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Teams / 2017 / Under 9s

Under 9s

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Graham McDougall, Assistant Coach Peter Maloney 
  • Team Managers: Stu Birkett
  • Runner: Brett Rutledge, Greg Wright
  • Parent umpires: Paul Moss, Rod sharpin, Gus Johnson
  • Trainers: Sarah Debien
  • Photograhper: Carla Darcy

Training Times

Thursday 5pm to 6pm at Murphy Reserve

  • Running group on Monday Nights:
  • Monday Running (optional) @ JL Murphy Reserve, 6:15pm - 6:45pm /  View Location Map

Wednesday Football Session @ JL Murphy Reserve, 5.00pm to 6.00pm / View Location Map



It’s the end of the 2017 season for our Under 9 Colts and a great time to reflect on how we travelled this year. 

Our last two outings saw us challenged for the first time this year. Particularly in the lightning cup where we had to tackle the elements as much as we did the opposition. Really character-building day for our kids and we finished our season on a high with a well fought out win in our last game. Just as character building for the coaches and parents as to say it was cold would be an understatement. 

The last two weeks were a positive for us as this gave us an idea of where the kids can reach next year as they continue to improve and enjoy their footy. 

What I can say is that we as parents under estimate sometimes how important the support is to the kids. When we bring the kids in during the breaks and after the game, to see the size of the parent support group is fantastic. As coaches, we can hear the support and what I love most of all its always positive, I never see the “ugly” parents or people questioning the umpires or the kids. I think this is such a positive outcome for the club and our under 9s. Thank you parents for not only the positive support of the kids, but the coaches and most of all the efforts you put in behind in behind the scenes, taking photos, oranges, canteen duty, helping during warm ups and the most important of all positive encouragement of your kids. 

We have a great opportunity to bring these kids together for the next couple of years and as a group of coaches, parents and a club, we are not just teaching the kids to play footy, but teaching them to be part of a team and teaching them values such as respect that carry through as they grow up and compliment the values we as parents try to instill in our kids at home. 

The most enjoyable part of coaching is to see the kids all develop at a level that is appropriate to them. I remember growing up in the country and playing junior footy. Its very different today, all about participation, fun and kids growing at their own level. What I can absolutely say is that we saw this across the board with our tam and it was a great outcome for the kids. 

Bringing together of the two teams from last year gave us stability and it ended up being the perfect number of players to cope with absences but also the kids playing maximum football time. 

In no particular order, I have done a review for each of our kids. 

Archie: Big improvement this year in concentration and effort, reflected in some great games this year. Loves to have fun with his mates and enjoys being part of the team. What we learnt about Archie was that when he is switched on, he can really play good footy and most importantly he has learnt this as well. 

Rory: Most unassuming kid on our team. Lovely manners and really attacks the footy and gives it a 100% every week. Had some really impressive games this year. What we learnt about Rory is that he has a great footy brain, good skills and reads the play well and we look forward to watching him grow even further next year. 

Tess: Continued on her great journey as a junior football. Holds her own on the footy field and can be best judged by the great feedback she received from the opposition coaches as to how impressive she was. Took the best mark I have ever seen in Junior footy this year. What we learnt about Tess was that there is no doubt she will go all the way to the top in women’s football and we will all enjoy watching her journey. 

Zac: Took a big jump this year from a goal shark to an all round player. His ability to read the play and clear the play and attack the footy is a major step up from last year. What we learnt about Zac this year is that he really goes in and gets the hard balls and loves to run. 

Jaylan: Came into our team half way and new to footy so big challenge for him. Learnt pretty quickly about what playing in a team means and really started to enjoy the learning side of skills. Really participated well with Petes skills coaching and came along way in a short time. What we learnt about Jaylan was that even though it was all new and hard, sticking it out was a big reward for him and will only get better next year. 

Charlie D: Great to watch Charlie when he puts his mind to it. You can see it on the ground and we love the satisfaction he gets when he has played a good game. What we learnt about Charlie is that he has more footy skills than he thinks and when he goes for it, he plays some great footy 

Charlie B: Apart from the obvious growth spurt, a big step up from last year and this is tough as he had a great year last year. It was the big marks and taking on the biggest kids that was most impressive. In defense, he was a rock. What we learnt about Charlie was that he has exceeded all expectations I would suggest from the coaches, Dad and most importantly himself 

Cruz: Enjoyable to watch Cruz develop this year. Easy to coach as he gives a 100% each game and really seems to enjoy his footy. Back this up with some great footy kills and a really contributor to the team this year. What we learnt about Cruz this year is that he had games where he really could change momentum with his attack on the footy and run he gives the team. 

Nash: Was away for a fair bit of the season but when he was in the side, had a huge impact. Great skills, attack on the footy and we love watching him play. What we learnt about Nash this year is that he reads the footy really well and throw in hi skills, is a great young footballer. 

Liam: Probably the biggest improver for the year. As coaches, we enjoy watching Liam play the real key roles in our team and he does it really well. The drop back role is his specialty. His clearance work was a real pleasure to watch. What we learnt about Liam is that he is a great example for his team mates in effort and how to read the game. 

Callum: Has a great kick on him, very good skills. When he is switched on, he really attacks the footy and played some great games. What we learnt about Callum was that he has the confidence to kick on his opposite foot (left) during the game and intentionally kicked a goal on his left which I haven’t seen in Junior footy at this level. 

Sammy F: Big wrap for Sammy for his perseverance and commitment to the team. Comes from a different school and still learning his skills as a junior footy player which has seen a huge improvement this year. What we learnt about Sammy is that he gives a 100% and really enjoyed playing and being part of the team which is tough when the team is not his normal school mates. 

Charlie Woods: Big boy this year and started to recognize that he can use this in a game. He was a 200% improvement in his commitment and attitude and this reflected in his footy and enjoyment this year. We were proud of the step up he made. What we leant about Charlie is that if he continues on the path he has this year, next year will be even more exciting for him. 

Aryan: Another boy that reads the play really well and really attacks the footy, He has made a huge improvement from the start of pre-season training and this reflected in being very consistent and playing footy at a very high standard. What we learnt about Aryan is that he really attacks the footy and wins his own ball and will only get better and better next year 

Sammy B: Apart form always having a smile on his face, he really developed his skills this year and the back half of the season saw a big jump for Sammy in terms of game involvement, marks and clearances. Really enjoyed seeing this improvement. What we learnt about Sammy is that he is developing the game side of his footy as much as the skills. 

Sammy J: Best reflected by the day he didn’t feel well and didn’t play but by qtr time was out on the ground and played a great game for his team. Really nice skills, great clearance player and has the potential to go a long way with his footy. What we learnt about Sammy is he reads the play really well and has a great footy brain 

Hunter: Moved at the end of the year to Rosebud which is a loss for our team and he was a lot of fun to coach this year. He was the cheetah on our team this year. Could really run and loved the hustle and bustle of junior footy. What we learnt about Hunter this year was that he applied himself to developing his skills and we saw a huge improvement by the end of the year 

Alex: Really impressed with his enthusiasm to learn and want to improve this year. Really came along way with his skill development and game involvement. Love being part of the team and enjoys his footy, look forward to seeing him go to the next level next year. What we learnt about Alex is that when he applies himself, it reflects in him playing his best footy 

Charlie Moss: Always smiling and always fun to have in the team. Really stepped up in the back end of the year. Taking marks and clearing the ball made him a strong player for the team. What we learnt about Charlie is that he just loves his footy, loves being part of the team and will continue to improve next year. 

Mitchell: One of the quietest and well-mannered kids in our team and again very unassuming and just gets the job done. Does what we ask every week which is effort. What we learnt about Mitchell is that even though he is one of the smaller players on our team, he plays well beyond his size and really enjoyed watching the development of his skills and good games he played. 

Jonty: Was really solid last year but surprised us all by the step up this year. His attack and desire to get the ball is unsurpassed. He delivered week in week out and was out most dependable players this year and tough as nails. What we learnt about Jonty is that he is so passionate about his footy, is competitive in a really positive way and if he keeps this up will go a long way with his footy. 

Will: Again like Jonty, loves his footy and loves to take the game on. Really attacks the game, takes a great mark and great clearance player. Had some really impressive games this year that were reward for effort he puts in. What we learnt abort Will this year is he loves to sing the song, loves to contribute to the team discussions and a lot of fun to coach and will enjoy watching him develop over the coming years 

Tommy: Another great year that followed on from what I saw last year. We think Tommy surprised himself at how good he can be and another of the players that really excelled in the back end of the year. What we learnt about Tommy was that he really started to get involved in the game, take it on, enjoy his footy and really improved his skills, great lead into next year for him. 

Jessie: Again, great manners and we really enjoyed watching him grow this year. Improved his skills and started to have his best games at the end of the year. Started taking good marks and clearances and you could see by his expressions how much enjoyment he got out of playing a good game. What we learnt about Jessie is that the potential to go to his next level is there for him and if he keeps the practice and effort, will see another great year of improvement f0r 2018 

Thomas B: Affectionately known as the bulldozer in the team. Saw him really make huge gains this year. The effort was always there but it’s the development as a player and his skills and footy brain that was the most impressive. I will remember with pleasure that each week he came up after the game, shook my hand and said “thanks Coach” What we learnt from Thomas is that he really takes the game on and not uncommon to see him barreling out of a pack with three opposition kids hanging on to him. 

Thanks for giving us as coaches the privilege to coach your kids and it as rewarding for us as it is the kids and we look forward to a great 2018 



Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 23rd

This week saw us up against the hawks. They have been playing good football and with the later start meant we might have a dry ground but beat the expected rain in the afternoon. This is what happened and again we played a game where the kids could showcase their skills and what they have learnt.

Captains this week were Rory and Jaylan. Rory has had a great year and continues to improve. He has a real nice nature about him and is a pleasure to coach. We have seen his contribution particularly in the back line and clearances make him a key player in our side. Great reward for Rory. For Jaylan, it was a big adjustment coming into the side. Being relatively new to football, there was the skills, game understanding and the expectations of behavior that he had to adjust to coming in half way. He was selected as captain because he has worked hard on all three and even though in the early stages, it’s the commitment to want to improve that we look for. Well done Jaylan and importantly keep learning.

The game was competitive and the kids jumped out of the gates with a few goals. We have still some learning to do with some of the kids around positioning on the ground. At Junior football, the tendency is for all the kids to “ ball chase” . This is probably one of the biggest learnings for our kids apart from skills as to how we position on the ground. All kids at Junior levels learn this at different stages and no one size fits all. Its not a footy skill but more the footy brain. We have some great examples of kids in our team that have learnt this and demonstrate this on the day. Liam is the obvious one but also Mitchel, Charlie Moss and Charlie Bell just to name a few all play this role well.

The Hawks came back in the last quarter and evened up the scoreboard and even though we won, was a good competitive game, platyed in good spirit and was good to see all our players getting involved. We rotated all the kids across the zones for the first three quarters and for the last quarter, at Pete’s suggestion, we picked the “coaches” side. I have to say this was a lot of fun as we placed the kids in where we think their more natural spots are and we rotated across the ground. Will do this for the rest of this year and likely take this approach in to next year as well. It’s all part of preparation for both kids and coaches when we move away from zones in the future

Awards this week went to Charlie Moss and Jonty. Charlie had his best game for the year and I think its an insight into what will be coming next year with his football. Again, like many of the kids, concentration is the key. When they really have that “can do” attitude on the ground, this usually reflect in a great game. This was Charlie today. He marked, kicked to leads, attacked the footy and cleared on many occasions. Great game. Jonty every week is a real cornerstone of our team. His passion, effort and running ability are on display for all to see. It’s his want to get the footy no matter what that we are really impressed with. This week he was exceptional. Its not just the amount of possessions he got but he’s now looking for the leads, delivering accurate passes and taking on kids a lot bigger than him. Well done Jonty and well deserved.

I had a chat with the kids straight after we shook hands with the opposition. I quite often hear the kids come up to me after the shake of hands and tell me about comments from the opposition that don’t reflect the level of respect required in Junior football. Obviously, we don t want to hear this from the opposition, but more importantly I never want to hear this from any of our kids. I often say that after the game, the most important skill is to be respectful and this means when the two coaches speak that the kids pay attention, listen, line up, and congratulate the opposition kids for the game properly and with a smile irrespective of whether we win or lose. I must say that our kids do this very well and have learnt during the year that we all observe their behavior at this point and it is a reflection not just on our team but also our club. To our kids, really proud of your behavior and respect after the game. Please keep it up and parents please reinforce the messages of respect as I think in team sport, this may be the biggest learning we can all share and teach the kids.

Looking forward to next weeks game



Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 16th

This week we came up against St Kilda who have been travelling well this year and won around about half of their games. 19 kids on either side meant a day with minimal rotations. The ground was dry, a little windy but again we are lucky with the conditions we have had for our games as it lets the kids demonstrate their skills so much more when it’s not raining and wet. Plus the kids aren’t freezing as well.

Captains this week were Tommy and Zac. Tommy has been working hard on his skill improvement and importantly in the game, he is really attacking the footy and doing some great clearance work. All things he is practicing at training, Well done Tommy. Zac was rewarded because he has lifted his game to another level this year. I am so impressed with Zac’s attitude, his commitment to the team and the way he “goes for it” on the ground. He is now a real powerhouse in terms of ball clearance and how quick he moves across the ground. Last year he was a goal kicker, this year is a great all-round player. Well done Zac

St Kilda had some really big kids and we had to change the team up a bit for balance. Our kids copped a few knocks and bumps today but something that they are prepared for and we train to help the kids protect themselves during a game. Its amazing that even though the kids come off the ground from a knock, they always want to go back on. That demonstrates how much they love playing for Port Colts under 9’s ☺

I spoke with a few of our kids one on one before the game. Charlie Woods and Charlie Dolan. Both boys had great games. Charlie W because he is a big kid and is a formidable opponent when in a pack situation when he decides to attack the ball. With some very big kids on their team, we needed him to be that big presence along with Charlie B and he did it really well. Great game Charlie. As coaches we all notice the big improvement in attitude and in game involvement from him.

Charlie D was all about concentration and getting involved. He did this so well this week and was a real contributor in our ball movement and clearance. A valuable lesson for Charlie is that when he puts his mind to it and concentrates, he will surprise himself at how good he can be at footy, really proud of his effort today. Well done Charlie and was given a coaches award this week for his efforts.

All of our kids played a team game this week. We see more and more about the kids growing in the understanding of how to play football, how to position on the ground, how to get involved, where to kick to, how to clear the ball etc This is what training is about and why they have developed so much this year. Pete is doing a great job with kids one on one with their kicking skills and this is also helping in their games and in their confidence. Well done Pete.

Hard to call out individuals but some really impressive games today by Mitchell, Cruze, Liam, Tess, Jessie, Charlie B but their was one standout today and that was Aryan. He gets better every week and apart from his little goal spurt in the 2nd quarter which in itself was really impressive, he had an unbelievably impressive game and as a coach / parents this is really exciting to watch. Award was well deserved.

Important for us as coaches and parents is how all the kids get excited for their team mates when they get an award after the game. This is a really good indicator of a great  group of kids that if we can keep together, will have a fantastic junior footy experience over the coming years.

Quick mention to Cullum who snapped a goal on his opposite foot ☺. I think only a Dad can notice that one.



Match Report Round 10 Sunday July 2nd

This week’s game was met with some very cold conditions (lucky we didn’t have a 7.30am start) but for us the frost had started to thaw and the ground at Beaumaris was in good condition. With school holidays, we had our smallest team for the year with 18 players. The opposition started with 16 players so we originally had 17 on the ground but then their players arrived and we had a day with no rotations which was as good for the coach as it was for the kids ☺


Our captains this week were Jessie and Hunter. Both rewarded for the improvement since they started this year, the effort they put in at training and during the game but importantly they are nice boys for us to coach and we enjoy working with both of them.


The game was our most competitive and challenging this year. The opposition team had some very skilled players in their team and with us being down on numbers and experience, was a big challenge for us. Our kids held their heads very high. Things as coaches that we found very impressive this week were (1)  the ability to move the ball from one end of the ground to the other through great kicking and marking skills. (2) our kids are now organizing themselves on the ground in terms of where they should position themselves (3) some great ruck / tap work  (4) kicking to space and leading to space (5) not going to ground (6) quick release of the ball when tackled. All areas we train and talk about and really encouraging.


We went down a player when Jonty was injured and had a few bumps and bruises on the day. The last quarter they kicked away but our kids kept trying till the end. We felt the challenge of a good team was a real benefit to our kids. Sometimes we learn more through our losses rather than wins. Competitive opposition is what helps our team develop. Kicking 15 goals to none is no good for either side.


Awards this week went to Sammy J and Aryan. Aryan had a brilliant game and was obvious to all of us at the game. His skills, tackling and clearances were a pleasure to watch. He doesn’t hold back and really attacks the footy and I think this week was a real stand out against a tough opposition. Sammy J is Mr consistent. You know each week that Sammy will give a 110%. What’s exciting with Sammy is his quick movement, the way he reads the play and his skills. His clearance work and ability to kick the ball to targets is fantastic and a great example to all the kids in our team. Well done to both boys. 


A couple of other mentions today. Kids that really stepped up this week were Jessie, Charlie M, Alex, Charlie W, Mitchell and Sammy B. With all our players, they all develop at different levels and what we look for is not improvement in comparison to each other but improvement at their own level. All of these kids above have done this. To see Mitchel, Jessie, Sammy B and Charlie W Marking, attacking and moving the ball is great and to see Charlie W and Alex really attacking the content is exciting for us and their parents.


We as Coaches and Parents are really proud of all of our kids. Have a great break and look forward to the back end of the season






 Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 25th

The last two weeks has seen a big jump in skills of our team. The key asks we have each week around effort, respect, teamwork and having fun are all there and we can see the kid’s enjoyment in their football.

Last week we saw two awards against Ormond, Charlie Woods and Thomas Bekis. Charlie won the awards for his attack on the football. Charlie has really focused on his football this year and the rewards are he is now more involved in the game, contributes to the team and really goes in hard. Well done. Thomas was the boy possessed last week. We knew the break out game was coming, we just didn’t realize it would be this good. His attack on the footy was good as always but his run, his clearance and skills were great to watch. Great reward for big improvement this year.

This week we took on the panthers and they were struggling with injuries so we plugged their 15 players with 3 kids from our team each quarter. I think some of our kids really enjoyed playing against us for the opposition.

This ground was dry and perfect winter footy conditions. No wet ground was a nice change at the start. Although we may have won the day, it was the skills we practice at training that were put into play on the day that was most pleasing. Key progress for our kids is;

-          Very rarely going to ground

-          Kicking to space and improved kicking

-          Marking skill

-          Great tap work and positioning in the ruck

-          Ability to move ball from one end of the ground to the other through kicks to space/ marks

-          Handballing when under pressure

-          Positioning on the ground (big improvement)

-          Most exciting is that our kids take the game one

Captains this week were Jesse and Rory. Both the quiet achievers of our team. Both boys give the effort we ask each week, both contribute a lot to our teams successes but importantly, really well-mannered and respectful boys that are a pleasure to coach.

Awards this week went to Cruz firstly who under very challenging circumstances, had a ripper game that would have made his family very proud. He gives 110% each week and his run with the ball was really exciting to watch. Well done Cruz. The second award went to Jesse who really stepped up as captain today and attacked the footy, took some really nice marks and is developing into a really good footy player. Well done Jesse.

Across the board, we had a team of contributors. Jaylan had his second game and although very new to him, is learning the way we play and what we expect. Very nice to see him go in and attack  the footy. Well done.

Plyers to mention today were Liam for his amazing read of the play and run out of defense (he is playing at a level well beyond his years and a great example for his team mates). Charlie B, Tommy, Sammy J, Sammy B, Thomas, Charlie M, Tess (very courageous) , Rory all had special plays during the game but it’s all about the team and team effort.

Very proud coaches and parents this week.


 Match Report Round 7 Sunday June 4th

Sundays match was a big test for us as this is the team we lost to earlier in the year. If anything, it was a great measure of how far our kids have developed. But a later start meant the fog lifted and ground dried up and good conditions for Junior Footy.

Captain this week were Alex and Liam. Alex has been really focused of late and has improved each week at training and in the game and it’s great to see him getting involved in the play on game day. Liam has been a really solid contributor week in week out and was rewarded accordingly.

Although it was a small ground, our kids played it significantly better than last time against Malvern. Particularly in terms of opening the ground and not all ball chasing. We have still got improvement in this area but we have come a long way. Great to see some of the more experienced kids starting to direct traffic out on the field in terms of player positioning (rucks and kicks out).

This was our most consistent game for the year and we improved each quarter and kicked away in the final term. Most pleasing was the even contribution from all of our kids. They really tried hard and took on board the coaches instructions. Really obvious was the kids not going to ground and the quick ball movement. Well done for our kids to take the game on.

The result wasn’t important. What was important was how much we had improved. Noticeable to all the parents, coaches and kids themselves.

Awards today went to

1.       Alex. Does his job each week as asked and he is developing his skills and enjoying his footy. Great to see the progress from last year

2.       Zac. Had a great game and was instrumental in driving the ball into the forward line and kicking some great goals. Important is that he takes the game on.

3.       Charlie. Best game ever for not only his attack on the footy, his break out of congestion but most impressive was the big marks he took.

Mentions to Will, Liam, Thomas B, Mitchel, Cruz, Charlie W, Nash and Sammy J for great efforts today as well.

Look forward to next week and weather looks ok for training so see you then



 Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 28th

This week saw our kids up against the higher graded St Pauls team and another challenge for us. Weather looked pretty ordinary overnight but to everyone surprise, we timed the weather perfectly for our game. Not too much wind and not raining. Mind you, very cold for the parents.

Captains this week were Thomas and Charlie Woods. Thomas was rewarded for two reasons, the effort he brings every week and secondly the respect and manners he has for his team mates and coaches. Charlie W was rewarded for the big improvement we have seen over the last few weeks again based on the way he applies himself at training and his. This has been a big and positive change for Charlie and I hope he continues to apply himself for the rest of the enthusiasm year.

The game was a ripper to be honest. The kids were switched on early.  It was an even contest by both teams and really exciting to see ALL of our kids contribute. It was our most even performance so far and it was so exciting to see our kids adopting the skills and lessons we teach in training on the game day. Key points this week that we noticed was (a) not going to ground (b) quick hands and (c) kicking to a lead. For our under 9’s this is really impressive. Although the kids celebrated well, the result of the game did not matter. It was the improvement that we are looking for and saw.

It hard again to single out anyone but I have to mention both Tess and Charlie’s overhead contested marks. As I said after the game, these were two of the best, if not the best marks I have ever seen in junior football at under 9 level. Very exciting to watch and be a part of as coaches. There we some great efforts today and special mentions to Charlie W, Tess, Will, Nash, Sammy J, Sammy F. Awards went this week to Charlie Moss and Tommy.  Not only have they improved since the start of the year but both made strong contributions to the game we played.  Well done to both.

Important is that as coaches we back the kids to take the game on and be their best. Mistakes at this level are the kid’s friend because this is how they learn, this is how we encourage and this is how we grow the kids. We would rather the kids make a mistake and try than not try at all.

Special mention to the very vocal but very positive support from the parents.

Winter footy is here ☺



 Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 21st

This week saw our team make the trek out to Waverly on what was a great ground for junior footy. Waverly Hawks only had 17 players so we had to reduce our team to 17 to match. In hindsight, I would have preferred to rotate one of our players each quarter which I think is a great learning curve for the kids and unique experience. Lets see next time.

Captains this week were Sammy F and Sammy B. The ground was in great shape, the weather was good but unfortunately our kids weren’t quite switched on at the start of the game and it reflected in the first and second quarters. Key ways we measure this is the concentration our kids have before the game and what effort they put in from the start. There was a bit of a difference between this and last week’s match. The good news is that our kids did switch on and played some good football. Unlike last week it was a lot more competitive game and the Hawks kids also played in good spirit and showed good skills. By the last quarter our kids were back into the groove with good passages of play demonstrating their skills by hand and foot. When the kids really make an effort to go in and get the ball, it really changes the game for them. This is one of the biggest learning for all our kids in Junior footy and when we see the light bulb go in, its great to watch.

Its important as parents that we recognize that all kids have different time lines for their development and as coaches, we don’t measure the kids improvement against their peers but more importantly at the level of each of the kids individually. In this was we are able to recognize and reward improvement at all levels of skills and effort

Awards this week went to Samuel B,  Sammy F,  and Tommy. I would like to recognize Sammy Fasso who is the only boy from his school that plays in our team. This is a challenge for him but we have welcomed him to our club for the last two years and as Coaches we love his enthusiasm and seeing him progress at his appropriate level. This week he received the opposition teams award for best demonstrating the values we hold as a team and club. Effort, fairness, teamwork and most of all is improvement every week. Well done Sammy and it was great to hear how loud all his team mates cheered when he received the award.

Both Sammy B and Tommy had great games. I was really excited to see the improvement around attacking the footy and proud to see both boys really contributing to the outcome of the game. Big mention to Archie and Charlie who both now recognize that when they apply themselves their football really improves. I was so happy to see Charlie attacking the football in the last quarter. As one of our biggest kids, if he does this each week he will show huge improvement.

Great games to Aryan, Tess, Will, Charlie, Thomas, Alex as well. Look forward to training and our next game. Go Colts


 Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 14th

This week we were at home to Beaumaris and in discussion with their coach, they are a new team and like our teams last year at the early stages of the development. That said it was a good day for football and good for our kids to play on a larger ground.

The game was a reflection of how much our kids have developed this year. Although it was a little on sided, it was the skills and movement of the ball, the effort an enjoyment our kids get from their footy that made this game stand out.

Out two captains this week were Thomas and Liam, both rewarded for their efforts last week and over the course of the season so far.

All our kids had a great game this week. Liam, Rory, Mitchel and Tess all received coach’s awards for their efforts over the day. Liam has developed into a very smart and thoughtful footy player. He can read the play and position himself on the ground such that he drives the ball deep out of defense and the midfield on a regular basis. Rory is the quiet achiever on our team. He always puts in the effort we ask but importantly his skills are improving and we enjoy watch him grow each week. Mitchel had a great first game for the year and it was really exciting to have him back in the team. Tess has been building with each game and this week we saw her break out game with a real focus on her effort, attack on the footy and some really great marks and clearances.

To all our kids, this game reflected how far we have come as a group. This was highlighted in the fact that our team has been regraded within under 9’s. Let’s look forward to Waverly this week after a great Wednesday nights training.


 Match Report Round 3 Sunday May 7th

This week at training focused on training like we play in a match. Attention to getting the ball out of congestion quickly, kick in from a behind and mini matches (backs vs forwards). The training must have gone well as this focus was carried through to the game against St Pauls.

Although lightly raining, the ground was in good shape and the size of the ground suits our team to enable us to run and carry the ball.

Both Tess and Jonty were rewarded as captains for the day for their efforts the previous game.

The first quarter was our best qtr for the year so far. Our kids are reading the play better, focusing on the footy in terms of attacking it and most importantly was the effort that all the kids put in. Pleasing most of all has been the improvement from many of our kids from both teams last year.

The challenge for us as a team was to keep the same level of effort up for the whole game and was the ask from the coaches. To the kids credit, they delivered on this. We were lucky to see some very impressive individual and team plays by all of our kids. As a coach and a parent, it is hard not to get excited when you see our kids run the ball from one end of the ground to the other with effective handballs, marks and kicks.

It was one of those days when it was hard to separate any of the kids as they all performed above their own levels and abilities. Coaches award for the day went to Callum. This was his break out game this year and was asked prior to the game to attack and win the footy more which he did in spades. His marking, kicking and clearances along with a couple of goals and nice snaps was impressive. The assistant coaches gave their award to Hunter for his attack on the footy and effort and enthusiasm he brings every week. For a boy that has just started playing footy, he is doing very well. He is very courageous and as we develop his skills over the remainder of the year we will all enjoy seeing him progress in his footy.

Other mentions this week was Zac who won the opposition teams award for his clearances and had a really solid game. Big efforts were shown by Tess, Will, Jonty, Aryan and Sammy. There were some really impressive efforts  and improvement by Sammy B, Thomas, Tommy and Charlie M and I enjoy watching all these kids develop. What was pleasing was to see Sammy F starting to attack the footy and look forward to seeing him go to the next level this year.

Thanks to the strong support from the parents on the sidelines, always positive and never critical



 Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 23rd

This was an exciting week as we kicked off the football season with the new look under 9’s which bought together the two teams from last year. After many weeks of training it was great for the kids to start playing real games. The two captains named this week were rewarded for their efforts on the training track. Aryan has been a great example week in week out as to his commitment to training and how far in a short amount of time he has come with his skill development. Equally Archie has improved his focus this year and it reflects in him playing better footy so I really hope he continues this approach for the rest of the year. Well done to both boys.

The ground was wet early and even though it was a beautiful day, we did have slippery conditions. We implemented our three zones, key instructions and rotations for the game so kids and coaches were ready to go. We must have put something in the drinking water as the kids came out firing and quickly put a couple of goals together for a great first quarter. Points to note was the linking of play between the zones and the effort and attack on the football. All elements we had practiced at training.

The next 3 quarters were really competitive and close. Both teams displayed some really impressive skills and was a pleasure to watch the game as a coach and as a parent. Most noticeable was the strong support from the parents on the side.

Award to Cruz for a breakout game, big step up from training and his attack on the footy, speed and effort was a big part of our teams success. Award also to Charlie B for setting the game up for us early with some strong marks and kicks for goal but also that he was a brick wall when the ball came down in defense and is a good follow up from his efforts last year.

Other mentions to Zac who also played his best game of football for port colts. Known for his goal kicking, this week was all about his attack on the footy no matter which zone he played. Jonty,  Sammy and Will all played really strong games and contributed to a really good and positive start to the season and I am really looking forward to watching the kids gel over the rest of the season.

This week at training we will focus on those kids that don’t come from the traditional PMPS but from other schools in the area. Its important that the kids on our team, the coaches, parents and club all make these kids feel a part of our footy community. It can be very daunting for kids that come from a different school and may have none of their school friends with them to play in a new team. We have a few in our team and as a club we like to ensure that all players feel a part of the Colts community so we will be encouraging our kids to take the time to get to know all their teammates.

As we say at training, we are not concerned whether we win or lose. What we want as coaches is for all our kids to develop at their own level, ensure they have respect for each other and the coaches and they give their best each week. We want the footy to be a real positive experience for them. I think we ticked all these boxes this week and look forward to the rest of the year


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