierce tackling.  Outscoring the opposition against the wind with three very well thought out goals was a great start to the day. Oscar was a colossus  up forward, crashing the packs taking marks or giving the smalls a chance to crumb- got himself the Dominoes voucher on the back of it.
We were trying a new rotation schedule this time around with the middle two quarters to be the same zones rather than the first two. The magnets were spun in accordance with the pre-determined plan (a complex series of spreadsheets were required to avoid last week’s mess ups by the acting head coach). 
Second quarter brought much of the same, with Beaumaris coming out ready to play, their efforts were dinted by a fantastic display of tackling across the field. None more so from our resident dual code hard man, Callum – he had no intention of letting the ball out of the forward line. Inspirational stuff!. There was a bit of feeling creeping into the game as our lads’ intensity was a bit of a surprise to Beaumaris, I was proud of the lads for keeping their composure and focus on playing footy. 
A reminder that we were about disciplined footy and playing hard but fair at half time refocussed the team to keep going in the second half.
Toiling against an ever freshening breeze, the boys kept on keeping on with every mark, handball or kick from the opposition being hard earned. Again a very even contribution by everyone. Louis got the voucher for some fine marks and tackles.
Last quarter saw us maintain the pressure and close out the game by a convincing margin…..Omar got the voucher for his great work in the mid field, playing back selflessly as he had done when in the backline in previous quarters.
This was the near perfect game for all round team work and even contribution by all players in all quarters….it was a testament to the excellent guidance, encouragement and constantly updated training drills provided to the boys by Dave Farquharson ( ably assisted by Chris F and Elliot D) throughout the season-it’s a lot of hard work but this group is really starting to gel! 
Great result boys and a fitting end to a very good season with only two losses all year (including a triumph over the South Melbourne Bloods in the Bedford Cup).
The last hurrah is now next week’s Lightening Carnival…good luck.

Match Report Round 13 Sunday July 30th

Hi Colts fans,

Later start, bright sunshine, warmer temperature - finals footy is almost upon us. A challenging encounter with the Div 5 ladder leaders - and didn’t our group do themselves proud! While the regrading this season has suited us and most of our opponents very well, it’s very apparent that this Rovers group really needed to be in a higher division. Regardless of the mis-match though, our bunch of increasingly resilient boys gave their very best for pretty much the entire game. This hit-out against a (probably) Div 3 team will stand us in good stead for the remaining 2 home & away games and - fingers crossed - finals.

Being down on player numbers with absences, injury and illness we again called on the Colts U10s to bolster our stocks. Special thanks to Tom (and mum, Kyllie), and Bailey (and dad, Damien) for trekking to Hampton after the Murphy Reserve U10 game. Both boys were fantastic for us! 

With Tyler a late out the sole captaincy duties fell to Xavier. He won us the toss and first use of the slight wind, and went on to contribute a classical captains game - first to the ball, and doing the hard stuff all day. We lined up with an emphasis on defence and stood up very well throughout Q1 - forward entries were even but we didn't manage to capitalise. We restructured slightly in Q2 to set up a little more attacking - some excellent work up-field resulting in Finn’s very skilful goal. With the Rovers 3 goals ahead at half-time we decided we were not going to be left wondering, and we went a little more on the attack with our setup. While we managed a decent share of the forward entries the Hampton defence was tough to get around. Pretty exciting to see Josh bolt away and head for an almost goal. One more half time orange might have just edged him past that Hampton tackle!

Other highlights included Ollie’s manful job on arguably the fastest player in the competition. Hampton’s #3 is very hard to run with, and he’s blessed with great endurance. Ollie worked with him all day and kept him to what I was told was his quietest game for the year. Winston too had a mountain to climb, manning up on a super-sized and talented opponent. Winston had it all over him in run though, and as the game progressed the Colts definitely had the better of that match up. We asked a lot of our on-ballers on Sunday too, and they (Damian, Toby, Archie A) covered many kilometres and contributed a strong ‘engine room’. Congratulations to Damo on receiving the Hampton coaches award!

1st Quarter
Port Colts 0-0-(0) v Hampton Rovers 1-2-(8)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 1-2-(8) v Hampton Rovers 4-3-(27)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 1-3-(46) v Hampton Rovers 6-6-(42)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 1-4-(10) v Hampton Rovers 8-11-(59)

We’re now 5 wins from 9 (Div 5) games with 2 home & away games remaining. We hold third spot by percentage. Playing East Brighton this Sunday we have a great opportunity to jump back up to second. After such a strong Round 13 effort, and re-gaining several players, we’re all set to push the Vampires hard.  

Quarter Zero tomorrow will of course play a huge part in our prep for Sunday. Please try your utmost to make it along so that we can be all ready to go for next Sunday’s important game. One or two players are still arriving at training (and even games) without a mouth guard - please remind your child that these are not optional. As always - but especially as we approach the ‘pointy end’ of our season - we welcome any and all parents able to lend support with training.

Kudos again to Sunday’s parent “enablers”. Matt has really picked up some endurance and pace over the course of the season, veritable lightning now around the boundary. James manned the goals. Bob kept time and verified scores. Ben kept our umpire well-hydrated and in good spirits. Liely drew the short straw and manned the water bottles under warmer-than-usual conditions. Viet’s doctoring was complemented by his ability to eke out strapping and related essentials from a depleted stock. Thank you once again Irina for our delicious oranges!

Our Round 14 game next Sunday was to be at Murphy Reserve. However, the club is hosting the SMJFL U8 Lightning Carnival. Accordingly, our ‘home’ game has been re-located to Highett Reserve (Turner Road, Moorabbin). Game starts 10:30am. Arrive by 9:45am please. Don’t forget BLUE shorts and mouthguard.

If you haven't done so already please jump on to teamstuff and lock in your child’s availability for finals.

Planning for end of season event is well advanced - keep an eye on the Club newsletter for details.

Go Colts!

Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 23rd

Colts vs Waverly Hawks

Another bitterly cold Sunday morning and we ventured to windy Waverly where the boys played a team beat convincingly last time.

We played very well in the tough conditions and for the most part of the game were able to maintain our structures and really move the ball well which is usually quite tough with such a wind. Omar Kamel had lamented the fact he hadn't kicked a goal this year on the drive to the ground and then booted 2 goals for the game.

We were down some players especially with a few last minute pullouts but the boys payed extremely well as a team and everyone played their role very well.

I was very impressed with our final term as I asked for 5 goals into the wind ands was amazed they were able to kick 3 through running and moving it through teammates.

I have really enjoyed coaching the boys this year but with Hamish and I in the US this week this is my last game as coach. Anthony Cullen is taking over and he will be ably assisted by Chris Farrell and Elliott Doig.

I look forward to the updates and I will return for the Lightening Carnival

Go Colts

Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 16th

Colts vs St Bedes Mentone

On quite possibly the coldest morning in Melbourne this year our game at Mentone was always going to be interesting. We didn't train over the holidays and the boys were very excited to see each other which was fantastic.

The game started very well with the midfield zone working quite hard and spreading over such a large ground. The forward structure was also pretty impressive and we managed to kick a few goals. The second quarter was again like the first with some great play by Tommy Tisdall who has relished the role as the sweeper. Adit Murugavel was easily best on ground and it was good he could kick a goal straight over his Dads head as he was the goal umpire. The backline didn't really have a lot to do in the first half which although positive for the team wasn't exactly what the boys needed freezing up the other end.

We managed to run out the game quite well and some good goal sneak goals from Wheels and Nello was the highlight for me. Louis Fulcher also after missing a goal early went back and took his time and stuck to his routine and slotted one which was great as it gave Mark time to get it on video.

Although pleased with the game there are still areas we need to work on such as game awareness and STRUCTURE,STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE.

There was one fantastic play where we moved the ball through hands and given the boys were in the correct position the ball didn't hit the ground and we worked it to the goals without the other team touching the ball at all. This shows how well it works when we do it properly.

Well done boys

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 25th

Colts vs Dingley JFC

With only 18 players available on gamely the boys loved being able to play a full match with no interchange. The conditions were tough as we played on a small ground but with very windy conditions something we haven't had to contend with for a while.

The boys kicked with the wind in the First quarter and Bailey kicked his normal 4 goals which was very important in the scheme of things. in tough conditions the boys moved the ball quite well and again the structure paid off. Especially on a small ground it is important to stick to your positions and not to get sucked in to chasing the ball. This is still problem even for AFL players and something the boys did well for the majority of the game.

There were some great towering marks taken by Sam Percival and some good defensive marks on the goal line by Omar Kamel. The boys really managed to spread and run into the limited space that was available.

Special redemption goes to Marco Canale who kicked the sealer in the last quarter after not sticking to his man when he was in defence. It definitely wasn't his best game but most importantly he took his moment when the opportunity arose.

With so many kids away over the next few weeks it is crucial to keep us updated on teamster as soon as possible.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 18th

Colts vs Ashwood

After what was possibly the worst training session we have had on Wednesday I was very concerned as to what was going to happen on gameday. My fears were realised as Ashwood kicked a goal within 30 seconds of play. I was still organising the bench and didn't even see it.

From then on it was a different story and the boys played a fantastic team game. They were running and chasing well and really providing options further afield. We have made a focus on getting back to basics namely the run and gun and manning up and this continues to get back to where we want to be.

The boys are really starting to play their positions quite well with some gentle prompting from me. I was really impressed with some goal line desperation and some covering of the goal square when the man back was forced into the contest from Nello.

Our forward line structure worked extremely well with Bailey Rudd kicking 4 goals in the first half. What was really impressive was how we managed to stay in our structure and share the ball around. When we do this there is so much space for us to play good attacking football. Most kicks were to the hotspot as well which was great to see.

Although the game did blow out a little towards the end and we took our foot off the pedal it was a fantastic turnaround from the boys. Special mention must go to Thomas Wheeler who kicked his first goal.

The Ashwood coach spoke to me afterwards and was amazed how well we moved the ball with our run and carry and the ability to hit targets. We will continue to work on this at training and I will be keeping the boys in their zone groups with hopefully a game at the end.

Well done boys it was a great team effort with everyone playing their role

It was lovely to sing the song(thanks Anna) and with a little more practice it will be even better.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 7 Sunday June 4th

Colts vs Beaumaris FC

After a poor game last week we had a huge focus on getting back to basics and accountability. Being accountable not only to your zone but your entire team as well. The boys responded quite well and even though we were missing some good players the message seemed to hit home.

The second quarter we were quite fortunate that Beaumaris didn't kick straight as they could have taken the game away from us. We fell into bad habits and didn't man up as we should have. We were very well served by Tom Tisdall who played the kick back in the mid zone and was resolute in defence. When this is played correctly it is very effective especially given the size of the zones. We still haven't quite worked out the one forward but we will get there.

Our last quarter I decided to put our good fast runners in the midfield and for them to ensure the ball didn't get past them at all. This resulted in repeated entries into our forward line and opportunities to goal. Kobe again kicked 2 goals in a row and Tom Harrison kicked 3 in quick succession and handled off for his 4th which was great to see but unfortunately it meant we all missed out on his goal celebrations which are very entertaining.

I would like to continue to try this maybe for a half in our next match and swap the forwards for the backs as the backs generally don't get much of the football if it is done correctly.

Training is definitely on this week with a focus on manning up and contesting.

Congratulations boys on redeeming yourself after last weeks effort or lack thereof.

"Forget perfect practice and instead focus on giving a perfect effort. Maybe the goal shouldn't be on winning , but rather on playing with a full effort. Focus on that. When you focus on the effort and the process, the results will take care of themselves." Allistair McCaw (Coach to the Stars)

Go Colts

Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 28th

Colts vs East Brighton Vampires

After such a great display the week before I was really excited about the prospect of playing the number 1 Vampire side. Sadly I could tell right from the start of our warm up that the boys just weren't switched on. Mucking around 10 minutes before the game is never good and this flowed through to the pathetic first quarter effort.

I wouldn't be mind the boys being beaten if they put in their best effort. This definitely was not the case as all the basics went out the window. We didn't man up, we didn't chase and we didn't even bother going in to get the football. After a very poor first quarter I gave an old fashioned spray and the boys responded well and looked like the team I know they can be. Unfortunately the same spray didn't work in a very poor second half with the boys just not doing their jobs at all.

I have never seen our team so lazy, slow and unwilling to help out teammates and provide options.

This was never going to end well and the only positive to take out of the game was the great 2nd quarter where the boys pilled on the goals and moved the ball well.

All I expect and can ask for is the boys try their best and are competitive in the contest. This was sadly lacking but in footy parlance their is always next week.

Training this week will be back to basics with a focus on manning up and accountability.  Be prepared for lots of contested work and running.

Success is the result of consistently doing the small things with effort over an extended period of time.

Success= Time x Consistency of Effort

Looking forward to a very focused and switched on training session

Go Colts

Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 21st

Colts vs Waverly

Well what a difference a week makes with a fantastic team effort allround. The boys were very well led by our captain Lewis who gave a great speech and halftime address.

What was so pleasing to me was how the boys were able to bring each other into the game.To highlight this point Aiden Farrell fired off a handball in the goal square after he had already kicked one. Most surprisingly was Hamish(KB) Farquharson who also gave up a certain goal to handball to Jasper Nello who kicked his first goal for the club. Nello was still talking about his goal to anyone who would listen and I was so happy for him and a major reason why I enjoy coaching so much. This type of team focus is exactly what we need and it really paid off on Sunday.We had a few great chains of handballs and some superb passages of play where the other side didn't touch the football.

Special mention must go to Lucas Younger and Patty Cullen who dominated the first half of football in the mid zone and set the tone for what was a fairly one sided match.

We have moved up a level and we play the Vampires this week but I believe they have 2 teams so we will play the better one.

Sadly the only consistent thing in junior footy is the boys inconsistency but I am happy to be proved wrong this week.

Well done boys great effort.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 14th

Colts vs Murrumbeena JFC

We played away down at Murrumbeena and I was pleased almost all turned up on time especially given it was mothers day. We again started quite well starting to move the ball quickly and with some really good passages of play. The first quarter was a good tussle until the boys broke open the game near the end and it continued in the second quarter.

The boys were led well by Adit Murugavel who took some towering marks and provided a great option.The highlight of the game for me was Kobi McGowan kicking his first goal then quickly following it up with another. Special congratulations go to Lewis Manuel who easily played his best game for the club. He was awesome taking marks getting in there and his second efforts to attack the footy was great to see.

The last quarter we let them run over us a little and it was disappointing to see so many free players from the opposition. We always say stick to your man like glue but this didn't seem to happen.

Not sure if it is a lack of fitness or just a lack of accountability but I will be Red hot on this on Sunday and will be taking people from the ground if this continues. I will make special mention of this at training as well. We also seemed to have lost our run and gun that has served us so well.

At training this week we will focus on all this above and some contested work. Please bring your boots and your mouthguards or no training.

We will know the remaining fixture in the next few days and Chris will add this to Teamstuff.

Go Colts,


Match Report Round 3 Sunday May 7th

Game 3 Colts vs St Kilda City

Well what a difference a week makes. We played St Kilda City with whom we had a good tussle with last year.

The boys were full of running and moved the ball beautifully. It was fantastic to see what it can look like when the boys stick to their structure. They are to be commended on how well especially the midfield structure seemed to work. I understand it takes a while especially given that they don't stay in that position for the entire game but it was superb to not only see it working but to see the boys finally seeing the value in the structure. Our zones are quite big and it is important to keep the structure tootles our strengths and continue with the fast ball movement.

Elliot took over the backline coaching role and they were resolute in defence with some great desperation in the goal square. The goal keeper role works really well and the kickouts were also successful. It is important to keep focusing on this at training to ensure all boys understand where they should be at all times. (The added benefit to this is it saves me yelling)

Even though at times the boys in the forward line were a little hungry and having potshots for goals we tended to play this quite well. Structure here is important and using the hotspot to make a certainty out of the goals is key. I understand the allure of the big sticks but we need to play more as a team. Bailey was brilliant in this with a short pass to Nello when he could have had a shot. Nello dropped the mark but fired the handball back to Bailey who then kicked the goal.

Welcome to Kobi who has joined the team he played well and was good on the last line of defence and it will take him a little while to get used to our style of play but  it was an encouraging start.

Finally I need to stress the importance of getting there early and ensuring we are ready to go when you arrive preferably with footy in hand and switched on.

Well done Colts


Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 30th

Colts vs Vampires

After a superb speech by the captain Omar Kamel I was really looking forward to seeing what the boys were going to be able to do. Sadly the team definitely didn't start well and the points mentioned pregame seemed to go out the window. It was difficult to differentiate between the sides that was fixed at 1/2 time and the boys started to do all the things that we have been working on. We moved the ball very efficiently but continually were let down in the midfield not maintaining our structures. This results in winning the football and then kicking it straight back to the opposition who have another chance to attack.

The second half was better and the game was more flowing resulting in some good passages of play and some unselfish football especially from Bo who passed off a goal to the hotspot. In the final term the boys really hit their straps and were doing all the things we work so hard on. We just need to start the game like this next week. I may need to enforce the no device(iPad) ban before games????

Wednesdays training will focusing on structures in particular the Mids as well as contesting. Please ensure all kids have their mouthguard and footy boots for training. The tops will be distributed after training in the clubrooms.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 23rd

Under 10s vs Prahran JFC

What a fantastic start to the season with the boys playing very well as a team and winning quite comfortably.

What was very pleasing was how well the 'new' boys from last year composite side not only played but just how well the adapted to the new team structure and coaching style. They were all solid contributors on the day and are fantastic additions to our already very strong team.

In what was a great team effort there was a focus on being first to the footy and accountability to your opponent. This in particular is an area we need to work on further and training will be structured to further enhance that this week. Of special note was how well Omar Kamel was able to stick to his opponent who was running all over the place.

The run and gun style was very effective particularly from Lucas Younger who knows no other way and it is fantastic to see just how quickly the ball can move once done properly. Goal of the week was actually a no goal from Patty Cullen who had a great shot from the boundary sail through sadly to be taken away from us as he was a midfielder at the time.

Well done to all helpers especially Jenny Harrison who very comfortably stepped into Chris Ryan's rather large shoes and handled the TM job with aplomb.

The focus of training will be structure and accountability and we will also be teaching the handball back to a teammate when in trouble. This will require the boys to be switched on right from the start of training.

Look forward to seeing everyone at training which is forecast to be a cold and wet one but please remember we will all sit down and having dinner together as a team for those that are able to.

Go Colts



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