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U11 mixed

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Dave Farquharson, Elliot Doig
  • Team Managers: Gail Smith
  • Season Training Times
  • WEDNESDAY (Aanenssen Oval)

    • Match Report Round 15

    • Colts vs St Peters

      I was hoping for a demoralising win against the team we will be playing in the final this week. Sadly this didn't happen and we were quite a few boys down on the bench and were a case of the walking wounded at one point. 

      Thanks must go to Hamish E, Nello and Oscar who volunteered to play for the other side as they only had 16 players. This won't be happening in the finals but we are waiting for a ruling on what our options are regarding this. 

      The conditions at Albert Park were tough with a strong wind and we still need to get so much better at how to handle this. We had so many occasions into the wind where we had the outnumber right next to the player with the ball but we continued to kick to a contest and it came back just as quickly. We work hard on this at training and need to do this on game days as well. We will work on goal kicking again this week before training actually starts as we are continually keeping the other side in it kicking 4.10. I know we had 2 posters and the point of the year from Harry Smith who in his 50th game had a great attempt just miss. We are getting the opportunities but we need to convert.

      St Peters played a tough game and were not only beating us to the ball but also around the contest. We have to be better at throwing our weight around and shepherding for our teammates. Some of our players don't need much space at all and a good block or contest is all that is needed. We also need to be better at sticking our tackles and making sure we don't allow them to run at all. These areas will be the main focus of training this week as we go into our first finals campaign.

      Pressure, Contest, Kicking, Providing space and Tackling is what we will work on.

      Please arrive at 5.30 for some kicking practice and shots at goal before we ALL have dinner together at 7pm

      Great season so far boys and great to finish 2nd on the ladder but it all starts again in Finals and I am looking forward to boys seizing our opportunities and playing a great semi. Anthony is coaching this week and we have been in discussions constantly regarding rotations and positions. 

      Go Colts

    • Match Report Round 13 Sunday July 29th

    Port Colts vs Oakleigh

    A special moment with 6 players playing their 50th game and having the chance to run through the banner. The wind was horrendous and it nearly broke the banner before the kids had a chance to run through but it all worked out brilliantly. Thanks to Dave Nelson for being able to get this done so well.

    The game itself was played in very tough conditions as it was always going to be a messy game with how strong the wind was. We kicked with the wind in the 1st quarter and played fairly well but were not able to take advantage of our chances we probably should have been 4 goals up at this point but sadly our shots on goal weren't good enough. In the 2nd quarter we had our captain Marco Canale play 1 kick behind play which worked really well as the ball continually ended up with him and we were able to run the ball through the wind. Marco was great in this role and was really switched on in regards to his positioning. We actually had the best piece of play for the year when we expertly moved the ball from halfback all the way to the goal square sadly it didn't result in a goal but was really well done by the boys with great linking and ball movement.

    Credit must go to our backline especially Omar, Charlie and Callum who refused to allow the ball to get past them. Omar in particular kept attacking the ball and keeping it out in front of him. Something we have worked on quite hard at training so it was great to see.

    We managed to not let the other team score a goal even though some poor discipline from Hamish Farquharson gave the 100 metres and a shot on goal. In our match we some Hamish Elliott managed to miss and unmissable goal that has now resigned him to the backline for ever. Bailey Rudd probably had the most bounces I have seen in any junior game of football and he just kept running which was the only way to move the ball into the wind. There were some other great performances again by Aidan Farrell who keeps getting into the right positions and Lucas Younger who run and gun style needs to be copied by everyone. 

    This week at training we will be working on more voice and our ability to play on at all costs. We get a chance to do this against the bottom team this week and it will be good to have some gameday experience with this before the finals. We need to be able to put together a 4 quarter performance and ensure we do the basics well.

    In very tough conditions we showed great signs of what we are capable of doing we just need to do this for a full game.

    A great touch from the club with the 50 game plaques and mini jumpers being presented at the end of the game.

    Go Colts

    • Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 22nd

  • Port Colts vs Ormond FC

    With a nice and early start of 8.45am I really thought it would suit us but from the outset it looked like some of our boys were still yet to wake up. My big focus for this game and this week training was ACCOUNTABILITY and GAMESENSE namely not getting caught ball watching and being sucked into the contest without having an impact. I explained about how to defend and staying on your man.

  • The boys all looked at me and nodded their heads and looked like they took all my pregame words in. Just before the whistle and I looked at our backline with 1 defender still to find a man and another key defender 20 metres away from his opponent at the start of the game.

    Harry Smith pregame address was great and he said he didn't want to hear me shout sadly this only lasted 5 seconds.

    Ormond are the bottom side and we really should have beaten them by over 100 points but going into the last quarter it was very tight indeed. I was going to swap all the defenders over for the forwards at half time but only if we were up by a good margin. This definitely wasn't the case and we were lucky Tommy T was in his customary goalkeeping role to save a few Ormond goals.

    We did play well in patches but still lacked the basic fundamentals of the game. Tireless running by Aidan Farrell who seemed to get to most contests as well as some good movement from Bo Brown set up a small lead going into half time. Bailey Rudd was swapped into the ruck and he gave us a great contest around the ball and was willing to take the game on.

    The last quarter was when the boys really started playing well which was surprising given it was into a pretty strong breeze. This is our brand of football where we run and gun and provide great options and generally move the ball well. I have no idea what happened in the first 3 quarters but we were a completely different team in the last. Angus Webb took a great contested mark in defence and from then on we didn't look troubled to run out 45 point winners.

    The positive to take out of the game was just how well we did play in the last quarter but we will continue to work on these BASICS of accountability and game sense at training. We kicked 8.15 and tried to bomb too many long kicks as opposed to hitting up a target closer to goal. 

    Coming into finals we won't be able to get away with a game like this, we need to be switched on and ready to go.

    Hopefully the boys will be inspired by the boys running through the banner for their 50th game.


    Go Colts,

  • Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 15th

  • Port Colts vs East Malvern JFC

    The top of the table clash straight after 2 weeks holiday was always going to prove difficult. Our boys sadly lacked a lot of conditioning and it really showed throughout the game. Our inability to run with our opponents who had no interchange at all proved really costly as we let the ladder leaders have some very soft goals especially in the 3rd quarter were we had the wind.

    There were some encouraging signs and a highlight for me was Harry Smith who ran and chased just near our bench and his fourth effort actually ended up with him winning the free kick for a great tackle. Harry was spent after his 3rd effort but the ball came back again and he put the tackle on. This type of effort is what I need from all players and in all positions. I am still amazed when I look up and see so many free opposition players. We are continually getting sucked into the contest and have no impact and our opponents are free and are able to move the ball way to easily. Just to be clear WHEN WE DONT HAVE THE BALL WE ARE ALL DEFENDERS.

    Our lack of accountability around the stoppages and when we have an chance to reset is just not good enough. All players need to be on their man and in front. Too many are still stuck ball watching and letting our opposition run free. You should never be standing next to a Port Colts player unless we are building the wall. Our positioning will be a major focus at training as will be a fair bit of running. I am not sure when this will click.

    We had some really good passages of play on the weekend and some tireless efforts from Aidan Farrell and Bo Browne but we simply need more from everyone. We need to help out our teammates and provide better options we can't just expect the ball to come to us.

    The game is some much more fun to play when you are switched on and involved and perhaps less fortnite and more watching the AFL would aid the kids development.

    I know our best is easily good enough to not only compete but to beat these guys and I really look forward to hopefully meeting them in the finals for our chance at redemption.

    Go Colts
  • Match Report Round 10 Sunday June 24th

  • Port Colts vs Mordialloc Braeside JFC

    I was very nervous given such at late start time of 2pm that the boys were not going to be switched on at all. With half an hour to go we only had 15 players and it definitely were the parents who I should have been more concerned for.

    Mordie Brae are a good team and sit just behind us on the ladder a point I mentioned to the boys to ensure they really tried to work hard and give their collective best effort. we started the game really well and most of the boys were able to lock down their positions given we only had a few on the bench. I gave the very strong midfield group the option of swapping themselves to get a rest which seemed to work really well. I expect a lot of the midfield group and it is a position where the game is won or lost and so vital that they continue to work hard and spread when we have the ball and really defend hard when we don't. The old adage applies when we don't have the ball we are all DEFENDERS.

    Although the usual suspects were the ones to kick the goals Tom McMullen, Bailey and Hamish F I was really pleased by some of the passages of play that lead to the goals. Harry Smith twice handball beautifully into space for the boys to run into open goals and the kept his opponents out of the contest. We need to tidy up a few areas around goals as 3 easy goals went begging with 2 of our players in the goal square that resulted in points. In general I was very pleased with how we played and really looking forward to seeing how we perform against the top of the ladder team on the last week of the holidays.

    Training this week will be what the boys want. I think I heard them mention they want a fun session which I am fine with as long as we work on some handballs and linking up play at the beginning.

    We won't be training on the first week of the holidays and I would like to train on the second week if we have enough kids especially given that Sundays game is the top of the table clash. Of course family time is so important over the holidays and I completely understand if you are away but can you update teamstuff either way.

    Well done boys a good win and we are getting closer to playing our best footy thats all I can ask.

    Go Colts6pm - 7.15pm

  • Running group on Monday Nights:

    Murphy Reserve
    Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm



Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 17th

Port Colts vs BeaumarisFC

I was really impressed how many boys turned up to training on Wednesday in the appalling weather. Everyone including the helpers were completely soaked within the first 5 minutes but importantly we got a taste for wet weather football.

With the amazing downpour on Sunday we were actually quite lucky that it didn't rain during our game but with the ground clearly affected by the rain wet weather football won out. I am proud of how quickly the boys volunteered to play for for the opposition which allowed us to only have 1 on the bench. Slightly disappointed that our player Callum Ryan was their only goal kicker for the day but extra laps for him this week.

The game itself was a really good test and we handled the conditions really well. The fundamentals were great and we were trying to move the ball forwards at all costs. Pretty football is never going to work in those conditions and we just have to get used to playing our roles, being in front and  gaining territory.

In what was a great team effort Bo Brown was a terrier and played his best game for the club. Aidan Farrell was brilliant as well and competed hard and ran and chased when we needed him and put in such great effort at every contest. Well done to our major goal kickers in Tom M and Bailey whose love for kicking a goal clearly hasn't waned.

Well done boys on what was a good game where we competed well and worked hard when we didn't have the ball. A lot less shouting from me and congrats to the zone captains who relished the opportunities to lead.

See you all at training

Match Report Round 8 - Sunday June 3rd

Colts vs St Peters FC

Wow what an exciting finish to a game. After being down by almost 30 points in the last quarter we had a thrilling comeback and to just go down by 2 points was quite an effort.

Effort is an interesting one as for 3 quarters the boys didn't really seem to put any effort in at all. We are now in Under11s and if you don't want to at least give your maximum effort just don't come. With a full bench I would rather have boys on who are going to try their best and at least give a contest. During my halftime address I said we should come next week as witches hats given that is what we let our opponents do to us.

Yes the ground was big however we just didn't run anywhere near hard enough the midfield group were not putting pressure on at all. I kept looking up and seeing free players everywhere. This is an obvious lack of accountability and such a basic fundamental of the game I am not sure I can make it any clearer. WHEN WE DONT HAVE THE BALL YOU ARE ALL DEFENDERS. We didn't seem to tackle very well and definitely didn't seem up for a contest which is disappointing.

That being said the last quarter was superb with the boys finally waking up and playing to the level I know we are capable of. We moved the ball well ran into space and providing great options for the boy with the ball. We also defended well which makes the first 3 quarters so much worse. I know the football we are capable of but it is a team effort and a situation where everyone plays his role. You know what this is I have emailed and given you guys the gameplay showing what is expected in each position.

Effort is not my job to coach and we will talk about what needs to be done at training.

Happy to take any feedback from parents or kids.

Go Colts



Match Report Round 7 - Sunday May 27th

Port Colts vs East Sandringham

After having a look at the fixture and the ladder we could see our opposition had been struggling and as a result I decided to move the boys around a bit and try them in some different positions. So much so that after our first half where they managed to score only the 1 goal I had to get all the backs up playing in the forward line to ensure they at least got some touches.

The boys played pretty well but as always we can play better. We really need to work on our transition and our ability to move the ball well through not only good kicking but by maintaining our structure and being in the contest. Sadly I keep saying this most weeks but we really need to keep concentrating on this as much as possible. This will continue to be a focus of training and I look forward to seeing all the boys having an enthusiastic session then.

The boys ably led by this weeks Captain Omar Kamel and came out in the first quarter and kicked 5 goals we were kicking to the hotspot well and were probably unlucky not to kick an extra 3-4 goals. We started to play well as a team but couldn't quite capitalise on all our opportunities. The second quarter was the same where we seemed to have a lot of the ball in good scoring position but we just couldn't get it done. We ended up kicking 12.21 for the game which is a bit of an issue and shows just how dominate we were to have so many shots on goal. Play of the day goes to Morgan Pettigrew who not only sold some fantastic candy and with a few running bounces got close enough to goal and slotted it through. I really enjoy seeing the boys at least trying to take the game on as much as possible.

Mention must go to a few of our key position boys in Dion and Mason who used their bodies well and were able to handball into space and bring their teammates into the game.

Some really positive signs for the boys on the weekend with some great passages of play and the box trying to help each other out. We will continue to work on this and get ready for a bit more of a challenge next week.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 6 - Sunday May 20th

Port Colts vs Oakleigh Round 6

Our game down at Oakleigh was played on a fantastic sized ground and one that allowed the boys to try and move the football a little better and for everyone to get involved.

Thomas McMullen was celebrating 50 games for the club and I let him stay up forward all day where provided a very strong target easily outmarking his taller opponents and ending the day with 4 goals. He could have easily had 6 but he unselfishly(unlike him) tried to give away a few goals to bring his teammates into the game a little more. Our forward line didn't seem to function very well as we were constantly behind our opponents and at times were caught ball watching as opposed to getting dangerous and providing targets for our very hard running midfield. We will continue to work at this but we need to capitalise on all our opportunities as we work so hard to get the ball down there and then it comes out way too easily.

Having only 20 players meant we were able to keep positions relatively stable especially in the midfield which was great for some continuity and helpful for everyone to try to maintain our structures a little better. This last point is still something we really need to work hard on I was very pleased with our run and gun style and taking the game on which was our main focus at the start of the day.

Play of the day went to Omar Kamel who tapped the ball along and really worked hard to try to maintain possession for 100 metres before passing it to Marco who then slotted the goal. A fantastic second and third effort from Omar and he was awarded the Dominos voucher.

The boys are starting to play better but we need to really keep working hard at our structures and helping each other out. Game sense is a difficult one to teach but the boys need to be switched on the entire time. Morgan laid the shepherd of the day fairly putting an opponent on his backside allowing an easy transition for Hamish who had the ball. We all need to start doing this and this will be another focus at training.

All games are now on Teamstuff so please update your availability as soon as possible so we know if we need to have some kids sit out.

Go Colts


Match Report Round 5 - Sunday May 13th

Port Colts vs Ormond

After having a bye last week the boys were looking forward to their game. I was impressed that everyone turned up on time which allowed us to be ready for the game and completely switched on at the first bounce. The gameday focus was to try to play on and run and gun. The other important message was to try to come through the corridor in the forward line. The boys really took this to heart and scored 2 easy first quarter goals. This is how I want us to play in future and we just need to ensure we continue to maintain our structure and don't get caught just blindly following the ball. When the forward line is clear it works very well.

Notable mentions must go to two of our new players Charlie Ablinger appeared to have his own football at one stage in the second and third quarters. He really relished the opportunity to run through the midfield and was superb. Dion Charalambous was the other one who received a talking to(slight spray) for not playing in front in the forward line and he responded beautifully by ensuring he was in front for the rest of the day and took 2 great marks and converted the goals. Great comeback from Dion and the correct way to respond.

On what was a windy day we were able to keep Ormond for scoring a goal until the last quarter where our intensity and desperation dropped slightly allowing them some pretty soft goals. Going forward we still need to ensure we continue to work hard on the basics of manning up, tackling pressure, desperation and an increased game sense.

Overall I was really happy with a lot of aspects of the game and the boys have shown they are able to play well as a team we just need to put in a 4 quarter effort.

Well done boys lets train hard this week

Go Colts 

Match Report Round 4 - Sunday May 6th



Match Report Round 3 - Sunday April 29th

Port Colts vs Beaumaris FC 

After such a disappointing and lacklustre game the week before I placed a big emphasis on being prepared and ready to go. I sent out gamelans and also some details about what is and isn't acceptable on our team. These basics will be even more strictly enforced over the next few weeks so that all the boys understand just what is expected of them.

I was pleased to see the majority of the boys arrived early which allowed us to have a proper warmup and really be switched on at game time. The bench penalty for the last few to arrive after the allocated time (45 mins before) seemed to spur a few extra people to get there ready and raring to go.

The previous week we lost by almost 6 goals and Beaumaris beat this side by 3 goals in the first week so I knew it was going to be tough. I was extremely proud of how our boys responded after a dismal performance and we showed our true potential especially in the second quarter which was easily our best for the game. We really started to find our feet and played the football I know we can play. Congratulations must go to Bailey Rudd who has now chalked up 50 games for the Colts and turned in a best on ground performance in his milestone game. His attack on the football is second to none and even after some close checking from the opposition he was still able to really have an impact.

There were some very good plays for the day Lewis Manuel kicked a great snap for a goal and got the rewards for playing in front. Something all our forwards need to do and this will be highlighted throughout the next few weeks. Tommy Tisdall was good in defence and worked hard to keep the ball in front of him by tapping it and running and made it to the wing before he kicked it. Marco Canale also worked hard to keep the ball in front leading to an easy possession and a good clearing kick when it sat up for him. Our backline was pretty strong but we need to focus on really sticking to our man and showing more desperation especially on the goaline. We let a few easy goals go through that really cost us. 

Having Mr Martin umpire was great and the boys need to be a little more switched on as we gave away too many free kicks from very simple things like not giving the ball back and too many inside the square. We simply have to be better than this but this will be addressed at training.

In general I was happy with the game and I know how we can played especially the second quarter.We seemed to lack intensity and desperation towards the end of the game we really need to make sure we keep running and sticking to our roles. There are no excuses now as everyone has the gameplay and I will be enforcing this to ensure we all play the best football we can.

Training at 6pm-7.15pm from now on

Go Colts


Match Report Round 12 - Sunday April 22nd

Port Colts vs East Brighton Vampires

After a great game in quite appalling conditions I was really excited as to what the boys were going to be able to do on a beautiful day at home in front of plenty of family and friends. Perhaps I shouldn't have raised my expectations so high as right from the start of the boys seemed lacklustre, lazy and quite frankly disinterested. Definitely not interested in the way we have played football over the years. The team rules of Run and Gun and play on at all costs didn't happen until the last quarter and some other quite basic footy fundamentals also were not on display.

The Vampires were a good team don't get me wrong but the were made to look like world beaters as we let them continually run free and allowed them to get their hands on the ball first in almost every contest. The lack of effort was what troubled me the most and our unwillingness to hunt the football and put our bodies on the line was quite disturbing.

I should never have to catch effort from the boys if you don't want to play and give your best there are plenty of other kids who do.

We will be training this week ideally from 4-5.30pm and I am really interested to see who is going to put the effort in.

I will be including quotes in the training programs from a very good sports performance and mindset coach  Allistar McCaw who has a great book Champion Minded  with a website www.allistairmccaw.com<http://www.allistairmccaw.com> please get the kids to have a brief look at this. Hamish and I read this nightly after a less than desirable effort on the golf course during a tournament.

"After a defeat, average players look at the umpires, conditions, coaches or teammates to place blame while champion minded athletes look at themselves and assess what they could have done differently."

I would like to single out next weeks Captain Morgan Pettigrew who along with some others really fought hard all day but sadly there was too few.

If that was your best you could do boys I would be happy but I know you are so much better than that performance.

Redemption only a week away but lets all get there EARLY for training and work hard.

Go Colts

Match Report Round 1 - Sunday April 15th

Colts vs Mordialloc Braeside

What a fantastic start to the year for the boys who played in  difficult wet and windy conditions on Sunday. The day started very well with a superb speech by the Captain Aiden Farrell who led from the front all day. His hard ball gets and superb running continued in the trying conditions. Bailey Rudd enjoyed the freedom of more than one bounce and had our first goal within 20 seconds straight out of the middle with 4 bounces and attacked the goals it was a brilliant start. The boys relished not having to play in zones and we will get better at this but we tended to lose our structure a little as they all just chased the footy. Although I disliked the zones towards the end you can definitely see the benefit of them.

What was most pleasing was the second efforts made by the players notably  Dion in his first game for the club had a shot that was smothered and then picked it up again and put it through for a great goal. There were many other cases like Harry Smith who handballed then ran hard to the next contest then got involved and held the ball in amongst 3 opposition players.

Play of the day goes to Callum(Dusty Martin) Ryan who did a great don't argue fend off and sent his tackler flying through the air and then finished with a goal.

With a comfortably win first up there is still plenty to learn getting used to the new rule changes but we are getting there. We really need to work hard on helping each other out be that shepherding or providing good options further up the field. We must maintain our structure and only give the ball to someone in a better position. Our fundamentals of getting back from the man on the mark and picking them up in the backline or when we don't have the ball were not great but we will continue to work on this.

That being said I was very happy in the tough conditions with how the boys were able to play out a very solid game with a comfortable win.

Big training session this week focusing on contested ball, spreading and positional play.

Well done

Go Colts

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