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Teams / 2018 / U14 Girls

U14 Girls

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About the Team

  • Coaches: John Sculley
  • Team Managers: Natalina McGowan 

Season Training Times

THURSDAYS (Aanenson Oval)

Under 14 Girls 5pm  -6.30pm

Running group on Monday Nights:

  • Murphy Reserve
    Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm

Match Report Round 15

Beaumaris 6-7-43 d Port/South 1-0-6

Travelled to Cheltenham to play against a well-drilled team in Beaumaris.

Very even for the first three quarters, we lost our way in the last 10 minutes of the game to lose our last game of the season.

Jess’s goal was fantastic and the great pressure of the defenders in Sophie, Leticia, AJ, Tass & Mila put on, helped us remain competitive.

While disappointing to lose, there was a great spirit amongst the team.

A Huge thank you to TM Natalina. and all parents that took on the off-field match day roles for the season.

Thanks for letting me coach your Girls….I’ve loved it.

Coaches Best :(No particular order) Charlize, Jess, Zoe, Olivia  Mc,Georgia, Olivia B, Sophie, Hannah, Sarah


St Bede’s Mentone 2-7-19 d Port Colts 0-1-1

Another windy day that challenged the team .Defensively we did a great job but failed to get any results up forward to reward the hard work.
Some untimely injuries didn’t help our cause, but we need to kick Goals Goals Goals to be successful.
A big thankyou to Namwan and Tash for helping out Mentone who were short of players.
Great Captains game from Jess who led by example.
Reminder that this weeks game is at 10.30 , So please arrive at 9.30.
Coaches Best : Olivia B, Jess, Harriet,  Zoe, Hannah, Sarah, Sophie


Under 14 girls Match Report Rnd 13

Bentleigh FC     8-7-55 d Port/South 1-4-10

In incredibly windy conditions we battled the game out against Bentleigh.
Zoe’s goal was the highlight and the backline who work tirelessly deserve a mention again.
The opposition had a lot of taller/stronger players that tested us, but with some great desperation, we held them to only 8 goals compared to the 14 last time we played them.
A few lazy moments let them in for some easy goals and we can work on that to make sure it doesn’t happen in the last two games.
Reminder that this weeks game has been shifted to Albert Park.
Coaches Best :Zoe,  Hannah, Jess, Olivia B, Olivia Mc, Sophie, Georgia


Under 14 girls Match Report Rnd 12

Port/South 4-8-32 d East Brighton 1-6-12
Another great victory, rewarding the hard work and effort. Sarah was dominant in the air taking 6 contested marks and the defenders kept their great form going, holding the Vampires to only 1 goal.
Some razzle dazzle from Jess, Cameron and Olivia Box , and the in form captain Hannah dominating we took the initiative early with the wind and got the result we wanted.
A great team effort again. Well Done.
A special Thanks to Sammy Janssen for her motivating talk last Thursday.
Coaches Best: Sarah, Olivia B, Hannah, Jess, Cameron, Harriet, Georgia S, Georgia M, Ella S, Zoe G


Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 15th

Port/South 3-3-21 d St Peters 2-5-17

A fantastic win after our holiday break. In extremely windy conditions we had a great team effort to get over the line by 4 points.
Mila was amazing in the first quarter and all defenders stood firm against the wind.
To hold the opposition to only two goals in these conditions was a credit to all players that were in defence.
Hannah led from the front with three goals, showing what you can do when you take the opposition on.
Some sensational play during the game with Issy, Jess, Georgia and both Olivia’s giving us great drive all over the ground.
We had 60% of the team playing their best game for the season.
Well done.
Coaches best: Olivia B, Mila, Hannah, Issy, Jess, Georgia, Harriet, Olivia Mc, Tass, Leticia, Charlize, Sarah, Namwan, Jasmine, Poppie, Natasha.

Match Report Round 10 Sunday June 24th

Prahran 2-13-25 d Port/South 3-3-21

Had our best game for the year against top side Prahran.A close hard fought game we showed the endeavour across the whole team that has been lacking in some games.Well done to the whole team , with the backline especially placing incredible pressure on Prahran.
Ella Stacey playing her first game for eight weeks led the way kicking the first goal and Hannah’s first half was sensational , taking the game on ,resulting in two goals. If it wasn’t for her injury who knows what the result could have been.
Leticia & Sophie in defence played their best games for the year, and the midfield with Olivia Box dominating and Charlize and Georgia Stacey on top we showed the potential we can reach.
Enjoy the next two weekends off and the holidays, but remember training is on as usual.
A big thankyou to Ollie, Molly and Ruby for helping out Prahran.
Also, A Big thankyou for the ongoing support of parents.Well done.
Coaches Best  ( in no particular order) : Olivia B, Sophie, Charlize, Leticia, Hannah, Georgia S, Mila, Zoe G


Match Repoert Round 9 Sunday June 17th

Mordi/Braeside 10-7-67 d Port /South 0-0-00

With a depleted team we travelled to Heatherton Reserve to play in what ended up as fairly good conditions considering the amount of rain in the 12 hours prior.

Playing with only 17 players we put in our worst game for the year having 7 players drop out within 24 hours of game time.

Several highpoints but all in all we weren’t physical enough and desperate in our attack on the ball.

A serious mindset is needed at training to enable us to take it into the game and become fearless.

Some great tackling by some players.

Coaches Best: Olivia B, Jess, Charlize, Harriet

  • Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 3rd
  • A fantastic first win of the season against the top side.
    A wonderful team effort from the start , putting pressure on the opponents and willing ourselves to each contest.
    The potential is there and we must continue to improve weekly. Especially our Goalkicking!!!
    The training track is where it all starts. This week Tuesday 5-6pm and Thursday 5-630pm.
    It was great to have several players back in the side and they didn’t let us down.
    Some standouts in the first quarter were Harriets run along the boundary and Olivia Mc with her attack on the ball .
    This set the scene for the game and all players gave it everything.
    Hannah was dominating around the ground and Olivia Box and Issy giving us great drive.
    And all players in defence were fantastic with their work .
    A memorable day for all.Well done to all players,support staff and parents for the ongoing support.
    Coaches Best: in no particular order…Harriet,Hannah,Olivia B, Issy,Zoe, Olivia Mc,Mila ,Jess
    No Game this week.
    Training is still a must.
    Next week on Thursday 14th June I would like to invite all parents and carers to come to training 
    and join in with some footy drills and a scratch match with the girls.
    It will be a bit of fun and a chance to get a little more involved.
    Followed by a BBQ for all .


  • Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th
  • St Bedes Mentone 2-7-19 d Port /South 1-1-7

    Well done to the whole team for the best game we played for the season.The defence held firm for 98 per cent of the game to limit St Bedes to only 2 goals, one of them lucky!.
    A huge improvement on previous weeks.
    We are showing good signs all over but failing to capitalise on our good play with goals.
    The goal Georgia M kicked was a result of about 6 players moving the ball quickly and executing good handballs and kicks.
    We need to do this for the whole game next week.
    Training is ON Tuesday night 5pm-6pm
    Plenty to work on at training, including our Kick outs after a point, Our talk to help each other, our running and bouncing the ball, Our leading to the ball , and picking up the ball quickly and getting it to a teammate.

    Coaches Best: Sarah, Olivia, Mila, Georgia S, Tass, Harriet, Georgia M, Jess


  • Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 20th
  • Bentleigh 14-12-96 d Port/South 1-1-7
    Another trying game where we are close to things happening but seem to panic at vital stages.
    Our preparation before the game must not be jeopardised by lateness and forgetting gear.
    More Desperation and helping teammates with shepherding and talk would be of great benefit.
    In the first half we leaked about six easy goals which we have to learn from.
    Our second half was heaps better where the whole team started to attack the ball with greater desire and limit Bentleighs opportunities.
    Well Done to Ella for her goal.
    Coaches Best: Georgia M , Georgia S, Zoe G,Charlize,Sophie.
  • Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th
East Brighton(Wallace) 5-6-36 d Port/South 0-1-1
Travelled to Hampton for our first game in Division 2. A much better effort this week with several chances to kick goals
 thwarted by a a very well organised defence from East Brighton. 
A spirited improvement and we should learn from some mistakes and turn them into goals.
We need to turn our season around this week with more talk on field and more desperation.
Several players had their best games but we still are relying on far too few to do most of the hard work.
Remember , You play as you train.
So we expect a huge response this week at training to prepare for next weeks game.
Coaches Best : Olivia B, Jess, Georgia S, Georgia M.
    • Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 6th
  • Beaumaris 17-19-121 d Port /South 0-0-00
    In what has been a challenging four weeks in the grading games ,we were left flat footed by an experienced team from Beaumaris.
    There was alot to be learnt from yesterdays game. Mainly, that we need to be first into the contest and play as a team, with ALL 18 on the field contributing.
    Our desperation was lacking early and they kicked many easy goals in the first half.
    Our game lifted in the 2nd half with a much stronger attack on the ball and opposition.
    Our tackles have to stick.
    We must be aware where our direct opponent is at all times when they have the ball.
    Great courage from Georgia Mulcahy after an early serious injury to come back on.A fantastic show of resilience.
    We all have Plenty to work on for the remainder of the season at training.
    I am considering trying to have another training session on Tuesdays (Subject to availability) to work on our kicking and fitness.
    The Beaumaris coaches told me after the game that we were the best team they had played this season.
    I have confidence in all players to show their teammates a greater desire and commitment.
    To the parents unaware of who spoke at 3/4 time to the team. It was Peter Bedford the 1970 Brownlow Medallist with the Swans.
    Coaches Best: Olivia, Cameron, Charlize, Isabel ,Jess, Zoe, Sarah
  • Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th
East Malvern 11-7-73 d Port South Colts1-0-6
Travelled to East Malvern and played with much greater effort than last week..East Malvern had several very good players that placed us under pressure throughout the game.
There were some shining lights with plenty of passages of play that demonstrated that we are not far off getting the results on the scoreboard.
Playing as a complete team and playing to your best is vital .
Sprinting to get the ball when it’s in your area and helping out teammates when they have the ball are key points we will need to improve on .
There were some excellent tackles laid and the desperation in many contests was fantasic.
Considering the ability of the opponent we played well under trying circumstances.
Coaches best : Hannah, Harriet, Isabel,Sarah,Zoe,Cameron, Olivia
 Our game was delayed for over an hour due to a serious injury in the game prior to ours ,and our game had two long delays after some great tackles leading to injuries.
Well done to Issy for her bravery.
Also, just letting everyone know I spoke to St Bedes Mentone  re the serious injury before our game.
She was taken to hospital by ambulance with a back/kneck injury after a tackle and was discharged late last night and is on the improve.
See you at training Thursday where we will be helped by St Kilda Footballers.

Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd

Mordialloc Braeside 16-11-107 d Port South Colts 0-1-1

A disappointing result after a great training night Thursday.
Mordi/Braeside took the initiative early and we struggled to match them in all facets of the game.
Our second half effort was an improvement but the 1 % effort  in tackling ,shepherding & blocking need to be part of our game right from the start.
Talking and helping out your teammate is imperative as the best sides do this at every contest.
Let’s ensure everyone gets to training this week to work on our skills and footy smarts.
Coaches Best: Olivia Box, Cameron and Harriett.

Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th

East Brighton 4.3.27 d Port /South Colts 3.8.26
In muddy slippery conditions we battled bravely in a very even match.
After keeping East Brighton under control early we struggled to get free out of congested packs and had enormous pressure applied by the Vampires.
Georgia Mulcahy was playing well at full forward and our on ballers tried their hearts out to give us drive around the ground.
The whole team dug deep in the final quarter to fight it out to the end.
The Easter break and School holidays have hindered the start of the season and the lack of match practice was a telling factor.
The scope for improvement is huge from all players and I have great confidence in everyone to work on all facets of the game to bring about this improvement.
A special thankyou to all parents from Port and South who happily fulfilled the match day roles and to Natalina as Team manager .
Training is Thursday from 5pm-630pm. I am aware some players may not be able to get there at 5 but try your best to arrive early.
Best: Cameron, Olivia, Georgia ,Isabel , with a great last half from Hannah and Harriet.
Also, our girls in U14 are proud to have a local fitness business sponsoring us... K-KORE by Lagree Fitness at 313 Bay Street Port Melb.

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