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U12 mixed

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Kevin Dillon,  Andrew Berry, Stuart Woodhouse
  • Team Managers: Charlie Heerey, Matt Hall
  • Season Training Times
  • WEDNESDAYS  (Aanensen Oval)

    6pm -7.15pm

    Running group on Monday Nights:

    Murphy Reserve
  • Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm

Under 12’s FINAL match report: Round 15:


Port Melbourne vs Mordi Brae (1)

A fairy-tale ending to 5 years of playing together as a team it almost was. Our first quarter blew the opposition away with 3 successive goals to take an early lead in the match. It was perhaps our best quarter of football for the year, with some great movement of the ball, both Daniel & Ryan taking 3-4 overhead marks each, Ben kicking 2 goals and Damien kicking 1. Our backline was put under enormous pressure in the first half, withstanding many attacks from the opposition. Christian, Will & Ryan working tirelessly with the support of the other backline players. The mid-field wall setup worked extremely well in the first half also, with Gabe keeping a close eye on our players making sure they didn’t get sucked too close to the play.

 The second half saw Mordi Brae proving they were a quality team and deserving of their top 3 position on the ladder, taking control of the game and kicking away with a match-winning performance. We were not to be outdone, never giving in, but their mid-field players took control in the centre at every bounce with their star players seemingly unstoppable. Their number 25 had a huge impact on the game, as we tried to tame his game with several players of our players in a tagging role. In the end, they proved to be too strong. Their coach at the end admitting they thought they were in for a real spanking at halftime break, as we had dominated and played so well in that first half.


In a final match report for this playing group, as coaches, team managers and parents, we are all so proud of the boys and their achievements. A lightning premiership in under 10’s, runners-up in a Grand Final in under 11’s. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your football development and future involvement in football. Good luck to all players and parents in their future football, and good luck to all players as they move into secondary school next year!

This was the last time this great bunch of kids played together. On behalf of the Port Colts we thank you for your love of the game and your participation each and every week.

See you at the presentation night:

5.30-8pm The Borough Function Room Thursday 29th August.

We will be awarding the following to the under 12 group:

* Best and Fairest

* Best and Fairest, runner-up

* Most improved

* Most Determined

* Best team player

For the final time this year…..Go Colts!!!


Under 12’s match report Round 14: 5/7/2018

Port Melbourne vs Bentleigh

Perhaps it was the strong wind, perhaps our boys were still asleep, perhaps Bentleigh were a stronger opposition, perhaps all the above. A tough report to find positives from the game this week when we look at the score line. But there were some positives!

Our first half not so positive overall, with us kicking with the wind in the first quarter, we were hoping for some early goals. However, the Bentleigh mid field controlled the contest and pumped the ball forwards from every bounce, kicking into the wind with a very handy four 1st quarter goals. In the second quarter we faired better, restricting the Bentleigh boys to 3 goals with the wind. Coach Kev was speechless at quarter time, leaving it to the team to provide inspiration, encouragement and thoughts on what they could improve on.

Their second half of the game was significantly better, not on the scoreboard for the Colts, but our pressure, efforts to get first to the ball, and general structures worked decidedly better. The third quarter especially saw our midfield setup much better across the wall, as a fierce battle for the ball ensued in our forward line. With a couple of scoring opportunities not going our way, saw us with a scoreless final score. But restricting the strong opposition to just 5 points in the 2nd half was a victory. The coach of Bentleigh addressed the boys after the game and was impressed with our team’s never give up mentality. Well done boys. Had we started in the same fashion as we ended the game, we would have seen a much closer result. The boys are capable of playing this type of game, all game. They need to believe it themselves at the start of every game, stick to the game plan, and the rest will follow. 

Scores: Colts   Bentleigh

Q1           -.-.-      4.2.26

Q2          -.-.-        7.4.46

Q3           -.-.-        7.6.48

Q4           -.-.-        7.9.51

Other notes:

Congratulations to 50 gamers Liam, Will & Nick. Well done boys, it was a great vision as you and your team ran through the banner in strong windy conditions.

Special mention to Ben Kuklych for last week’s game against Mordi Brae where he gave off a creative handball to give Gabe a clear run into open goal. A very unselfish piece of play to bring another team mate into the game.

Where we need to improve:

    • Get our head in the game before we step onto the ground.
    • First to the ball, something we highlight each and every week
    • Pressure (not allowing our opponents an easy kick away)
    • Going in for the ball when it is there to be won, don’t hesitate.
    • More tackling and bumping.
  • Holding our structures, yet again there were too many players drawn into the play, leaving opposition players unguarded off the ball.
  • The week ahead: 


  • Go Colts!!!
  • Our last training session on Wednesday night in preparation for our final game against Mordi-Brae 1.

Round 13

Round 13: 29/7/2018
Port Melbourne vs Mordi Brae McNamara (2)
Sunday was a windy, low scoring affair which saw the ball spend much of the time in a scrambly contest near the down wind side of the ground. Our first quarter was against the wind, hence the ball did not get to our end of the ground much, as the backline were put under enormous pressure. They did a great job restricting the Mordi boys to 2.1. Our second quarter saw a great passage of play through the middle for a Gabe open goal, and another goal to Ryan on the run.
Once again, the wind restricted our third quarter score to zero, as Mordi put the backline under pressure kicking 1.6 for the quarter. Both wind and pressure from our backline meant scoring through the big sticks was difficult. Well done again backline.
With only 3 goals separating us from a win, a strong last quarter was needed. Our boys restricted the opposition to a scoreless quarter. The wind and boundary line soaked up precious minutes of play. If we had a few more minutes of play, we would have easily over run our opposition. 2 more goals from Ryan & Ben brought us within 1 goal of a win.
Scores: Colts Hampton
Q1         -.-.-    2.1.13
Q2        2.0.12 3.2.20
Q3        2.0.12 4.8.32
Q4        4.1.25 4.8.32
Game highlights and observations:
  • Mid fielders Ryan and Ben gave their best, running hard all game.
  • Players winning the ball in the backline and quickly kicking it to the next option (Oscar, Toby, Archie, Ollie, Christian and many more)
  • Will and Winston winning shutting down their opponents.
  • Toby with perhaps a B.O.G performance winning the ball everywhere and using it well.
  • Damon and Will also playing very well.
  • Christian and Daniel winning the battle in the ruck.
  • Oscar and Tyler running off half back.
  • Damian providing some strength throughout the ground.
  • Winston with the tackle of the day.
  • Ollie’s last quarter was great, pushing the ball forwards several times across our wall.
Where we need to improve:
  • In general shepherding is becoming better, but still needs improvement
  • Contested Marking (good in last quarter)
  • Pressure (not allowing our opponents an easy kick away)
  • Tackling (barely any tackles all game except in the last quarter)
  • Finding a Target (to many times we bombed it out of the backline and they easily intercepted)
  • Holding our structures, there were too many players drawn into the play, leaving our opposition unguarded off the ball, making it easy for them to give the ball off.
The week ahead:
Let’s all re-group at Murphy’s on Wednesday night for a disciplined, quality training session in preparation for our Sunday game against Bentleigh. This game is a home game, BUT we are playing at Albert Park. Please remember to bring BLUE shorts.
Go Colts!!!

Round 12 Match Report Sunday July 22nd

Port Melbourne vs Hampton Rovers

Last time we played Hampton was in the Grand Final last year, where our first quarter dominance gave them quite a scare, but as we all know they dominated and won the final. We knew going into the game we stood a good chance of winning and with this thought in mind our boys looked charged, confident and fired up in their pre-game warm up, taking this feeling into a dominant 1st quarter where we pounded the big sticks for 4 unanswered goals. In fact, Hampton only had 1 entry into their forward line, as our dominance in the ruck, centres and wings kept moving the ball into our forward line, and our wall structure trapped the ball in our forward line for multiple shots on goal, with a score of 4-6 for the quarter.

The second quarter was a different story, as our structures and discipline fell away, and Hampton’s desire to get the ball resulted in 3 goals to our zero quarter.

At halftime, Coach Kev asked for a 5-goal quarter in the third, and the boys did exactly that! We dominated the centre clearances and kept the ball in our forward line most of the quarter, making it impossible for Hampton to score. A truly impressive game winning quarter, our best for the year. Christian who had been doing a superb job in the ruck, received a game ending corky.

In the end, the last quarter was even, as the boys celebrated a well-deserved win. Full credit to all the boys today, they were all involved in play, with some great passages of ball movement across the ground, great movement of the ball through the centre to the top of the square resulting in goals. Too often this year we have pushed the ball into the pockets when going forward. Today the boys did a terrific job of playing to a plan, and for most part, sticking to plan and structures. The coach of Hampton highlighted the fact that our structures worked extremely well today and was impressed at how much we had improved since our grand final encounter. Well done boys!!!

Scores: Colts Hampton

Q1 4.6.30 -.-.-

Q2 4.8.32 3.3.21

Q3 9.1.64 3.3.21

Q4 10.11.71 4.5.29

Game highlights and observations:

* Celebration of 50 games for players Toby, Damon & Tyler. Toby another great game, Damon, probably his best game all year, and Tyler our most improved player this year also had a great game.

* Ben Kuklych was outstanding, with several run and bounces, and goals to his name, ran his heart out all game.

* Ryan was almost unrecognisable sporting his new hairdo, but his continual hunt for the ball and clean disposals left no doubt he was playing his usual great game.

* A big thanks to Tom from the under 11’s filling. His attack on the ball, great marking and ability to move the ball quickly was a great example of the type of game we are teaching.

* Archie Andrews always filling the defensive hole at a stoppage in play, and linking up and pushing the ball forward.

* Liam’s side step and snap at goal in the last quarter was a sight to behold, a true highlight of the day.

* 10 goals for the game, our highest score for the year, spread across 7 players in Ryan, Ben, Sanjay, Liam, Xavier, Toby and Archie.

A big thanks to Sanjay who celebrated a win in his final game for the year, as he is heading of for a holiday in Fiji shortly and won’t be with us for the rest of the season. We will miss your big marks and goals Sanjay!

See you at training Wednesday night. Go Colts!


Round 11 Match Report Sunday July 15th

Port Melbourne vs Oakleigh

An early start saw a cold, windy morning greeting our playing group this week at Oakleigh’s home ground. We came out all guns blazing, kicking 3 straight goals in the first quarter with some great attacking play through the corridor. A great mark and straight kick for goal from Nick Heeray a highlight, as well as a great overhead mark & goal from Sanjay and Ben with a fantastic left foot snap at goal. Our defence worked tirelessly, with both Daniel and Kaleb great in defence, Daniel taking many contested marks and Kaleb winning the ball at ground level.

The second quarter was a different story, as the wind picked up, so did Oakleigh, booting 4.7, leaving us scoreless for the quarter.

The third quarter & final quarters saw Archie Andrews with 2 more goals to add to our score. While Oakleigh continued to dominate the score line in the second half.

Players 7 & 32 for Oakleigh proved to be troublesome, both kicking 4 goals each for the match. We tried to tame number 7’s impact on the game to no avail, as he continued to win the ball with a best on field performance.

Our boys put up a brave fight all day, perhaps the school holiday break and lack of training a factor in our performance, going down to Oakleigh on the day.

A gentle reminder that our boys need an early night before game day, as a couple of players looked to be asleep on the field on Sunday. Please ensure they get a good night’s rest pre-game.

Also, a reminder to parents that TEAMSTUFF should be used to communicate to coaches if your child cannot play. There was 1 or 2 no shows on Sunday, which means coaches need to re-plan positions and rotations. Not a task we should be dealing with minutes before the game start.

Scores: Colts Oakleigh

Q1 3.0.18 1.1.7

Q2 3.0.18 5.8.38

Q3 4.2.26 9.9.63

Q4 5.2.32 11.16.82


Game highlights and observations:

* Nice mark and goal from Nick

* Ben’s brilliant snap at goal

* Christian tapping it to Ryan, Ryan kicking it to Arch, then Arch finding Sanjay for a goal.

* Great defensive work from Daniel, Kaleb and Will all game.

* Toby, Ryan, Josh, Damon and Archie all attempting to tame no 7.

* Nice goals from everyone, (Archie 2, Ben, Sanjay and Nick).

* Followers, Centre and wings running all game (Ben, Christian, Ryan, Archie, Xavier, Toby, Ollie, Tyler, Josh, Damon, Oscar, Mac and Liam.

* Ryan and Ben winning the ball all game.

* Kaleb’s best game of the season, stopping many goals and winning the ball.

* Isaiah giving many shepherds and chasing the ball.

* Ethan and Sanjay providing an option inside forward 50.

* Christian winning majority of ruck work.

* Mac taking a few nice marks.

* Many great passages- (the one above), Ben and Ryan’s many 1/2’s worked to perfection, arch and Oscar I/2, Daniel and Ben 1/2

* Winston, Daniel and Christian making many key spoils

* Oscar great game, winning heaps of ball

* Tyler and Ollie providing run off the wing and half back Ollie stepping into Winston’s shoes in the third quarter and playing amazingly.


See you at training Wednesday night. Go Colts!


Round 10 Match Report Sunday June 24th

Port Melbourne vs Dingley

It had been 3 weeks since our last game due to our bye and Queens birthday long weekend, and the team was ready to take it right up to Dingley, our last encounter resulting in a very close game going Dingley’s way. The boys were pumped up and ready to take the game on, and they did just that from the first bounce.

1st Quarter: An impressive first quarter saw us hold the opposition to just 2 points. We worked well to get first to the ball and reward the hard work of our centres by kicking two goals to take the lead. Some great defensive work by our backline led by Ollie and Winston helped to restrict the opposition.

2nd Quarter: Dingley came out after their slow 1st quarter with a very impressive 2nd quarter, booting 4 goals to our 1 goal. Our boys had a lapse of concentration in the 2nd quarter after such a good 1st quarter start, as our structures and ability to get first to the ball let us down. Manning up in their forward line was also telling, the opposition players taking too many easy uncontested marks. As coaches we will continue to work on this area, as it was evident today the opposition were better overhead.

3rd Quarter: Our third quarter was much better, outscoring our opposition 2 goals to 1. Our wall setup was better, and the boys showed some really good passages of play. Ben Kuklych and Sanjay were looking great across the centre to half forward, Sanjay converting with a very nice set shot at goal after a great overhead mark.

4th Quarter: The boys tried their hardest in the last quarter, but the Dingley team had the better of us with a match winning 3 goal quarter. Full credit to our team, as the 3 week break in football was evident, with a couple of our on ballers running out of steam.

Final Score line:

Home Away

Q1 2.1.13 0.2.2

Q2 3.1.19 4.5.29

Q3 5.4.34 6.6.42

Q4 5.4.34 8.8.56 

Game highlights and observations (by Archie Andrews):

* Damon’s first goal, nice and composed.

* Ben, Gabe, Christian and others running all game

* Winston, Daniel, Christian and Damo all taming the big guys.

* Sanjay’s best game of the year- playing on the wing, taking some great marks and kicking a great set goal.

* Ollie and Xavier constant attack on the footy

* Daniel, Toby and Ben kicking nice goals

* Mac saving a goal in the first quarter.

* Liam always creating an option when we had the ball stuck in the backline

* Ollie, Gabe, Ben, Archie and Nick always trying to get the ball out of the backline but then running forward to create another option.

* Nick’s best game of the year, taking marks all throughout the back half. He covered up Will’s role brilliantly.

* Ollie and Xavier stepping up gallantly with the absence of Ryan. Both won the ball heaps of times and used it well.

* Ethan making a contest down in the forward line every time.

* Tyler, Oscar and Sanjay running all day on the wing and half back.

* Josh and Isaiah playing their role down forward.

* Damo always giving off a handball to a running player.

* Xavier and Archie playing the ‘sweeper’ well.

* Oscar, Daniel, Nick, Ollie and Kaleb always staying on their men and when the time was right they ran off their player to affect the contest, which they did. Especially Oscar and Ollie.

Overall a good game by the boys. We had a couple of key players out which could have made a difference to the final result. The boys should be proud as they competed extremely well against a top 3 team in Dingley.

See you at training Wednesday night. Go Colts!

#Note: this week’s match report brought to you by Andrew Berry (assistant coach) and Archie Andrews (Captain).

Round 9


Match Report Round 8 - Sunday June 3rd

Port Melbourne vs East Malvern

 Hello Colts players and families,

A late start of 3pm game day saw us travelling to East Malvern where a pitch the size of a Coles car park confronted our team. Down a couple of our taller players, we knew coming into this game it would be a challenge, as our opposition had been on a winning streak prior to the game.

1st Quarter: We had the first centre clearance, but the ball was pumped back out by the opposition’s defence which saw a succession of goals going East Malvern’s way. It became clear from the onset that our boys would be challenged today by a tall running team that had set up their players running loose all over the ground. Our defence on many occasions working well to push the ball out, by the likes of Christian, Winston, Ollie & Xavier, all playing a great defensive game.

2nd Quarter: Our team, taken by surprise in the 1st quarter, rallied together for a great 2nd quarter contest which saw our opposition held to 1 goal, while Christian kicked truly for goals with a long bomb from 40 metres out (nicely shepherded through again Arch – add this if you like, just a note really). At ground level our boys played well, getting first to the contest and putting pressure on the opposition. A great defensive mark by Winston probably the best for the day. Xavier also taking a great mark in defence. 1 goal 3 points to both teams saw us draw the quarter. A much better effort from our boys.

3rd Quarter: East Malvern had a couple of very confident capable players converting well on their under-sized home turf, and they marked well when left uncontested in the air. Toby, who till this point had been playing a stellar game, was knocked off his feet by the football. Toby to be congratulated as he took on the opposition’s tallest player in a contested mark.

4th Quarter: At ¾ break coach Kev asked for 3-4 goals to finish the game, and the team delivered through repeat centre clearances through the middle of the ground straight towards goals. Probably the best attacking transfer of the ball we have seen all year. Instead of the ball getting trapped in the pockets, we reaped the rewards with goals from Damien, Archie, Ryan & Nick. All great goals shot from inside the “V”. Nick’s goal square mark & set shot was a highlight. Archie rarely misses kicking also from 30 out, and Damien’s fall to ground but recovering and winning the ball with a quick snap at goal was also great to see. Ryan’s gather of the ball and run into goal from 30 metres out was exceptional, thanks to Xavier’s great work at keeping the ball alive in our forward line.

A tough day out but also a fantastic opportunity to test ourselves. Most encouragingly, though under-manned our group never bowed their heads and gave it their all throughout the entire game. We won’t get to play East Malvern again, sadly, but we’d relish the opportunity to play them on our bigger ground with our team at full strength! Full credit to the boys, we’ll play much better in 3 weeks’ time when we play Dingley at home.

Final Scoreline:

Q1 0.0.0 6.3.39

Q2 1.3.9 7.6.48

Q3 1.5.11 14.9.93

Q4 5.5.35 18.9.117

After the game some of the boys expressed their concern over the opposition’s on-field behaviour. Full credit goes to our boys for playing the game and not getting drawn into the same behaviour. They showed dignity and class by rising above it and playing with good sportsmanship. As coach Kev said, we win with grace & good sportsmanship, and in defeat we do the same.

Remember to turn up to training on Wednesday as we have a special team dinner this week for parents and players. Make sure you get there!

See you then and Go Colts!


Match Report Round 7 - Sunday May 27th

Port Melbourne vs Waverley Hawks

Hello Colts players and families,

 It was always going to be a hard without our great on-baller Ben. Several of us tried our hearts out all day.  This Waverley team has been quite strong throughout the course of the year so far so it was never going to be an easy game.

 1st Quarter: we started off slowly, letting the Waverley players run off us and kick a couple of easy goals. We fought back (as we always do): due to our backline and midfield teaming together. Stronger results later in the quarter followed, with Ryan kicking a nice set shot. Well done to Winston, Ollie and Nick for a strong quarter.

 2nd Quarter: it was a pretty tight battle for the first few minutes, both teams winning their fair share of the ball. Waverley got on the board first but then we responded with a nice goal from superstar Ryan. They ended the quarter with a goal so at the main break we were down by 13 points. Great work Christian and Will for saving plenty of goals. You guys do that so well each week!

 3rd Quarter: What a start it was for us with Christian winning the ruck work and getting the clearance. Their ruckman had dominated for the first half but ‘CJ’ closed him down. Daniel started us off with an impossible goal from tight on the boundary line. Waverley responded with a nice goal of their own but then guess who? Yes, Ryan won a free kick at the 50 metre mark but then Waverley gave away a 25 metre penalty. Mr Martin brought it up to the 2o metre mark and Ryan converted. A special mention to Toby, Ryan, Archie for winning the ball and giving the forwards a great opportunity to score. 

4th Quarter: A great quarter from every player on the field, both teams. It was a gun effort from the 6/7 defenders who denied access for the opposition: Gabe, Xavier, Oscar, Will, Christian, Nick and Winston. It was a hard quarter for the followers who had a lot of ground to cover, going back and forth many times. The siren sounded and the scoreboard read that they had won by 2 and ½ goals. The way we played it should have been a much closer outcome but that’s the way the dice rolls.

 Final Scoreline:

Q1        1.1.7    2.1.13

Q2       2.3.15   4.4.28

Q3       4.4 28   5.7.37

Q4       4.5.29   6.8.44

Overall, it was a great game but we couldn’t take home the win. Another strong contribution from Josh, Xavier, Ollie and Gabe who never have a bad game. Shepherd of the week goes to Winston, for helping protect Archie when he cleared the ball in the back pocket. Selfless act of the week goes to Archie for ensuring Daniel’s shot for goal went through (resisting the temptation to mark the ball). And player of the match was awarded to Ryan for consistently trying his heart out and never slowing down. And don’t forget his 3 great goals.

In related news, Ben Kuklych has made it through to the state squad of 40 for the Victorian State Schools team. They have further trials next Sunday so we will miss him again. We all wish Ben the very best as the final Victorian team of 23 to compete in the Nationals in Canberra is decided.

A special mention to the six players who played their 50th game on Sunday. To Christian, Oscar, Daniel, Gabe, Damian & Josh, congratulations boys! Also, a big thank you to Shanthi & the club for organising the specially framed mini jumpers in recognition of their 50-game milestones.

 Remember to turn up to training on Wednesday as we have a special team dinner afterwards.

 See you then and Go Colts!


Match Report Round 6 - Sunday May 20th

Port Melbourne vs Mordi Brae Michaud - home

Game Day

A tough day at the office this week as our team came up against a physical & skilled team in Mordi Braeside, the earlier leaders on the ladder this season. The ball didn’t see much in our forward line at first, but the 2nd quarter we out-scored the opposition, thanks to a much better attacking brand of football, with most forward entries coming through the middle of the ground. A goal each to Daniel & Ben put us into a better position going into half time break. The 2nd half of the game saw the opposition step up their game a notch. They had some quality players who dominated, running and marking and kicking goals, creating havoc as they attacked our hard-working backline. Once the ball entered the oppositions forward line, they had a very efficient wall setup that made it very difficult for our defenders to clear the ball out. Our defence held up remarkably well, and had they not done such a good job the margin could have been greater.

Coach Kev reinforced the following in the initial coach’s address before the game: Contested marks, 2 at the contest (1 player getting the ball the other shepherding) bring the ball through the middle when attacking goals, avoid the dead pockets, keep the forward line open. The team responded to Kev’s message and worked well in these areas, particularly improving on contested marks.

 Final score: Port Melbourne 2-4-16 to Mordi Braeside: 8-7-55

 Game highlights:

* Shepherd of the week to Christian Speller

* Defence were great, led by a fearless & inspiring Christian at full back with numerous spoils & marks.

* Some great marks from Winston, Ben and Sanjay.

* Sanjay’s screamer deep in defence in the last quarter.

* Our followers Ben, Ryan & Archie giving us their all the entire game.

* Liam’s smart handball off to a player running past, turned his body away from the opposition player to protect the ball and his team mate.

* Ryan’s clever centring kick that led to a great attacking play through an open forward line.

* Gabe’s last quarter 2 tackles deep in defence, outstanding!

* Toby with a great game, plenty of run, shepherding & tackles.

* Damien’s 25metre run to opposition player on wing and laid one of the best bumps we have seen this year.

 Full credit to the opposition who were the better team on the day, but our boys stuck to the game plan and tactics and should be congratulated for giving 100% all game. We learnt a lot from the game, which will put us in good stead for upcoming matches.

 Finally, just a reminder from coach Kev for TEAMSTUFF. Please set your players availability for the next few games. This really assists Kev for upcoming planning of games.

Go Colts!!


Match Report Round 5 - Sunday May 13th

Bentleigh vs Port Melbourne (away game)

Game Day

2 goals 13 behinds… we had more scoring shots than Bentleigh who kicked more efficiently for 8 goals 5 behinds. A convincing win on the scoreboard to Bentleigh, but the game was evenly contested across the entire ground. The ball spent much of the time in our forward line, a credit to our mid-field for more forward entries and for locking the ball in our forward line. Unfortunately, our attacking players had a tough time kicking goals in a cramped forward line, too often trying to kick goals from outside the “V”. Coach Kev is working on the playing group’s structures, maintaining we must bring the ball through the centre earlier when attacking to an open forward line, so our forwards are forced to run onto the ball in front of goals, thereby making it easier to kick goals.

Our first quarter with the wind was a positive start, outscoring our opposition. Had we been more efficient with the kicks on goals we could have had a very decent lead. The 2nd quarter saw a different story, with Bentleigh kicking 4 unanswered goals to our 4 behinds. Some missed opportunities in the third quarter could have seen us take the lead, as we outscored our opposition, however inaccurate kicking once more hampered our score.

To Bentleigh’s credit they had a handful of quality players that took many contested and uncontested marks. Attempts were made by coaches to quell their affect on the game, but their players really stepped up and helped Bentleigh to a solid victory.

Final score:

Port Melbourne: 2-13-25

Bentleigh: 8-5-53

Game highlights:

* Josh’s relentless attack on the ball, with plenty of run and a lovely kick for a goal.

* Ethan’s quality overhead mark at Centre Half Forward and manning up on their tall no. 27

* Sanjay’s screamer late in the game and subsequent unselfish kick to a player in a better position for a shot on goal.

* Bens dash and kick for a goal.

* Winston’s great defensive first half as he took many marks and repelled the ball out of the backline.

* Damien’s attack and clearance of the ball in the 2nd half deep in defence.

* Ryan with many passages of hard ball gets and weaving in and out of traffic

* Liam tackling one of their biggest kids and stripping the ball from him

* Damon once again in and under, 2nd & third efforts.

* Midfield ran all game, full credit to them.

* Forward line unlucky not to get more goals.

* 50 games for both Daniel & Oscar (run through banner in 2 weeks’ time)

All in all, a great contest against a quality opposition, the boys are to be congratulated for their 4 quarters of effort, we look forward to next week’s home game against Mordi-Braeside.

Finally, just a reminder from coach Kev for TEAMSTUFF. Please set your players availability for the next few games. This really assists Kev for upcoming planning of games.

Go Colts!!


Match Report Round 4 - Sunday May 6th

Under 12’s match report: game 4

Port Melb vs Beaumaris

Discipline, structure, contested marks, bump & shepherd, first to the ball, keep forward line open…. in a nutshell these were the instructions coach Kev gave our team in this weekend’s game against Beaumaris. From the onset our boys were focused and hungry for the ball, stamping their authority in the contest for the ball. Coaches and parents alike were all very happy with the each and every player, a credit to their discipline throughout the entire game. To the credit of the Beaumaris opposition, they put up a great battle and managed to kick 3 goals against us in the tightly contested game. I’m sure their coach was happy with their team’s overall performance. A great team effort, the final score 7-9-51 to 3-4-22.

Game highlights:

* Teamwork: all round team game was the main highlight throughout the game.

* Ethan with his great 1st quarter mark and subsequent 4 or so marks and kicks.

* Great to see Christian Speller back with the team and slotting well into his forward & back roles.

* Toby back as a follower was a highlight and probably his best game this year.

* Nick great intelligence and working himself into the contest all day too - best game this year.

* Oscar had a breakout 2nd quarter with multiple possessions and great overhead mark, his best game this year also.

* Run/bounce and carry of the ball & goals by our always fast-moving Ben.

* Damien took the ball in his characteristic fashion and kicked to Ethan who marked, then ball was walled in forward line for about a minute and a goal ensued.

* Gabe stepping in as captain this week was evident throughout the game with great leadership and a stellar game to boot.

* Ryan’s continual putting his body on the line and manoeuvring in and out of packs of players.

* Damon’s 2-3-4 efforts, particularly in and under the packs were great, and his quick-thinking disposals good all day.

* Continuing improvement from all players, in particular Ethan, Kaleb, Mac, Tyler & Liam.

* Our mid field powerhouse in Ryan, Ben, Daniel, Damien & Toby kept the ball moving quickly through the middle of the ground and stuck to the plan of the rotating “forward license”.

* Sanjay presenting well up forward and slotting a goal or two.

* Joshua for his marking contest against two opposition players and plenty of marks & run and carry of the ball.


Shepherd of the week: Goes to 2 players this week, Ben & Oscar, who both put on consecutive shepherds to protect a zig-zagging Ryan through traffic near the boundary. Is was great to see two shepherds one after the other to give a player a clear passage out of congestion. Great work boys!

What we will improve on:

* Contested marking

* Shepherding & bumping opposition out of the contest

* We are working better to our game plan/tactics but still entering the forward line too often around the boundary - we score heavily when we bring the ball in through the middle. Working hard at keeping the middle of the forward line open and kicking the ball into that open space, rather than to a player who is close to the boundary line.


* Finlay’s will be leaving after this week for his Europe trip, so make sure you wish him farewell at training on Wednesday.

* 3 players in Christian, Daniel & Oscar play their 50th games this upcoming game.

* Our first 4 grading games are now over, so this upcoming game will our first official game of the season.

* Team & player photos this Wednesday at training. Please see link to Kangaroo photos for a form to complete if you have not already received one. http://teamstuff.com/data/teams/95301/resources/13142/download-file


Match Report Round 3 - Sunday April 29th

A great win to our Under 12 team on Sunday against our friendly rivals South Melbourne. We went into the game with expectations of a convincing win. The players were briefed before the game by coach Kev to stick to our game plan & structures, and not to let bad habits creep in to the game, as can often happen playing against a weaker opposition. For the most part, this plan worked throughout the game, but when structures broke down we tended to crowd the forward line, meaning goals were difficult to kick due to congestion. We will need to work on keeping the forward line open if we are to be competitive and kick high scores, something we will continue to work on. We tended to be out bumped and shepherded throughout the game by our opposition, both areas we need to work on.

What we saw throughout the game were many contested marks, some great chases & running with the ball, and a backline conceding only 2 points throughout the game, tremendous effort by all involved in the backline!

A competitive 1st quarter saw us in the lead 13-0, with 2 goals coming from one of our on-ballers in Daniel. The 2nd Q saw 4 more goals, to Daniel, Winston, Damien & Ben, giving us a lead of 38-1. The 3rd quarter however our structures broke down, and the scoreboard told the story with 6 points and no goals added. At the ¾ break coach Kev gave the boys a reminder of our structures, and the boys responded with 3 goals to Xavier, Daniel & Mac.

A confidence building game in all, with highlights throughout the game including:

* Ollie’s hard ball get and smart feed of the ball out to setup Daniel for a 3-bounce run & goal.

* Gabe, Toby, Ben, Archie & Ryan continually running & discipline was great.

* The backline withstood every opposition forward entry with no goals kicked against them.

* Damon’s first game with 1st & 2nd efforts terrific

* Mac’s first ever goal coming from a kick into an open goal square

* Xavier’s goal shortly after being floored in the face by the ball

* Gabe’s shut down/tag of opposition no. 50.

* Winston & Sanjay contesting strongly for marks in the forward line.

* Oscar & Ethan’s marking improvements.

* Kaleb’s chase down, Tyler’s fast run for the ball in last quarter.

All in all a great game, with every player contributing and having a great game. We look forward to facing Beaumaris at home this upcoming Sunday.

Go Colts!!


Match Report Round 2 - Sunday April 22nd

Port Melb vs Oakleigh


Autumn weather, you’ve got to love it! A stark contrast to last week’s wet & wild conditions, the sun rained down on us for our 9.40 game against Oakleigh at our home ground. To set the scene, many of you will be unaware that Oakleigh last year was a division 3 team that made the finals. Last year we were division 5, so to have such a close game against an experienced division 3 team was a great result for our boys. We love a contest, and that’s exactly what we got from Oakleigh. A tightly contested game ensued, with a lower than usual scoring game, a result of a fiercely contested ball across every part of the ground. With neither team being able to break free with a decent scoring advantage, it was always going to be close come final siren. If it weren’t for a couple of our shots on goal hitting the post, the result would have easily swung our way, but sadly not to be as Oakleigh won the game by a few points.

Final score:

Port Colts 5.6.36 to Oakleigh 7-5-47

Last week training was heavily focused on contested marking and contested ball at ground level. We saw a vast improvement from last week’s game. There were far less marks taken unopposed by the opposition this week, with all players giving their all to get to marking contests. Marks came from all multiple players around the ground. Midfield ran their hearts out all game, defence stood up to a strong attacking Oakleigh, and our forwards worked hard to kick some well-earned goals.

Notable mention also to Liam who took on one of the oppositions biggest players in a tackle, bringing him to ground, awesome!

Congratulations go to Ollie Woodhouse who had a red hot go in his 50th game for the Colts, involved in more than 10 marking contests and ran his heart out all day. It was great to see a big smile on his face after the game. Well done Ollie!

Shepherd of the week goes to Ollie Woodhouse, well done Ollie!

We look forward to next Sunday’s game against our friendly rivals in South Districts, should be a great game, with coaches of both team’s friends outside the world of football. Should make for an interesting game!

Go Colts!!


Match Report Round 1 - Sunday April 15th v Dingley

Welcome back parents and players to football season 2018, where our team got up extra early and travelled to far away Dingley to face off against last year’s division 4 premiers. A cold drizzly morning met us at Dingley’s large home ground which did not deter our colt players, running in numbers with deft handballs & kicks to our forward line, where we took an early lead in the first quarter against the wind, 3 goals to 1. Our midfield was seemingly unstoppable, transitioning the ball to our forward players creating multiple opportunities for goals. A banana kick from a running Josh capped off a multiple goal day for Josh. A perfect end to end movement of the ball starting with Archie-Daniel-Archie to Ben to Damien also capped off a purple patch for our forwards, ending the quarter with another 5 straight goals. Other notable plays: Liam involved in at least 2 goal generating passages, Oscar with a great centring kick to Damien goal, Angus & Kaleb with some speed & nimbleness through the centre.

At half time the boys were told not to become complacent with the lead, at this stage leading comfortably. An easy trap for a team to think the game is won. The Dingley team were not done yet. They rampaged with a 3 goal 3rd quarter, the ball ending up mostly in their forward line, our backline under enormous pressure. Q4, we were kicking with the wind, but by this stage our opposition had a sniff of winning, and proceeded to push to ball forward, converting 3 more goals, their last goal kicked with under a minute remaining, putting them 2 points in the lead for the first time all game.  

Unfortunately, not our day. Perhaps the wet cold weather dampened the spirits of our players, and thought we had the game won at half time. We let the other team mark the ball unopposed a lot in the last quarter also, something we will work on at training. A valuable lesson learnt for the first game, perhaps good timing this early in the season.

Summarising, all players should be congratulated on a great game. There were great passages of play, plenty of unselfish sharing of the ball, and we coaches and parents are all very proud of the game you played today against a combined div 3 & div 4 Dingley team. Yes, that’s correct, we took it right up to a team with div 3 & 4 players! Not only that, their div 4 team were last years premiers! Great effort boys. We look forward to playing Dingley again back on home turf.


Final score: Dingley 7-8-50 to Port Melbourne 8-0-48 

Goal scorers: Toby, Ben, Josh, Archie, Damien.


Leadership group:

During last week’s training the boys were asked to vote for who they thought should lead the team this year. They are now at an age where they respect each other and have the capacity to decide who should lead the team….. Archie Andrews was a clear favourite for captain of the team, with Gabe Raik-Allen chosen as our vice captain. Great choices boys, they have been great team players and always train and play to their utmost best. Congratulations to the four other leading poll getters in Will Pham, Ben Kuklych, Oscar Berry & Ryan Kamien. These 6 players now form the leadership group, and we will be relying on them to assist coaches in decision making both at training and game day, and lead by example as showing respect and good sportsmanship to players, opposition, coaches, umpires and all other parents involved in the team/club. Congratulations boys, we look forward to your seeing your leadership both on and off field.

 How to Win:

Finally, a great youtube video of great sportsmanship and respect shown by a Barcelona under 14’s team winning a soccer match in Japan.  How to win: https://youtu.be/tbvlM4Higy4

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