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Under 11s

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Kevin Dillon / Assistant Coach: Andrew Berry / Mick Pickett
  • Team Managers: Charlie Heerey / Matt Hall
  • Trainers: Matt Hall / Viet Pham
  • Photograhper: TBA


Training Times

Each Wednesday 5.30 pm to 7pm at Murphy Reserve.

  • Running group on Monday Nights:

  • Monday Running @ JL Murphy Reserve, 6:15pm - 6:45pm / View Location Map


Sunday August 27th 2017

Under 11’s finals fever!!!

What an accomplishment! Our under 11’s colts made the finals this year and played off in the Grand final against Hampton rovers on Sunday. A week prior the team took on Brighton Vampires and won a convincing game scoring 5.1141 to 4.2-26. Had we kicked straighter in the last quarter the margin would have been a decisive win. In the other preliminary final Hampton Rovers crushed their opposition, the Caulfield Bears, 16.15-107 to just 1.0-6. We knew we were facing a very competent team in the grand final, as they have proved all year they were the team to beat. All year this team has consistently crushed the other division 5 teams, suggesting they were probably more likely ta division 2 or 3 team. In fact Hampton finished on top of the ladder with a massive percentage of over 1250%.

Grand Final:

A wild & windy morning faced us grand final morning. Fortunately, the hail that pelted down in other suburbs in Melbourne managed to stay away for our game. The under 11 players were excited as they faced the almost impossible task of taking on the Hampton Rovers team. Coach Kev gave the players a speech worthy of an AFL coach, pushing home the words “today is the day to give 100% for 100% of the game.” And boy did our boys do us proud!

Q1: The first quarter was preceded with players, coaches & officials lining up for the national anthem, a stirring moment for all involved. Our co-captains Damien & Winston won the coin toss and choose to go with the strong wind in the 1st qtr. Our young colts didn’t let the big stage scare them and rose to the occasion by kicking away to a 2 goal lead at quarter time thanks to Andrew Archie’s accurate shots on goal, and some great forward entries & exceptional attacking play from all colts around the ground. The strong defence setup initiated by coach Kev created havoc for the Hampton players as they couldn’t break through for a 6 pointer. The under 11 colts kept our Hampton foes goalless in the first quarter, which we are certain is the first time they have encountered an opposition worthy of outscoring them.

Our players came in at quarter time with big smiles and brimming with confidence. Coaches & family gathered round the jubilant players and praised them for their brilliant first quarter. Hampton coaches and players were shocked at what they had just witnessed, a team capable of the unthinkable.

Q2: The second quarter the wind and strong Hampton team proved to be too strong, as they dominated with 4 goals, not to say we didn’t have our chances against the wind with a few notable forward entries. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convert. By halftime break Hampton had 4 goals added to their score, winning the 2nd quarter comfortably.

Q3: The 3rd quarter was again won by our mighty colts, as we once again held the Hampton team scoreless. Our boys had scoring opportunities down forward, but unfortunately could not convert. The premiership quarter was there for the taking, but alas was not to be, as we couldn’t convert forward entries into goals that we so desperately needed to have any chance of defeating Hampton.

Q4: Hampton seized the strengthening wind in the last quarter and piled on 4 goals to win the game. Our colts never gave up, a true inspiration to all of the spectators and coaches.

Finals summary:

Coach Kev had asked for 100% from all the playing group, and he got that and a bit more! What a game you all played. Be proud young colts, you faced off against a team that is worthy of division 2, and you took the game right up to Hampton to the very end. As the coach from Hampton said at the end of the game, the 2 best teams played off for the grand final, and Hampton were challenged on the day by a fearless, skilful Port Colts team.

Port Colts under 11’s you have come so far this year. We coaches, officials & parents are so proud you made the Grand Final. It was always going to be a huge mountain to climb, and climb and almost conquer you did. Good luck for next year, we can’t wait to see where 2018 takes you. It has been an absolute pleasure for all of us on the coaching panel to be a part of your under 11’s year.

Assistant coach Andrew.

Round 14 Match Report Sunday August 6th

Hi Colts fans,
Well what a great return game against the Vampires yesterday. We’d done our homework and expected they may be slow starters. Proved to be the case. Though we lost the toss and kicked against the breeze in the opening quarter we kept East Brighton to just the one goal. This set us up nicely for our turn with the wind at our back and we capitalised well - banging through 4 goals to none in the second. Heading into the third we bolstered our defence a little and again restricted East Brighton to just the one major, while kicking one against the tide ourselves. Then in the final quarter we opted to attack hard and slotted through another 5 majors - even though we tended to bring the ball in from the dead pocket a little too often. An emphatic result given we probably went in as the underdog at #3 playing the #2 ranked team. With our good percentage we re-secured second spot for ourselves and now need to focus on a good final round win to head into the semi-final on Aug 20.
1st Quarter
Port Colts 0-0-(0) v East Brighton Vampires 1-2-(8)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 4-2-(26) v East Brighton Vampires 1-2-(8)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 5-5-(35) v East Brighton Vampires 2-2-(14)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 10-8-(68) v East Brighton Vampires 2-2-(14)
Once again our group stood up all over the ground. Well captained by Ollie & Will our defence was rock solid, our mid-fielders full of run, contest and smart use of the ball, and our forward line finishing well and doing a great job keeping the ball in our attacking zone. Our breadth of goal kickers was especially pleasing: Sanjay, Archie A, Damo, Oscar, Nick, Christian, and Toby gave us a total of 7 which is easily our best spread all season. As always after such a strong team performance it is hard to pick out individual specifics. That said, Isaiah’s game has to be recognised. He is one of several in our group very recent to footy, and has been steadily increasing in confidence - and contribution - every week. On Sunday he stepped up to another level and enjoyed what I’m sure will be a very memorable break out game. Likewise, Jack Jones, Gus, Liam, Archie L, Josh and Vasile too were in amongst it all day - asserting themselves, winning ball and using it thoughtfully. It’s just wonderful to see these boys developing in concentration, confidence and capability. Also new-ish to the game this year is Finlay, and he has become nothing short of a rock for us. At this age contested marks can be one of the most challenging aspects of the game. Finlay inspired all of us with a very courageous mark. Again, just huge to be part of his continuing development. 
While all of our ten goals were fantastic, two in particular warrant re-living. First, Oscar’s quick thinking and skilful snap for goal was just stunning - and also decisive given timing in the game. At that stage the game was still fairly evenly poised and that goal really took the wind out of the Vampire’s sails. Second, Nick had his thumb jarred quite painfully in the third quarter and had to leave the field. At three quarter time we needed to ‘manage’ soft tissue issues for both Gabe and Finn, so with Nick off as well we were down to 17 players. Into the final quarter, after some deft taping by Rodd, Nick decided he was up to joining the fray again. We threw him straight down the pointy end and within a few short minutes he’d gotten on the end of a great passage of team footy and slammed through his second major for the season. A wonderful lesson in - and reward for - resilience.
This week we probably had a team break out game with respect to shepherding. We’ve been trying to work on this important unselfish skill all season and at last hit the jackpot on Sunday with a proliferation of smart, strong shepherds all over the ground. Hard to see all of them at a distance but the efforts of Winston, Sanjay, Finn, Will, Ollie, Christian, Damo, Toby and Archie A were notable - especially so given the leadership roles these boys play.
Finally, I’m sure everyone was stoked to have Gabe back on the ground. Even though we’re managing his heel issues the 2 quarter cameos he had gave us huge zip through the mid-field. Fingers crossed we get you right for a bit longer on the ground soon Gabe.
As always - a huge thanks to our parent enablers of Sunday. Matt is now so good around the boundary, we no longer notice him - he’s like a stealth bomber. The sign of a good umpire! Rodd was magical for Nick and the other boys and their various soft tissue niggles. John Lang took one for the team, goal umpiring at the dead end in the inclement weather. Andrew drew the long straw and got to sit inside in the comfort of the first class lounge to keep time. Simon looked after our umpire a little too well - doling out ample advice and even helping him sort out his social media commitments. James carried water for the boys, though not sure that there was much demand for his services given the temperature and precipitation. Thanks to you all!!
Quarter Zero on Wednesday is really important to ensure we’re well prepared for the final home and away game. Ideally the lights will be functioning properly. Please bring along mouthguard and warm training layers. Please arrive ready for a 5:30pm sharp start.
You may have noticed through teamstuff that our training plans for the following Wed Aug 16 are a little different. To break things up and give the team a fresh experience we’ve arranged for the movement coaches at Kids In Motion to run a footy-skills specific session for us that night. Plan is to meet at Murphy Reserve at the usual 5:30pm time. We will run a short, sharp game planning and strategy session at the club rooms and then a few of us will transport the group the short drove down Williamstown Road to Kids In Motion. For more about Dave, Brett and the folks at KIM take a look at http://kidsinmotion.com.au/meet-the-team/. There will be a small cost of $10/player for this session - please forward to Charlie ASAP.
This Saturday we have been invited to participate in the Port Colts seniors celebration. Prior to their big game against Clayton we are invited to join in pre-match activities and warm-up, and run out with the team. Arrival time is 1.30pm and we will run a grid game at half time of the match, forming a guard of honour when Seniors return to the field. The club will provide refreshments for all of the junior players involved. Please confirm your availability for this event via teamstuff ASAP. 
On Sunday, we are back at home again for the final Round 15 game against St Pauls McKinnon. Game time is 9am, so arrive by 8:15am - this is a must win to secure a semi-final spot so please try to be early so that we are well prepared. Blue shorts and mouth guards are essential, as always. We also have 3 of our experienced players celebrating their 50 games milestone ahead of Sunday’s match. Please try your utmost to be there to recognise the contributions Sanjay, Winston and Archie A have made since starting out in the 2014 U8’s!!
Finally, sharing an article celebrating the experience of sport in our and our kid’s lives: http://johnmenadue.com/peter-day-despite-alcohol-and-gambling-in-sport-let-us-never-forget-the-backyard/
Go Colts!
Under 11 Coaching Panel
Round 13 Match Report Sunday July 30th
Hi Colts fans,

Later start, bright sunshine, warmer temperature - finals footy is almost upon us. A challenging encounter with the Div 5 ladder leaders - and didn’t our group do themselves proud! While the regrading this season has suited us and most of our opponents very well, it’s very apparent that this Rovers group really needed to be in a higher division. Regardless of the mis-match though, our bunch of increasingly resilient boys gave their very best for pretty much the entire game. This hit-out against a (probably) Div 3 team will stand us in good stead for the remaining 2 home & away games and - fingers crossed - finals.

Being down on player numbers with absences, injury and illness we again called on the Colts U10s to bolster our stocks. Special thanks to Tom (and mum, Kyllie), and Bailey (and dad, Damien) for trekking to Hampton after the Murphy Reserve U10 game. Both boys were fantastic for us! 

With Tyler a late out the sole captaincy duties fell to Xavier. He won us the toss and first use of the slight wind, and went on to contribute a classical captains game - first to the ball, and doing the hard stuff all day. We lined up with an emphasis on defence and stood up very well throughout Q1 - forward entries were even but we didn't manage to capitalise. We restructured slightly in Q2 to set up a little more attacking - some excellent work up-field resulting in Finn’s very skilful goal. With the Rovers 3 goals ahead at half-time we decided we were not going to be left wondering, and we went a little more on the attack with our setup. While we managed a decent share of the forward entries the Hampton defence was tough to get around. Pretty exciting to see Josh bolt away and head for an almost goal. One more half time orange might have just edged him past that Hampton tackle!

Other highlights included Ollie’s manful job on arguably the fastest player in the competition. Hampton’s #3 is very hard to run with, and he’s blessed with great endurance. Ollie worked with him all day and kept him to what I was told was his quietest game for the year. Winston too had a mountain to climb, manning up on a super-sized and talented opponent. Winston had it all over him in run though, and as the game progressed the Colts definitely had the better of that match up. We asked a lot of our on-ballers on Sunday too, and they (Damian, Toby, Archie A) covered many kilometres and contributed a strong ‘engine room’. Congratulations to Damo on receiving the Hampton coaches award!

1st Quarter
Port Colts 0-0-(0) v Hampton Rovers 1-2-(8)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 1-2-(8) v Hampton Rovers 4-3-(27)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 1-3-(46) v Hampton Rovers 6-6-(42)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 1-4-(10) v Hampton Rovers 8-11-(59)

We’re now 5 wins from 9 (Div 5) games with 2 home & away games remaining. We hold third spot by percentage. Playing East Brighton this Sunday we have a great opportunity to jump back up to second. After such a strong Round 13 effort, and re-gaining several players, we’re all set to push the Vampires hard.  

Quarter Zero tomorrow will of course play a huge part in our prep for Sunday. Please try your utmost to make it along so that we can be all ready to go for next Sunday’s important game. One or two players are still arriving at training (and even games) without a mouth guard - please remind your child that these are not optional. As always - but especially as we approach the ‘pointy end’ of our season - we welcome any and all parents able to lend support with training.

Kudos again to Sunday’s parent “enablers”. Matt has really picked up some endurance and pace over the course of the season, veritable lightning now around the boundary. James manned the goals. Bob kept time and verified scores. Ben kept our umpire well-hydrated and in good spirits. Liely drew the short straw and manned the water bottles under warmer-than-usual conditions. Viet’s doctoring was complemented by his ability to eke out strapping and related essentials from a depleted stock. Thank you once again Irina for our delicious oranges!

Our Round 14 game next Sunday was to be at Murphy Reserve. However, the club is hosting the SMJFL U8 Lightning Carnival. Accordingly, our ‘home’ game has been re-located to Highett Reserve (Turner Road, Moorabbin). Game starts 10:30am. Arrive by 9:45am please. Don’t forget BLUE shorts and mouthguard.

If you haven't done so already please jump on to teamstuff and lock in your child’s availability for finals.

Planning for end of season event is well advanced - keep an eye on the Club newsletter for details.

Go Colts!

Round 12 Match Report Sunday July 23rd

Hi Colts fans,

What a nail biter today, at least for those of us who managed to avoid the frost bite. One of our group’s tougher days in the office today; a couple of players away, challenging weather, several of us a bit rusty after the 2 week break, and an Oakleigh group who proved to be hungrier overall on the day.
Along with the cold air, the wind was of course a huge factor. As the scoreline below indicates, we had plenty of opportunity in the first and - especially - third quarters but squandered our forward entries kicking (mostly) behinds. Lots of learnings from this game, and good to have a poorer performance out of our system ahead of the impending pointy end of the season.
1st Quarter
Port Colts 1-2-(8) v Oakleigh JFC 0-0-(0)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 1-3-(9) v Oakleigh JFC 2-2-(14)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 2-9-(21) v Oakleigh JFC 2-2-(14)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 2-11-(23) v Oakleigh JFC  5-4-(34)
We’re now 4 wins from 7 games with 4 home & away games remaining. Though today’s loss complicates things, we remain confident of some late August finals action.
If you haven’t already noted from the recent teamstuff advisory, our Round 14 home game on August 6 (vs East Brighton Vampires) has been re-located to Highett Oval in Moorabbin. On this day the club will be hosting the 2017 U8 Lightning Carnival at Murphy Reserve. We will still be the ‘home’ team for this game, so blue shorts etc.
Reviewing our week, while it was great to have a break and relax a bit more than usual last Sunday, it seems that the time out has impacted our momentum. Quarter Zero numbers at training on Wednesday were down to just 12 players. That said - and as we discussed on Wednesday evening - those 12 players overall contributed well for us today. Nick was our trainer-of-the-week and performed very well for us today. His vision and use of the ball to kick to Isaiah in front of goal a big highlight. Isaiah too was one of our stronger Quarter Zero participants and turned in what felt like a break out game today. Like Tyler last week, his composure in front of goal to finish off our hard work up the ground was just fantastic! Speaking of break-out games, how exciting was it to see Finlay be practically unstoppable today? Another of the Quarter Zero crew to excel today. Though we still need to improve in the area of clearing the path for our ball carrier, we did nail a few timely shepherds today. Shepherd-of-the-week today awarded to Archie A - a wonderful block to let Toby get away for a shot on goal.
Our captains today - Christian (happy birthday again) and Finn - gave us strong leadership from the get-go. The won the toss and made sure we enjoyed first use of the wind. Christian was a rock for us down back all day. And whether we asked him to contribute behind or in front of the ball Finn was another of our well-performed Quarter Zero crew. Thanks boys!!
Thanks once again to all of this week’s parent “enablers”. Our Quarter Zero Wednesday night contributors Andrew, Callan, and Viet - thanks for your contribution to the boys' foundation for today’s performance. Thanks gents!! Great to have Ben in the umpiring gear again, arguably our nippiest boundary rider yet. Nancy saw to it the Peter Martin was well looked after, fed and watered. John relished the wind-sheltered timekeepers chair and dealt well with the nearby running commentary too! Sharyn donned the don’t-you-have-a-warmer-one lab coat behind goals and is still thawing out I understand. Great to have Viet back in the medic bib today too, though his supply of hand-wamers left a bit to be desired. Irina - your oranges were again a huge half time hit, thanks so much! And club-wide thanks to our canteen and BBQ staffers this week - Bob, Irina, Sarah, Deb & Paul.
Thanks to Charlie for another week of like-clockwork team-managership (we will get those season goal tallies right folks - it’s proving more bureaucratic than we'd imagined). Woody strategised and froze on the boundary along with yours truly, then fronted up for what felt like an even colder U8 game in Cheltenham! And finally huge gratitude to Andrew who landed probably the plum-role of the day running messages and encouraging the group all day.
Quarter Zero training on Wednesday, please try your utmost to make it along so that we can be all ready t go for next Sunday’s important game. Sorry to say that we are still having players arrive without a mouth guard - please remind your child that these are not optional.

Our Round 12 game next Sunday in another home game. It is our return match with St Bedes/Mentone on Murphys Reserve, game starts 10:00am. Arrive by 9:15am please. Don’t forget blue shorts and mouthguard.
It looks like we have almost all of our players’ forward availability for home and away games confirmed in teamstuff. Thank you all! Please confirm your semi and grand final Sunday availability too as soon as convenient.

As usual please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 10 Match Report Sunday July 2nd

Hi Colts fans,

Pretty decent reward this week for our early journey out to Frosty Field (aka Koornang Park). Though icy underfoot we were fortunate to have clear skies, (somewhat) warming sun, and no wind to speak off. Another 5 goal (6 if you aggregate our behinds too) first quarter again extended the air gap between now and and early season slow starts. We’ll be working hard to continue in that vein.

We have 5 home & away games remaining. So - depending on the way you chose to look at our season pre/post re-grading - we’re now at either 4 wins from 6 games or 5 wins from 10 games. Our take is that we’re now 4 wins from 6 games as Rounds 1-4 in Div 4 don't count towards the Div 5 ladder. 

Reviewing the week, Sunday’s performance was again attributable to another strong and enthusiastic Quarter Zero effort from the group at last Wednesday's training. It was very tight for  trainer-of-the-week, with several boys deserving of recognition. Congratulations to Isaiah and Xavier on their trainer-of-the-week recognition. No coincidence of course that both boys performed very well for us on Sunday.

Our captains this week - Archie Lang and Toby Dunne - set an exceptional example to the group through Quarter Zero and into Q1-Q4. Archie Lang's recognition by the Caulfield Bears coaching group as being one of our ‘toughest to compete against’ also no coincidence. Combined with his intelligent reading of the play, Archie’s discipline to hold our structures down back stopped many Bears attacks, and generated repeated turn-overs that worked to our advantage. It was notable how much we missed Archie’s leadership and awareness down back after changing our structures up at half time to give him and several others more time up the ground. Likewise Winston & Christian - both were almost impassable for us in defence in the first half and we missed their smarts in the second half when they were up the ground.

Being down on player numbers this week due to school holiday and injury absences, we requested assist from the Colts U10 group. Four of their boys - Lucas, Omar, Patrick & Bailey Rudd - put up their hands to help us out and to experience the freedom of a ‘no zones’ U11 game format. All four U10 boys gave us significant contributions, a highlight being Patrick's working down forward from the mid-field to jag a sneaky first quarter goal. Thanks again to all four boys, and to their parents too for making the early morning trek out to Carnegie. Special thanks to Dave Farquharson, our U10 coach, for his help in organising this arrangement. We did learn a valuable lesson across the U10 and U11 coaching groups though. In retrospect U11 and U10 games were a little too close together time-wise and a too far apart distance-wise. The U10’s were caught short during their first quarter/first half. Lesson learned! We will be more circumspect should we find ourselves in a similar situation this season. This does reinforce the need for us to have as much advance notice s possible of your player’s availability for the rest of the season (including the semi and grand final Sundays). If you have not yet confirmed availability in teamstuff please try to do so over the next couple of days.

Another Sunday highlight was Nick’s form in the centre. He got to many contests first, both winning the ball inside and playing a link-up role when we had the ball out in the open. Arguably his best game for us in 2017. Another huge highlight was the passage of play in Q2 that saw Archie A inbounding the ball to Tyler who had worked himself into space down forward. Tyler grabbed the mark and went back with composure to take the set shot on goal. He was a fair distance out, on an angle too. This didn’t phase him though; he concentrated on the goal kicking points we’ve been emphasising at training and slotted the major for us. It was fantastic to see the boys rally around and share in Tyler’s celebration! Wonderful too to see Ollie not only continue to work himself to contests but also to work the ball out of traffic quickly with some exceptional outlet handballs- showing great vision but also growing trust in his own intuition.

Somewhat concerning again though was our overall performance after quarter time. Per the score line below it was a much closer game in the last 3 quarters (4-5 to 3-1). Our domination in the first quarter (Colts 12 forward entries to Bears 1 forward entry) generated substantial scoreboard results. But in the second quarter - with the same positional structure - while we had 13 forward entries to 1, we only converted 2 goals. And in the second half the Bears rallied to outscore us 3-1 to 2-3. We’ll continue to work hard on maintaining our structures and especially on opening up our forward line more consistently.

1st Quarter

Port Colts 5-7-(37) v Caulfield Bears 0-0-(0)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 7-10-(52) v Caulfield Bears 0-0-(0)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 7-11-(53) v Caulfield Bears 2-0-(12)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 9-13-(67) v St Peters  3-1-(19)

All that said, when we find ourselves well ahead we do look to move boys about to provide exposure to different positions, roles and opportunities. As a junior coaching group this is a constant challenge. We work hard to strike a balance between playing each boy where their strengths play out best and/or they contribute most strongly to the overall team effort and offering them opportunities to explore other roles and develop other aspects of their game. We try to do this is a way that fosters self-belief and confidence throughout the group. It’s a work in progress!!

Our gratitude again to all of this week’s parent “enablers”. Our Quarter Zero Wednesday night contributors Andrew, Woody, Leily, Matt, Viet et al help lay the foundation for each Sunday’s performance. Thanks gents!! On Sunday Rodd carried the water without spilling a drop, Steve was a veritable Monaghetti up & down the boundary, Bob played the bouncer, sorry, escort role like a natural, Emma braved the sit-still (and therefore hard to keep warm) timekeepers chair, and it’s wonderful to see Paul’s growing goal umpiring flourish and showmanship. Did anyone else get the sense Matt welcomed the more sedentary medic role this week? Charlie managed us all in his customer cat-herder-extraordinaire way again. And Woody was our ice-skater/runner this week, providing fantastic and very vocal encouragement to the boys out on the field all day.

We’ll resume Quarter Zero (aka training) Wednesday July 12 as usual. We are still having players arrive without a mouth guard - please remind your child that these are not optional.

Our next game is Sunday July 16. We play Oakleigh at home on Murphys Reserve, game starts 9:00am slot. Arrive by 8:15am please. Don’t forget blue shorts and mouthguard.

As usual please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel



Round 9 Match Report Sunday June 25th

Hi Colts fans,

A welcome later start for Round 9! Cold but thankfully dry and even some patches of sun to warm us up. A fantastic opening quarter - with 5 straight goals from our 5 forward entries! Fingers crossed that our slow starts are now well & truly behind us. With Round 9 completed we’re now 60% through our home & away season. Further good progress across the group this week again. So the opportunity for some finals action is still there for the group. 

For those interested to follow the progress of teams in our Division, check out ladder, goal kickers etc. head to http://smjfl.com.au/fixtures-results-ladders/ then scroll down to "Under 11 Mixed Div 5 2017” and click on “Results”or “Ladder”. Well worth a look if you are statistically minded.

As a coaching group we were encouraged again this week by another very good “Quarter Zero” training performance. Tt set us up well for the following Q1 (especially), Q2, Q3 & Q4. A big part of this is of course attributable to the numbers of parents and coaches participating and/or leading our training drills. Thanks again to ALL of the parents who jumped in. It’d be great to see similar parent numbers again for our Round 10 Q0!! Not a coincidence that our trainers of the week happened to be the captains we named at the start of training: Oscar & Angus. Both boys led as in fine style Wednesday AND Sunday - with Gus enjoying probably his biggest game yet.Seems leadership fits him nicely!

Back on our own turf this week, we changed rotations up to give players who had interchanged the last few weeks an opportunity to spend a full game on the ground. A number of boys were asked to take on bigger roles and did so superbly. Archie Lang led our defence smartly and ensured we played to our back line game plan with a high degree of discipline. Finlay, Isaiah and Jack Jones continued their week-on-week progression and consistently won the ball and used it well. Joshua relished his time forward and gave us some great run off the half back line too. Liam, Tyler and Vasile got to contests over and over and worked the ball to our advantage throughout the game. As usual Liam had no qualms putting himself in the action, laying several intelligent shepherds and took out Sunday's Shepherd-of-the-Week award!

This week we also enjoyed some latitude to give boys who had been big contributors up the ground some more time forward and/or on the ball. Great to see both Gabe and Nick get on the end of some excellent passages of team play to score their maiden (2017 at least) majors!! Xavier had a day out too - with arguably his biggest game this season. And - off of his run-with role last week - we saw Ollie generate some great run and carry of his own this week! Important we recognise Toby’s resilience too; after a knock and a painful blood nose he couldn't wait to get back on the ground and amongst it again.

Per the quarterly scores below you can see that after quarter time the game was a tie (both teams kicking 3-3 post quarter time). Five goals (with Sanjay jagging 3 of them!!) to one in the first quarter was the difference. While we won a great deal more of the ball and had more forward entries over the course of the game we didn’t manage to capitalise enough. Main factor was that our discipline to keep to our structure, open up the forward line and bring the ball in through the middle of the ground fell down. We’ll be working hard on being more disciplined for our Round 10 game.

1st Quarter
Port Colts 5-0-(30) v St Peters 1-0-(6)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 6-1-(37) v St Peters  2-1-(13)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 7-1-(43) v St Peters  2-2-(14)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 8-3-(51) v St Peters  4-3-(27)

Thank you to all of this Sunday’s parent contributors: Charlie back in the team manager (and scoreboard graffiti artist) saddle post his Queenscliff soiree. "Marathon Matt” riding the boundary again - maintaining his focus despite the scoreboard messaging distractions directed at him. Looks like this Sunday we may have to add medic to Matt’s portfolio in Viet’s absence - not sure how that is going to work? Viet manned the medicine chest with his customary deep expertise and empathy, Simon looked after our umpire and ensured Mr Martin was well entertained between quarters, Liely donned the lab coat, and Irina supplied another half-tonne of Mildura’s finest. It was great to have Callan back in his Aquaman gear too. And plaudits to Sharon in her timekeeper gig dealing with the distractions of our techno team manager! Thank you all.

Quarter Zero (aka training) Wednesday night as usual. Last week we had players again arrive without a mouth guard - please remind your child that these are not optional.

Wednesday night meals will be offered as usual this week with a break next week (first week school holidays) and then Dominos pizza night second Wed in school holidays (July12th)

Coming Sunday is Round 10 and we’re away playing Caulfield Bears at Koornang Park, in the barely civilised 8:30am slot. Arrive by 7:45am please. Don’t forget white shorts and mouthguard. You may have observed we are going to be light on for numbers, we’re going to be joined by a few of our very capable Under 10 group to help us out. We really do need to get off to a good start with full complement of players so please make every effort to arrive on time.

As usual please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 8 Match Report Sunday June 18th

Hi Colts fans,

One of the better Melbourne winter mornings yesterday and the boys treated us to a wonderful team performance in the absence of fog & jumper confusion. Hopefully we’ve proven to ourselves that it is the outside temperature rather than the early game starts that we sometimes struggle with!

Sunday was Round 8 of 15 so we’re now past the halfway mark of our season. Across the group we’re progressing quite well. Through the remaining 7 Rounds we have 5 games at home - so some excellent opportunity for a solid run to (hopefully) a little finals action.

Aside from the friendlier weather this week, our training performance was the major factor in this week’s strong and all-round game effort. The boys are now all recognising the value of our Wednesday evening "Quarter Zero”, and acknowledge how our training effort shapes our subsequent Q1-4 achievements. Last Wednesday’s training session was arguably the best we’ve had all year! It was no accident that this session was also one where we had great coach and parent numbers along lending a hand with the various drills and encouraging the boys. Thanks again to ALL of the parents who jumped in. It’d be great to see similar parent numbers again this week!!

To the game then… down to McKinnon we journeyed, and what a ground! An excellent surface - though the turf wicket in the middle was a little tricky. But easily the most generously proportioned oval we’ll encounter all season. Possibly 300 metres end-end and maybe 200 metres wide. To U11’s it surely felt a like playing footy in an almost infinite space. Such a ground gifts a significant advantage to the home team as they are more accustomed to navigating the shortest / fastest path forward. St Pauls did indeed work the ground well - with their stronger players continually looking to run the ball down the middle of the ground at every opportunity. Credit to our Colts group that they adapted well and increasingly did likewise as the game progressed.

The much larger ground size mean that the ball spent a lot more time in transition. The ‘Burke & Wills’ expedition required to journey from goal to goal reduced the overall opportunities for either side to score. These basic physics created more pressure than usual across all positions. With goals so precious our backs could not allow St Pauls forwards to enjoy any easy possessions. Our mid-field had longer tussles as the ball transitioned, and the “walls” we setup had to be smarter given the extra open space available. Our followers were up and down the ground continually and having to cover considerably more distance than usual. And our forwards of course needed to make the most of our harder to come by forward entries. Credit to the whole group that we prevailed in the face of these extra challenges to come away with a hard earned victory.

We started - and persisted - with a purposeful accent on defence. The sustained focus, discipline, teaming and rebound generation from Finlay, Finn, Gabe, Jack, Will, Winston & Xavier was nothing short of exceptional. This group provided the base to our overall performance. In the mid-field, Angus, Josh, Ollie & Oscar were at the contest together all day - and diligently adapted their structure to the big paddock. Oscar even managed to sneak forward into space to jag his maiden 2017 major! During the second quarter we gave Ollie a big and important role to curb the influence of St Pauls best player. That he did this so well was a big factor in our overall team performance. Our accent on defence of course meant that our forwards had their work cut out for them. While we built our forward structure around Sanjay's and Christian’s leadership, we rotated Isaiah, Jack, Josh, Liam, Tyler, Vasile & Gus into attack too. The scoreline is testimony to how well this forward group performed. The creativity and teaming Sanj & Christian fostered delivered the forward efficiency that enabled us to come out on top. Along with Gabe - Isaiah captained us - great to see his presence in the team growing week on week. Of special note was Isaiah’s goal assist role - winning the ball and spearing the outlet handball to setup Oscar’s running goal. Our followers - Archie, Damo, Toby - carried a man-size load on the huge ground. If they were fitted with GPS trackers we’re sure they would have clocked up many kilometres in this game. We asked them to follow the ball all day and all three turned in huge contributions. Congrats to Toby on the St Pauls award and on his maiden Colts goal too.

1st Quarter

Port Colts 0-1-(1) v St Pauls 0-0-(0)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 1-2-(8) v St Pauls  0-2-(2)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 2-3-(15) v St Pauls  0-5-(5)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 3-3-(21) v St Pauls  1-5-(11)

Our gratitude again to all of Sunday’s ‘enablers’: Matt did double time as team manager/peacekeeper and probably ran a marathon as our boundary ump, Viet manned the medicine chest with aplomb, Aaron looked after our umpire ensuring he was well hydrated covering the bigger ground, Rodd manned the flags, Irina supplied the more tham ample quantity of oranges, and Callan wisely traded the water carrier bib for the (sedentary) timekeeper gig this week! Thank you all.

Quarter Zero (aka training) Wednesday night as usual. Last week we had to pull a few players out of competitive drills because they had forgotten their mouth guards - please remind your child that these are not optional.

Coming Sunday is Round 9 and we host St Peters at home, in the more civilised 10am slot. Arrive by 9:15am please. Don’t forget blue shorts and mouthguard. Be sure to confirm your player’s availability status for this Sunday via teamstuff ASAP.

As usual please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel


Round 7 Match Report Sunday June 4th

Hi Colts fans,

Hope that everyone had a restful and langourous long weekend. Your coached back on the job in force this week - starting with Round 7 recap.

Seems we always open with a meteorological anecdote. Why change this week - especially given the somewhat extreme weather early on June 4? Very cold, almost dark, dense fog and close to indistinguishable red home and away team uniforms. Not surprisingly it took a whole half of football to warm up and work ourselves into the game. Unfortunately, the half time difference was a bit too much to overhaul but we can be very encouraged by our second half of footy.
Once again, we had a couple of late withdrawals just before the game. We adjusted rotations, keeping a very attacking posture across our line-up. As it turned out, we’d have been better served scoreboard-wise toning that posture down a little earlier than we did. Keeping the originally planned line-up did provide the opportunity for out back half players to get some really good exposure to the ball and to the game in general. We’re sure that extra experience will stand us in good stead as the season unfolds.
We meet East Brighton again - on our turf - and we’re all pretty confident we’re capable of a much more consistent whole-of-game effort then. So we’re looking forward to the return match.
We will keep you all posted as the fixturing for the remainder of the season gets locked-in.
Our Round 7 captains - Finlay and Vasile - we’re very excited to take on leadership roles. It was great to see both boys focus their attention and really take a step up. Finlay continuing his week-on-week effort and growing contribution to the team. And Vasile gave us not only his characteristic enthusiasm and but also great concentration. Thank you both!
Highlights were the huge contribution all game from Toby, Nick’s wonderful “speccy” - all the more difficult with the ball appearing out of the fog, some excellent unselfish shepherding again from Winston, Nick, Sanjay. Sanjay’s finishing class - 3 goals this week! Also maiden season 2017 majors from Finn and Jack Jones. Great stuff boys!! 

1st Quarter
Port Colts 1-1-(7) v East Brighton  3-0-(18)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 1-1-(7) v East Brighton  6-2-(38)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 3-1-(19) v East Brighton  8-2-(50)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 5-2-(32) v East Brighton 11-4-(70)
Another huge thank you to our unflappable team managers Charlie and Matt (Matt also our trainer this week in Viet’s absence), boundary umpire Simon, goal umpire Chris, timekeeper Tessa, orange-supplier Irina, and our umpires escort Rod.

“Quarter Zero” training tomorrow night at usual 5:30pm slot. Don't forget mouth guards. Please ensure boys wear enough layers to keep them warm - and be keep in mind that we cant let them train in hoodies as that is too dangerous (fingers get catch in loose hoods etc.).

Wednesday night meals will be offered as usual, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.

Our Round 8 match this coming Sunday is another early one - 9:00am vs St Paul McKinnon away at McKinnon reserve, Tucker Road, Bentleigh. Arrive by 8:15am please - don’t forget white shorts and mouthguard. Please confirm your player’s availability status for this Sunday via teamstuff ASAP.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel


Round 6 Match Report Sunday May 28th

Hi Colts fans,

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this week’s match report. It has been a crazy busy few days in and out of the office!

We were very fortunate on Sunday to get our game in ahead of the Antarctic blast that hit Melbourne in the afternoon. Our good fortune did not extend to player availability though, starting the game with only seventeen on the ground. Thankfully, some quick and deft outreach saw Will & Xavier join us before quarter time - so we had nineteen for the majority of the game.

Sunday’s opponents - Hampton Rovers - are clearly the strongest of the U11 teams re-graded from Div 4 to Div 5. Looking at the comparative results over the first 6 rounds it seems quite likely that they could sail through Div 5 undefeated for the season. The SMJFL’s grading & fixtures remain confirmed only for last Sunday and the coming Round 7 games - so there may still be some scope for adjustments. We will keep you all posted as the fixturing for the remainder of the season gets locked-in.

We mentioned training behaviour in last week’s report. Very pleased to advise that training last Wednesday saw greatly improved respect, focus and commitment across the entire group. Great to see the players taking our team mantra of Listening, Effort & Encouragement far more seriously. Let’s sustain this effort across the rest of our season together!

Once again this Sunday’s we committed to addressing our characteristic slow starts. Kicking against the wind in Q1 we struggled to score, but we also kept Hampton to a single goal. Making Q1 our best quarter for consecutive weeks. We may have the sleepy start monkey off our backs at last! Well done boys! Archie A & Jack T co-captained and gave the group sustained enthusiasm and great leadership. Thank you both!

Responding to our late un-availables, we had to make some major positional changes. We swung Winston into the ruck and he toiled hard for us non-stop all day. His contribution was huge and thoroughly deserving of the recognition the Hampton Rovers coach gave him. Winston also laid several fantastic shepherds and won our Shepherd-of-the-Week award. A wonderful example for all of our group!

Down back there was action aplenty, Christian played our defensive leader role exceptionally well this week. His direct opponent had scored quite heavily in prior weeks and we had a focus on reducing that player’s impact. Christian took to this role like a duck to water and - with some assist from Isaiah - the contribution of Hampton’s main mover was restricted significantly.

1st Quarter
Port Colts 0-0-(0) v Hampton Rovers  1-3-(9)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 0-0-(0) v Hampton Rovers  4-6-(30)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 1-0-(6) v Hampton Rovers  5-9-(39)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 1-0-(6) v Hampton Rovers  6-10-(46)

Another huge thank you to our omniscient team managers Charlie and Matt (also our fleet-of-foot boundary ump again), our trainers Viet & Sarah, goal umpire Simon, timekeeper Mia, our umpires escort John, and our BBQ / Cafeteria helpers.

Training Wednesday night - which we are now calling our quarter zero (the one before Q1). Don't forget mouth guards. Training this week will be abbreviated by the photo shoot. U11 group photos are scheduled for 6:10pm. While we should be done with photos by 6.30pm it is likely we will run over. So we’ll train from 5:30pm as usual, but conclude once our photo shoot is complete. Please ensure boys wear their full Colts gear, including blue shorts.

Wednesday night meals will be offered as usual, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.

Our Round 7 match this coming Sunday is another early one - 8:45am vs East Brighton Vampires away at Widdop Crescent, Hampton East. Arrive by 8am please - don’t forget white shorts and mouthguard. Please confirm your player’s availability status for this Sunday via teamstuff ASAP.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 5 Match Report Sunday May 21st

Hi Colts fans,

Nice to have a later game for a change, hope you were able to take advantage of the opportunity for a Sunday morning sleep-in!

Following on from last week’s report, the SMJFL re-grading was pretty much confirmed during the week. It seems most of what we suggested in our submission has come to pass. Our group now competes in Under 11 Mixed Div 5. Our opponents yesterday - St Bedes/Mentone Tigers - are one of the two former Div 5 teams remaining in this competition. The other six teams in the re-jigged Div 5 are drawn from the prior Div 4 competitions. Refer attached for the re-jigged Div 5 composition. We’re confident this grading is a much better fit for our group, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Training behaviour is perhaps our major challenge right now, unfortunately. Prior to Sunday’s game we talked to this point with the group. We discussed the potential for players to miss out on Sunday games should they continue to mis-behave at training after repeated warnings. We’re hopeful that raising this possibility will see a big improvement. Fingers crossed for the coming Wednesday.

To Sunday’s game then. This week we committed to reversing our slow starts - and challenged ourselves to make our Q1 our best quarter. Per the scoreline, we achieved just that. Very well done boys! Finn & Nick co-captained and demonstrated fantastic enthusiasm and leadership. Both boys contributed arguably their best games so far!

It was hugely rewarding too to see how far Finlay and Isaiah have come after only 4 games (even less for Isaiah). Both are now reading the game, getting to the contest, winning and using the ball well. Vasile too stepped up another level this week, and his focus was well rewarded. Tyler, Liam and Archie L furthered their development too. Both boys emerging now into highly dependable competitors and smart users of the ball. Pleasing too was the run and resilience we enjoyed from Gus and Jack Jones. Great to expanding choice around who we can play where!

Those of you who attended the game would have loved Damien’s smothering and ball winning, Archie’ As clearance work and creativity, Jack T’s tenacity and trusting of his team mates, Sanjay’s forward creativity and defensive pressure, Christian’s forward work and adaptability to play a strong role down back too, Winston’s defensive leadership and impassability, and Gabe’s intercept and turnover work, Will’s intensity & omnipresence (and his shepherd-of-the-week), Toby’s exquisite “shaking & baking", Josh’s  embrace of his new role in the ruck and his almost 2 goals in 2 weeks, Ollie’s inspirational mid-field work ethic and relentless pressure, Oscar's adaptability to several important roles and his expanding creativity. 

1st Quarter
Port Colts 3-2-(20) v St Bedes/Mentone Tigers  1-0-(6)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 5-3-(33) v St Bedes/Mentone Tigers  2-2-(14)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 6-4-(40) v St Bedes/Mentone Tigers  3-2-(20)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 8-5-(53) v St Bedes/Mentone Tigers  1-4-(22)

Another huge thank you to our omniscient team managers Charlie and Matt (also our fleet-of-foot boundary ump again), goal umpire Carl, Aquaman Callan, timekeeper Rod, and our umpires escort Paul.

Training Wednesday night - which we are now calling our quarter zero (the one before Q1). Don't forget mouth guards. Please also remember to pack a dry “just-in-case” jacket. Thanks also to all responders to our call for training assistance. As always, we welcome any parents able to assist on any Wednesday evening please.

Note also our delicious Wednesday night meals, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.

Coming Sunday takes into the middle third of the home & away season. Our Round 6 match this coming Sunday should be 11:30am vs Hampton Rovers at home on Murphy Reserve. The R6/R7 fixtures are draft as a League contingency to further adjust grading if required. While unlikely our schedule will change, we will confirm via teamstuff mid-week. Please confirm your player’s availability for this Sunday via teamstuff ASAP.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 4 Match Report Sunday May 14th

Hi Colts fans,

(Real) early start again, away to South Melbourne with several of the coaching panel a little ragged post the Got No Talent night. An early start that also deferred quite a few Mothers Day breakfast-in-bed. Today’s overall good performance bought a smile to a few maternal faces though - and made for a nice start to a happy Mothers Day we hope!

Mick Pickett - if you are out there and receiving these emails - we loved your video vignette last night. Please send along the YouTube link for those who missed it.

The last of the 2017 R1-R4 grading games today. The club has made a re-grading submission to the SMJFL, seeking a better fit for our group and the Division we’ll see out the season in. We expect to know the outcome by Wednesday and will update details for Rounds 5 thru 15 then. 

To today’s game, again a sluggish and under-disciplined start to the game. Reassuringly, we won our share of the ball, but too many of us disregarded the game plan. We played into South Melbourne’s hands by crowding out our forward line yet again. Open, quality shots on goal are simply not possible to achieve under these conditions. It is critical for our backline players to stick to our team structure rather than chase kicks forward. The boys agreed on Wednesday that one of out team themes would be “selfish footy is NOT good footy”. We’ll be working on putting this into practice better each week.

Once more a tale of two halves though as we again rallied to outscore our opponents across the second half.

1st Quarter
Port Colts 0-1-(1) v South Melbourne  1-1-(7)

2nd Quarter
Port Colts 0-1-(1) v South Melbourne  4-5-(29)

3rd Quarter
Port Colts 4-3-(27) v South Melbourne  6-5-(41)

4th Quarter
Port Colts 4-3-(27) v South Melbourne  6-9-(45)

Damian and Sanjay captained this week and both contributed to their utmost. Damo rucking for us all day and Sanjay’s creativity down forward again huge for us. Our structure this week emphasised a solid defence. Down back we were led well all day by Christian and Winston - intercepting and repelling many South forward thrusts. We tried something new this week too, giving several players a ‘run-with’ role on South’s prime movers. Xavier, Ollie and Joshua took to these new roles well - restricting the impact of those South players. Our third quarter was a real purple patch, with Damo and Archie A combining repeatedly for clearance upon clearance. A highlight was the centre clearance from Damo’s hit-out to advantage, Archie clearing long & straight down the ground to Sanjay, and then Sanjay weighing his options, kicking to the top of the square to a contest, where Finlay got the ball to ground and Archie - who had continued his run to create the next option - won the loose ball and goaled.  Exactly the kind a footy we're looking to string together more consistently throughout our games.

Another highlight - and blindingly fast -  was Sanjay’s snap through traffic for another fantastic 3rd quarter goal. Today, our on-ball engine benefitted from Toby’s inclusion there - many times he anticipated the flow of the game exceptionally well to win the ball for us. When Toby took his well earned rest we swung Will into the on-ball role and he stepped seamlessly into this critical role. It seems there is no challenge Will won’t respond strongly to.

Another huge thank you today to our omniscient team managers Charlie and Matt (also our fleet-of-foot boundary ump again), goal umpire Aaron, Aquaman Rod, timekeeper Simon, and our umpires escort Liely.

Training Wednesday night, don't forget mouth guards. Please also remember to pack a dry “just-in-case” jacket. Thanks also to all responders to our call for training assistance. We welcome any parents able to assist on any Wednesday evening please.

Note also our delicious Wednesday night meals, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.

Per above, our Round 5 match this coming Sunday will be confirmed mid-week pending SMJFL grading and fixture review. Fingers crossed for a sleep in this time round. Please confirm your player’s availability for this Sunday via teamstuff ASAP.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 3 Match Report Sunday May 7th

Hi Colts fans,

Well we are 20% into our 2017 season now, and getting a good sense of where our group is at, our strengths and what we need to work on. Caulfield Bears today, back on our home turf. Another grading game of course, and a chance to compare ourselves against a group perhaps less accomplished relative to our first two opponents. Given this, we changed our group up with an accent on exposing our more developing players for longer. Combined with our worryingly habitual sluggish start to the game, while we had a fair bit of the ball, we crowded the game and our scoring opportunities were often under pressure. Looking for a confidence boosting turnaround, we changed our structures around at half time. Quarterly scores show how our group rallied and to outscore the Bears throughout the second half.

Unfortunately, the start this week reflected Wednesday night’s training experience. Overall our group lacked concentration and focus at training, with some behavioural issues creeping in as well. We will continue to stress that our Sunday performances are directly related to our training effort (or lack thereof). In this, parent group support in your conversations at home and your presence and assistance at training is invaluable.

 1st Quarter

Port Colts 0-1-(1) v Caulfield Bears  1-0-(6)

 2nd Quarter

Port Colts 0-6-(6) v Caulfield Bears  2-0-(12)

 3rd Quarter

Port Colts 4-8-(32) v Caulfield Bears  3-0-(18)

4th Quarter

Port Colts 7-11-(53) v Caulfield Bears  3-0-(18)

Again this week you would have observed the many "holding the ball” decisions rewarding correctly applied tackles. We worked on this quite specifically at Wednesday’s training - and will continue to emphasise not over-possessing the ball and trusting our team mates to receive the ball we give them.

 A huge thank you to our indefatigable team managers Charlie and Matt (also our non-coaching boundary ump again), goal umpire Bob, Aquaman Callan, timekeeper Joost, our umpires escort Rod, and our BBQ / Canteeners Andrew, Callan and Shanthi.This week our co-captains Jack Jones & Liam led us in real “the-bigger-they-are-the-harder-they-fall” fashion, thank you both! And another new Colts player this week too - we welcomed our newest Isaiah - Isaiah Hagiwara - to the Under 11s. Great to have you with us Isaiah!

A big emphasis this year is shepherding awareness and skills. Last week we instituted a “Shepherd of the Week” award. Our winner this week: Winston. His awareness to protect team mates enabled Christian to get a clean disposal off to Gus, who marked then kicked forward to a 1:1 contest where Archie won the ball and passed to Sanjay in space in front of goal, and Sanjay finished well for a major. The is the type of attacking, intuitive, trusting football we’re aiming to play all of the time. And it was underwritten by Winston’s selfless act - congrats on you SOTW award Winston.

Other highlights - Vasile's first quarter mark and very purposeful set shot at goal showing that though new to the game he is learning fast. Oscar was dangerous all day around the ball and will also learn from his several attempts on goal. Likewise Angus' attack on the ball and his creativity to find some good space today was great to see from someone so new to the game.

Our major adjustment at half time involved swinging Toby & Damo on to the ball, Archie to mid-field and Sanjay forward. Along with Ollie, all four are to be commended on our dominance of clearances in the third quarter and our much better direction of the ball forward through the middle of the ground. In concert with some excellent finishing at the pointy end in front of goals (Sanjay, Archie, Damo, Jack T) this made for a significantly improved Colts second half.

Training Wednesday night, please don't forget mouth guards. Please also remember to pack a dry “just-in-case” jacket. Thanks also to all responders to our call for training assistance last week. We remain somewhat light on for coaches to run our training drills, so welcome any parents able to assist on any Wednesday evening please.

Note also our delicious Wednesday night meals, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.

Our Round 4 Mothers Day game this coming Sunday we meet South Melbourne Districts U11 away (white shorts) at Albert Park. It’s an even earlier 8:45am start, we will need to arrive by 8:00am please. All details in teamstuff.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Go Colts!

Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 2 Match Report Sunday April 30th

Round 2 saw our U11 group brave the untamed expanses of Como Park to contest with Prahran JFC. Per last week’s report, rounds 1 thru 4 are grading games. Those of you who have been following the results of our competition (SMJFL U11 Mixed Div 4 Blue) would see that there are some widely varying results across these early games. Again this Sunday we encountered a group who are overall probably further along in their footy development. And - also again - the quarter-by-quarter scores also illustrate our group’s ability to hang in there and keep contesting right through the game.

1st Quarter

Prahran 2-0-(12) v Port Colts  0-0-(0)

2nd Quarter

Prahran 5-1-(31) v Port Colts  0-2-(2)

3rd Quarter

Prahran 6-5-(41) v Port Colts  0-2-(2)

4th Quarter

Prahran 9-10-(64) v Port Colts  1-2-(8)
The second half was our best footy by far this week and we’ll be looking to get off to a better start in our Round 3 game. Though we were up against it the boys really did continue to push to the contest, compete and win the ball right to the very end of the game. A big lesson from our first two games is the many "holding the ball” decisions with correctly applied tackles being well rewarded. This will be a focus for us at training this week - as on quite a few occasions we are winning the ball but running with it for a little too long and being caught. We’ll work on getting better value out of the ball we win.
Again, a big thank you to our indefatigable team managers Charlie and Matt (also our boundary ump on the muddy wing side), goal umpire Paul, hydrator Liely, timekeeper Nick, and our umpires escort Ian.
This week our “no-backward-steps” spiritual touchstones - Ollie & Will - discharged their co-captain responsibilities with aplomb. Thanks boys, really excellent leadership! Though it was a tough day at the office, it was hugely encouraging to witness Jack Jones, Tyler, Finlay mixing it up in the contests too. Their second, third, and even fourth efforts were simply wonderful to behold. And Liam’s tackle that stopped one of the bigger Prahran boys was powerful stuff too. We’re also stringing together some excellent passages of team play - a standout being Oscar’s vision to get the ball out to space to a creative Sanjay. We’re working to improve in the area of body work and encouraged the boys to focus on shepherding this week, and we saw some  really good work here. Finn’s shepherd to allow Archie’s long bomb to skid thru for our major score was a highlight. Shepherd-of-the-Week (and Dominos voucher) went to Damo though for his several excellent shepherds!
Another highlight was the crew filming at our game on behalf of the AFL Coaches Association. They were gathering video footage for use in an upcoming “Thanks Coach” campaign planned to feature on Foxtel. More on this as we learn what, if any, of their Colts footage makes it through the editing process.
While on the topic of coaching, we noted the much improved player response Nathan Buckley enjoyed out of his Collingwood crew on Sunday afternoon. More than a coincidence we think as he picked up a few pointers from the Colts U11 coaching panel that morning. We are considering our ‘trade secrets’ position on this with the club's Intellectual Property attorneys this week :-)
Training, please don't forget mouth guards. Please also remember to pack a dry jacket in case we have another mid-session downpour. We are a little light on for coaches to run our training drills, so welcome any parents able to assist on a Wednesday evening please.
Note also our delicious Wednesday night meals, the menu and order-ahead facility is here, or paste https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=279476 into your browser.
Our Round 3 game coming Sunday we meet Caulfield Bears U11 at home (blue shorts) at JL Murphy Reserve. gain it’s a 9am start, we will need to arrive by 8:15am please. All details in teamstuff.
Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.
Go Colts!
Your U11 Coaching Panel

Round 1 Match Report Sunday April 23rd

Welcome everyone to Port Colts JFC U11s! What a stunning day to open season 2017. 

As most of you would be aware, while our home & away season run for 15 rounds, the first four round’s games are used to properly grade teams into the various SMJFL Divisions. In these initial games we can expect to meet the odd team further along in their development than our group (and vice-versa too of course). While that was the case on Sunday, the quarter-by-quarter scores do also show what our group can do when challenged...

1st Quarter

Port Colts 0-0-(0) v East Sandringham 1-5-(11)

2nd Quarter

Port Colts 0-0-(0) v East Sandringham 3-6-(24)

3rd Quarter

Port Colts 0-0-(0) v East Sandringham 4-10-(34)

4th Quarter

Port Colts 1-8-(14) v East Sandringham 5-10-(40)

Our Colts group won the final quarter clearly - with 9 scoring attempts to 1. This is a demonstration of the team’s resilience and ability to continue to put in a very strong effort despite unfavourable odds. This is a very important quality, with huge relevance to the kid’s lives beyond sports as well. Clearly, our boys and their families have a lot of positives to reflect upon out of Sunday’s game. We will be emphasising this at training tomorrow and throughout the season.

A huge thank you to our tireless team managers Charlie and Matt (who doubled up as boundary ump too), goal umpire Simon, water carrier Callan, timekeeper Mojdeh, umpires escort James Jones and all who spent time in the canteen or at the BBQ. Our group was well led this week by our R1 co-captains Tyler Soutar & Xavier Faulkner! Sunday’s game also saw Finlay Stirling re-join our group after a season or so absence, great to have him back in the mix, it is clear that he will be a smart and significant contributor to our season. And we had first official Colts appearances for Angus Debien, Toby Dunne, and Vasile Pop. Angus and Vasile are new to competition footy and are already slotting in very well - contributing and learning a lot from Sunday’s experience. Toby comes to us with match experience from his time at South Districts and has shown us his skills and competitive nature already, and it was Toby’s goal assist to Jack Timmer that secured our final quarter goal.

Our Round 2 game coming Sunday we meet Prahran U11 away at Como Park. It’s an earlier 9am start, we will need to arrive by 8:15am please. All details in teamstuff.

Please also refer to club newsletters and web site for broader club announcements, including social events.

Cheers, Kevin



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