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U15 Port / South Squad

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About the Team

    • Coaches - Div 1: Dimi Petrakis / Div 3: Chris Kavanagh
      Squad Manager - Libby Nicols
      Team Managers - Div1: Libby Nicols / Div 4: Francine James, Jan Cox, Sandra West and Paul Robb
  • Season Training Times

U15 boys squad - 


6pm - 7.30pm

  • Running group on Monday Nights:

    • Murphy Reserve
      Time is 6pm sharp to 7.15pm
    • Match Report Round 15 U15 Div 3
    •  Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    4.6.30         def    Vampires 10.13.73

      Goal Kickers

      Connor Strachan 1, Raff Koz 1, Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton 1, Marlow Perrott 1

      Best Players

      Jackson Cox, Connor Strachan, Finn McMahon, Angus Sheedy, Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton, Paddy Gowland, Lukas Woodhouse, Liam Monaghan

      Match Day Awards   Liam Monaghan, Angus Sheedy, Jackson Cox

      At home on a fine Sunday morning to host the Vampires for our last game of the season. 17 willing and able boys took to the field led by Captain Marlow & his trusted deputy Woody. We won the toss and kicked with the wind.

      1H ––Our setup, Monna to ruck in the middle, Shaggy roving, Sheeds our centreman sweeper and Bull to take out their opposition run should they win the centre clearance. We committed to play attacking football and lined up with 6 up forward and 5 in our backline - they had a loose man up forward. Our challenge - make sure it didn’t get up forward very often and when it did that our midfield to press hard back to clear. Against stronger opposition this week, it didn’t quite work out. They kicked 5.1 to our 1.1. Our 1st ¼ goal from a Shaggy centre clearance with a knock on to the run of Connor and he with pace and composure drilled it from 45m, an outstanding goal!

      The middle was a bog heap with 4 inches of mud that covered most of the centre square. Paddy in the thick of it was first to land in it followed by Finn to provide some amusement to parent onlookers. Our pressure was good and great efforts from Monna and Hosko to lay effective tackles was inspiring. Shaggy & Paddy were having a day out, much like their first quarter last week. We controlled the wings, despite the scoreboard with both Connor & Jackson Cox on respective wings picking up kicks & marks. Our defence was under siege & a couple of easy goals let through by a lack of concentration early was not helpful. Around the ground we won the clearances and had the ball inside 50 8 times to score twice – the story for most of the year – we get the ball in but can’t convert. We kicked the ball out on the full 3 times in the forward line through hurried kicks when in fact there was time to steady.

      In the 2nd ¼ we changed it up a bit. Bull & Paddy switched as did Shaggy & Woody, Monna and Thomas B. Around the ground we showed great endeavour. One passage of play that restored some faith was a kick out from FB by Marlow to find Woody at HB with a perfectly weighted kick. Woody kick to the lead of Paddy & his kick up forward found Thomas B. A ripper pass to Kavo who marked and drilled one into FF. inside 50 once again, but unable to score, but did show end to end run & carry. Raff was our goal scorer crumbing from a Connor assist on the goal line. There were some brave acts, notably by Finn and Hosko. Kavo’s run at the ball to leave an opponent was also another. Our second ¼ was much better. They only managed 3 goals with the wind and we got one ourselves. Again we dominated inside 50’s with another 10 but only 1 scoring shot, for the half 18 inside 50’s, 3 scoring shots. Ouch!!

      2H – The score line at half time, the Vampires 8.4 to our 2.1 was not a fair assessment of how the boys were playing. We were a little loose at times & the Vampires were able to score easily. Their #8 was damaging & had 5 goals for the half. We could not slow his run. We went in at half time to reset.

      The 3rd ¼ was a tight affair. Again we were inside 50 10 times in that quarter for 6 scoring shots & kicked 1.5. Shaggy’s goal off the ground our only major. Valiant efforts by Finn who beat 3 opponents at their HF to cause a stoppage a notable mention. Oscar was a tackling machine in this quarter & Sheeds along with Connor gave us plenty of run. Paddy was everywhere and tried so hard and Woody started to come into the game taking a couple of telling marks. His run through the centre to pump the ball in long a highlight. Our ruck duo of Monna & Thomas B were a winning combination. The Bull charged through the middle & as competitive as ever. We were winning the ball at the stoppages but could not keep the ball in the forward line long enough to score. At times we bombed away when the short kick was on. A little more composure at times and 5 points could have been 3 or 4 goals.

      With 17 boys & no injuries we looked to the boys for a big last quarter and they delivered. We held the Vampires to a solitary goal & kicked one ourselves from a great mark at CHF by Woody who delivered lace out to Marlow at FF and he slotted one through. The boys never threw the towel in and competed to the very end, much like they have played all year. Darcy R down back clever as always weaving and ducking was very good in this ¼. Jackson B also found space up forward but the ball was unkind and bounced awkwardly away as it did on many occasions. Thomas B was also a victim of several unkind bounces. Jackson C & Angus continue to find the ball on respective wings & Connor down back was a marking defender for us. Nick J was asked to have some influence and tried hard.

      In the wash up we were beaten by 7 goals, which was pretty much the margin at half time. After half time we kicked 17 points to their 21. This was a great effort made even more so considering they had 18 men and we had 17 of which two of our boys played a game earlier in the day for Div 1…

      Our 12 marks in the last ¼ was our highest for the game and our total of 37 the best since Rd 6. Our 32 inside 50’s acceptable & followed on from last weeks’ tally of 38 but it was the conversion from this effort of only 10 scoring shots that really cost us. Our 14 clearances from stoppages the second highest for the year was also noteworthy.

      Season Summary

      Although we did not qualify for finals the boys should be proud with the level of competitiveness they achieved. They won 4 games across the 15 weeks including a 20 goal win against East Malvern (They were relegated to Div 4 after that loss & next week prepare for finals after finishing with 2nd).

      Div 3 was a step up from last year. We beat top of the ladder Murrumbeena & 3rd placed Mordialloc & kept 2nd positioned Vampires to an even 2nd half score…. Over the last 7 weeks an average of 15 boys took the field. Only once in 15 rounds did we take to the field with 20 boys…. There were 32 boys that played at least one game in Div 3 & only 4 boys that played all 15 games. 17 of the 32 boys also played at least one game in Div 1. This was great experience for those boys. Now a break to recover from a gruelling season & we hope to see them all back in 2019!

      Of course a game can’t be played without parent involvement & I most graciously thank parents for their contribution no matter how big or small. There are many roles to be filled on match day and the parents were wonderful in their support.


  • Match Report Round 14 U15 Div 3
  •  Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    8.13.61         def    Waverley Park Hawks 6.11.47


    Goal Kickers

    Paddy Gowland 2, Lukas ‘Woody’ Woodhouse 2, Connor Strachan 1, Darcy Robb 1, Oscar ‘Hosko’ Hoskins 1, Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton 1

    Best Players

    Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton, Paddy Gowland, Matt Walker, Lukas Woodhouse, Connor Strachan, Darcy Robb, Finn McMahon

    Match Day Awards   Raff Koz, Marlow Perrott, Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton

    We had one aim today inspired by Jon Haughton our statistician, to ‘Sing the Song’. The song ‘At Last’ by the great ‘Etta James’, rang true with our first win in 6 weeks…but we settled on ‘Cheers, cheers…onward to victory” for 17 very deserving lads at games end. On another windy day, the sun was out at Columbia Park, the home of the Waverley Park Hawks. The boys took to the field lad by Captain Marlow & his trusted deputy Woody. We won the toss and kicked with the wind, an excellent decision!

    1H –– We started on fire with Monna to ruck in the middle, Shaggy roving, Sheeds our centreman sweeper and Paddy to take out their opposition run should they win the centre clearance. We committed to play attacking football and lined up with 6 up forward and 5 in our backline - they had a loose man up forward. Our challenge - make sure it didn’t get up forward very often and when it did that our midfield to press hard back to clear. That’s what happened & we lit up the field. 6 clearances & 15 inside 50’s for the ¼ to score 5 goals 5pts. The Hawks kicked 1.1.

    5 individual goal scorers, all very different goals. Darcy’s was first with a snap that started with a long precision kick by Marlow at FB to find Paddy in the centre to mark. His kick to Thomas B at FF & his hands to finish with Darcy was awesome end to end play. Soon after Woody swooping on a loose ball, broke a tackle and from 45 sent a rarely seen torpedo that sailed through mid-post high. Exciting stuff! An Angus gather & hands to the electrifying run of Connor forward of the wing was equally impressive. We peppered the goals & points rained as quickly as goals. Paddy’s bone crunching tackle at CHF settled us & he lined up for a set shot & goaled from 35m dead in front. A Darcy intercept mark from a FB kick out had him pass to Thomas B & then to Hosko who snapped truly covered off the 5 goals. When the ball did go down back Raff in the back pocket was there to clear. His couple of marks & quick disposal showed great composure.

    Our pressure was fantastic. Shaggy & Paddy were having a day out. Nick James was competitive up forward and Jackson B provided another marking target. Josh Graham playing for the first time at FF worked really hard & gave us a leading competitive forward option. All the boys were able to chip in with 1%’s that helped us start so well.

    In the 2nd ¼ we started with 5 down back & 6 up forward. We rotated our centre setup & in came Hosko & Thomas to join Sheeds and Shaggy. Monna to CHB and Paddy to HF. The Hawks ramped up a gear & with the wind scored 3 goals 7 - We did not score. Our backmen were under huge siege. It wasn’t long before we threw Paddy back to make it a 6 on 6 & went with 5 up forward. In a ¼ with few highlights the run of Marlow with his opponent deep down back to beat him and clear was outstanding to centre wing & Kavo’s to run with his opponent toward their goal, beat him to turn & tap the ball under great pressure to the boundary for a stoppage rather than inboard was smart intelligent football. Raff continued his good start with many touches in his best game for the year to date.

    2H – The score line at half time, the Hawks 4.8 to our 5.5 gave us a narrow 3 point lead. Our work rate was still there but they had started to dominate around the ground.

    The 3rd ¼ was a tight affair. We had set shots & some long bombs that missed & kicked 1.4. A kick from Connor to Shaggy & his set shot on the siren was our only goal scored for the ¼. The Hawks kicked 2.1 into the breeze from clever kicks to the top of the goal square from the boundary that caught us unaware. We held a slender 1 point margin going into the last ¼ and they with the strong cross breeze we would need to work very hard to score ourselves and stop them. In that ¼ Finn was tireless, Marlow ran hard, Woody held marks & Thomas B was doing his bit.

    Their #4 was a playmaker. We asked Matt Walker to follow him everywhere to nullify his influence. In the last ¼, the boys played supremely! Matt Walker’s role on their #4 was absolutely outstanding. When #4 went to FF, Matt followed, when in the middle Matt was there again. At games end we congratulated #4 for his game and told him we had to have one of our guys shadow him in the last ¼ because he was so dominant. He told us ‘that guy’ was very good! Not often do you hear an opposition player at that level pay such a compliment. Well done Matt!

    With 17 boys & no injuries, unlike prior weeks, was a welcome reprieve. We pressed hard & in that ¼ went inside 50 9 times to kick 2 goals 3 pts – a very impressive effort into the wind, perhaps only surpassed by the fact they only kicked 2 points. Our backline was outstanding led by Woody, Finn, & when playing defensive wing role, Connor. Raff down back all day played his best game for the year. Marlow & Kavo also held strong and let nothing through

    Paddy sealed a great game for him when he goaled a second time by roving a pack and kicked a ‘worm’ burner from 25m. Parents & onlookers, including a rather interested coach looked down back to see a vacant CHB. The runner quickly despatched to FF where our CHB, Woody had found himself. He had followed his opponent (or perhaps his opponent following him) crumbed a loose ball 35m out & kicked his second goal! The celebration was huge & as the runner got to him Woody was already on his way back…to CHB where he played the rest of the game to great effect!  

    Our 10 marks was our highest for the game & allowed us to control the tempo. We had 8 clearances, 6 from stoppage and two from the centre that gave us first use of the ball. Our ability to run the ball in that ¼ was important & to win contested possession fantastic. This victory had been a while coming and thoroughly deserved.

    With one more game to go against the Vampires at Albert Park. We hope to put in a great performance to finish the year. See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

    Below - Winners are grinners: Award winners, Captain Marlow & Raff (centre) with Woody, showing his footwork & Connor to his left ‘Singing the Song’ after beating the Hawks by 14 points.


  • Match Report Round 13 Sunday July 29th Div 3
  •  Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    3.5.23         def by Mordialloc  17.8.110

    Goal Kickers

    Will Haughton 1, Jackson Cox 1, Jackson Bouwman 1

    Best Players

    Oscar Hoskins, Thomas Bradshaw, Will ‘Shaggy’ Haughton, Isaac ‘Bull’ Harrison-Walker, Paddy Gowland, Nick James,

    Match Day Awards   Thomas Bradshaw, Nick James, Paddy Gowland

    Another rough day at the office! 15 lads started & no bench. In the last 5 weeks we have had no more than 15 boys in any week line up to compete. Mordi won the toss & kicked with a howling gale at their backs….bad luck to us!

    1H –– With 3 of 4 new in the midfield this week we depended on their ability to win the ball cleanly. Thomas B would ruck all day, Paddy, Oscar, Shaggy & centreman, ’Bull’ would rotate through the midfield. At the outset, Mordi kicked long to advantage & ran hard. With 23 players, they rotated players regularly. Bull was a work horse and ran hard keeping low to the ground never losing his feet. His strength to run through tacklers inspirational! Woody back this week got kicks early and Shaggy presented well. In a ¼ with few highlights, Connor’s ball pickup at HF was one. At full stretch & speed he showed off his skill & when he worked his opponent over, got free & his shot for goal hit the post, an unjust return for effort. Kavo’s body work in a marking contest on a larger opponent and subsequent tackle was another. With Q1 done & 5 goals to Mordi we were ready to have our turn with the gale behind our back.

    In the first minute of the 2nd ¼, Woody flew high for a mark at CHB & Bull with pace swooped on the ball & kicked long to Josh G who competed in the air at CHF. With the ball at ground level, Josh G recovered quickly to win the ball & handballed off to Paddy & he then to Shaggy who kicked truly for our first goal. Great start! Wonderful individual efforts by all involved. The boys pumped the ball inside 50 8 times for 4 scoring shots, for 1.3. What a difference 4 goals would have made. Mordi not to be outdone kicked 4.1 against the wind, an unfortunate, but outstanding effort. They were able to do this by clever handball from their prime movers and gut running. They transitioned well across the ground, particularly up forward & scored easily. We were slow to pick them up at times, & second efforts required.

    With the 2nd half done, time to analyse. We held 8 marks to half time & an effective tackle count of 6 was not great. Good efforts to be recognised. Paddy was out most competitive forward when there. Matt W & Darcy down back saved certain goals between them. Nick James across half back & Hosko in the midfield battled hard. Jackson Cox, bravely fighting two opponents, the Flu and his direct opponent was up against it, but great that he was prepared to play. Marlow kicking out from FB was very effective & we were able to get to the half forward line on many occasions but could not score. Thomas B the most effective big man on the ground, Shaggy, Bull, Oscar rotated through the midfield & were winning the clearances with 5 & 11 centre & stoppage clearance respectfully. Turnovers cost us greatly & Mordi fed off our good work and set up opportunities & were very efficient when they went forward.

    2H – We collected ourselves and committed to greater effort. Mordi with the wind again would be tough. We had not capitalised in the Q2. We knew they would in the 3rd - they did. Things started to unravel when Hosko was taken down in a tackle on the outta wing & then copped one for his trouble…. that drew the attention of Woody who informed the umpire in a manner of speaking of the situation & they obliged with a directive to ‘rest’ for 20 minutes. Shortly after Marlow hobbled to the bench with an ankle and we were down to 12 for the last 10 mins in that ¼. There were holes everywhere. It was a real credit to the boys to concede just the 5 goals in the wind assisted ¼.

    Despite the circumstances we still had the ball inside 50, 4 times. We won our fair share of clearances, both midfield (2 from 5) & at the stoppages – we won 4. We could not get that second kick once we had cleared the stoppage. As with the prior ¼’s there were good individual efforts. Jackson B had the presence of mind to kick the ball along the ground to advantage in a nest of Mordi players created a stoppage to allow us to reset. Kavo left his opponent at HB to chase down a ball on the wing pursued by a couple of Mordi boys & one coming at him front on took delivery of the ball & turned ahead of the tackler to show great courage. Effective tackles by Bull, Thomas B and Matt inspired the team to show there was still plenty of fight & 9 marks was more than the 1st half.

    The boys listened intently at the ¾ break. With Hosko retired due to the head knock, Marlow with an ankle injury up forward with flu stricken Jackson C & Woody obligated to ‘rest’ for another 5 mins, Nick James reminded the boys a few goals early in the ¼ would help get us moving, but that we’d need 12 to win the match…wry smiles from all.

    The last ¼ as with last week was our best. 9 inside 50’s returned 2 goals and a shot on the run from Connor hit the post, his second poster for the day. Mordi only kicked 3.1. To be that competitive with the numbers we had for 20 mins was outstanding! A run by Darcy to gather the ball & his blind turn, a sight rarely seen at this level was outstanding. Good work from up the field saw Jackson B take a great mark and from close range played on & kicked a goal! Nick J, Thomas B marked strongly & continued their great form over past weeks. Our first goal of the ¼ started with a mark from Nick at HB who kicked to Woody, he in turn to Thomas B & handballed to Paddy G, who kicked to Jackson B & passed off to Jackson Cox who goaled from close range.

    On the ground we started with 15, so did Mordi. Winning the toss was a big advantage, however when it came to our turn we struggled to capitalise & then did not man up or win the contested ball on the rebound. They scored too easily at times by simply playing in front and running off our man. Many times we are too content to be lead to the ball & hoped the ball would spill out the back or that we make an effective tackle & win a free kick.

    See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

  • Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 22nd Div 1
      • Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 22nd Div 3

      Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3 SMD 4.4.26 def by East Sandy 7.9.51

      Goal Kickers Paddy Gowland 2, Finn McMahon 1, Angus Sheedy 1

      Best Players Oscar Hoskins, Angus Sheedy, Thomas Bradshaw, Liam Monaghan, Finn McMahon, Isaac Harrison-Walker

      Match Day Awards Angus Sheedy, Oscar Hoskins, Finn McMahon, Special mention to Wolfie & Matty Nolan

      We played a late afternoon game at home to host 4th placed East Sandy. A couple of late withdrawals saw us start with 16 boys. We called on two U14 boys, Matt & Wolfe. Both had played in games earlier in the day. Just as the match began we lost Thomas Keller to an ankle, back to 17 lads. East Sandy played 17 with a bench of 5 boys. In his 100th game, Nick James led the team out with captain Marlow through the banner. The boys won the toss & chose to kick against the breeze. Our aim in this game was to play to individual strengths & to those of our team mates. We wanted to improve our tackle count & hold our marks, both which had deteriorated in past weeks.

      1H –– Monna began in the ruck with Sheeds, Shaggy & centreman, ’Bull’. We wanted to exert pressure on East Sandy early and so built a forward line capable of building a score. Despite kicking the ball inside 50 8 times in 1Q, we could not score and their backline rebounded using the wind to it’s full extent. Our pressure was outstanding. Bull was everywhere the ball was and smashed his body through packs taking on would be tacklers. Our U14 Div 4 recruits in Matt & Wolfe in the back pockets were given a baptism of fire with the speed of the game & handled it well. Matt in particular with second efforts & unafraid to bodyline the ball outstanding!

      Wonderful individual efforts by Monna, Hosko & Finn who tackled ferociously. A Shaggy smother on the wing was followed by one from Bull. These small selfless acts lifted the team. Our best opportunity was a long kick from Sheeds read off the pack by Kavo at half forward who delivered a pass lace out to the chest of Josh Graham who lead from FF. His set shot on goal fell just short marked on the goal line by East Sandy. Damn!

      Despite our terrific work ethic from our midfield & backline we did not trouble the scoreboard. We had opportunities to score but our forward line generally played from behind into the wind and got caught out, waiting for the ball to spill out the back rather than go get it, present in front and take the game on. East Sandy kicked 3.3.

      We were pretty pumped knowing we had the wind. An Oscar free kick in the forward pocket was awesome & better still was his foresight to see & hit up Finn 20m out direct in front. Our gutsy half back scored our first major! Thomas Bradshaw in the ruck to give Monna a rest brought him into the game and he continued his fine form of prior weeks. His second efforts and ability to present across the ground fantastic! Josh Graham moved up the ground and his attack on the ball saw nothing go past him. Marlow, held the backline together with Bull, Finn, Monna. Their leadership was awesome. In this ¼ we had 13 inside 50’s but again did not capitalise only managing 1.1. We should be a mile in front! Not to be. They matched our score.

      At half time with East Sandy 4.4 to our 1.1 we were still well in the hunt and the 3rd ¼ would be about containment to chase down their score in the last ¼. Our 21 inside 50’s showed just how dominant we were but our forward line lacked discipline to play in front, did not chase down the running backman or provide second efforts. The little things required. Our tackle count and number of marks was acceptable. The effort was there, but we needed to score.

      2H – We collected ourselves and asked for greater effort in the forward line. We set up with Nick James on the wing, Paddy at FF with an injured leg prevented his run & Raff in the middle & Shaggy at CHF to start. The 3rd ¼ was a real scrap. Bull ran riot with strength ran past breaking tackles as he went to clear the ball from half back. 100 gamer Nick came into his own with many touches & his best 1/4 of the game. Sheeds continued running through the middle creating havoc. Monna at CHB was a ripper, so difficult for the opposition to get past him, they rarely did. An Oscar mark and a Thomas Bradshaw set shot was rushed through for a point our only score for the ¼. The boys were getting weary. Matt in the back pocket was still doing his bit and a great support to Marlow & company down back.

      Again we had our opportunities with 4 inside 50. Importantly we did restrict East Sandy to just 1.2 with the wind. Our backline outstanding. There was only 5 goals in it and we would come home with the breeze. The boys had great belief. We needed to get goals early & defend strongly.

      We began well in the last ¼. Thomas won the ruckwork & Shaggy with Oscar combined well in the middle to run the ball into our forward line. Raff worked hard and had his best ¼ of the game. Sheeds now on the forward flank gave East Sandy a headache with his run & carry & Darcy quiet to this point got busy when moved to the backline. At last, reward for effort when Thomas B marked & kicked to Nick J who passed in Paddy’s direction at FF. He in full flight decelerated at every step toward goal & on one leg hobbled a worm burner mongrel punt that dribbled through the big sticks – Goal! This caused great excitement in the small but vocal crowd braving the cold chill.

      Not to be outdone, a Shaggy mark and long kick to HF found Sheeds. He sprinted forward around a player to kick a ripper goal around his body from the FP to give the boys a lift. Then we did it again. This time a free kick awarded to Paddy for a ripper tackle & he kicked truly. Only 3 goals down with 10 mins to go. Was it even possible? Marlow took a huge mark at CHF. A set shot followed to make it 2 goals the difference with 8 mins to go, but off to the side & not to be. We had another opportunity from Paddy and his set shot just touched on the score line. Our 3.2 was a great effort by the boys & our defensive pressure held strong & only allowed them 2 goals for that ¼.

      A slow first ¼ cost us the game. After ¼ time we kicked 4.4 to their 4.6, an excellent effort given we played undermanned for the entire game with 15 U15’s plus 2 U14’s to their 22 boys. Our 23 tackles was the highest in the past 4 weeks and our 25 marks the best since round 7. Our 32 inside 50’s the best since Rd 5, however the number of scoring shots was low, and despite 6 from 7 entries in the last ¼. A win is not far away. A good effort lads. A huge thanks to the two U14 Div 4 boys, Matt & Wolfie who played the full game for us & contributed magnificently.

      See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

    • Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 15th J Div 3
  •  Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    3.8.26         def by Murrumbeena  9.14.68


    Goal Kickers

    Raff Koz 1, Will Haughton 2

    Best Players

    Thomas Bradshaw, Lucas Duffy, Paddy Gowland, Will Haughton, Darcy Robb, Nick James

    Match Day Awards   Thomas Bradshaw, Nick James, Will Haughton

    Away at Murrumbeena this time, a team we had beaten in Rd 1 & in Rd 6, level to ¾ time before losing by 5 goals. Enough to say we were in the hunt. In U15’s they have just the one team and faced us with 20 lads to our 15. They were good enough to agree to play 15 to match us with 5 on the bench. Captain Marlow & Vice Lucas D won the toss and decided to kick with the breeze at our backs.

    1H –– Thomas Bradshaw began in the ruck, with Monna, Nick & centreman, Sheeds. We won the first clearance and up forward quickly. A Thomas B mark and long kick that went over the back to find Raff who goaled was a great start. Hosko in just his 2nd game back this year was up & about & hassled & tackled on the wing. Good clearing kicks from Jackson B playing at half back carried with the wind was excellent!

    Against the wind though Murrumbeena scored 2 goals to keep in touch with us. We had 10 inside 50’s for 5 scoring shots to result in 2.3. A little wasteful, but no-one could fault our endeavour. A Darcy run from the wing as he followed the play to end at full back rushed through a behind was awesome & saved a certain goal! A shepherd put on by sheeds to allow the run of Darcy to pick up the ball & clear at half back was sensational. Our second goal came from the ruck tap of Thomas B to the run of Shaggy who put his first of two for the day. He has excellent goal sense!

    In the second ¼ with the wind against us, they piled on 3.6 to our no score. This was disappointing because we really ‘gifted’ two of those goals when we did not move to provide options to our full back Marlow who kicked out from defence. We needed to lift our work rate, present & provide more run. At times we kicked around our body without looking rather than take time to straighten up and deliver well. Turnovers cost us. On a positive note, Nick James was playing a ripper game despite limited sleep curtesy of an early morning flight from Cairns committed to play.

    Our 3 inside 50’s for no score was not great, nor was only 2 marks & 2 tackles for the ¼. We lost control of the game and they controlled the tempo. Solid efforts mostly from the backline as this was where the ball spent much time. The likes of Marlow in his 2nd game back after a long lay-off was finding form and with one soccer like defensive effort that would rival any in the world cup cleared the defensive line. Lucas Duffy was solid & as consistent as ever & Paddy a welcome return from Div 1 was a terrific addition to the team. Monna tackled hard, often without reward & Raff lifted his defensive efforts with a run on the ball. At times we were stiff with holding the ball decisions when our boys were first to the ball taking it on.

    The boy’s pressure was awesome, particularly in the last 10 minutes of the second 1/4. The halftime score line had us down by 22 points. Despite doing well in the clearances & at stoppages we struggled to get past our half forward line.

    2H – We collected ourselves and looked to do well in the second half. The first bounce did not go to plan and Murrumbeena posted the first score, a goal. Nick James had a great ¼ & was in everything. Kavo had a couple of timely clearing kicks in quick succession that allowed us to run the ball forward. Thomas K took a timely mark in the back pocket and kicked well, but it was his goal saving tackle and defensive work in the goal square that pleased the crowd and had him rewarded with a free kick. Again Thomas B and Shaggy combined with the later to score a much needed goal. The loss of run from Sheeds due to an ankle injury just before half time really hurt. He was ‘rested’ down back where he took a ripper mark, but restricted movement had us shift him up forward.

    We had our opportunities to bridge the half time gap with 12 inside 50 entries and kicked 1.4 & one out on the full. They managed just the one goal. At ¾ time they held a 3 goal lead. We had 8 marks that ¼ and were stringing plays together but this did not reflect on the scoreboard.

    Our last ¼ saw Jackson Cox come into his own down back after much of the game up forward. They kicked 3.7 to our solitary point. Great efforts by Nick, Thomas B and Shaggy to continue to run and compete and super efforts by Darcy who ran and tackled more as the game progressed.

    At the end of the game we committed to lift our intensity & skill base at training and tackle count and marking on game day.

    Thanks to all parent helpers, in particular to the James’s who committed Nick to the game & Francine to TM duties when they could have quite easily and reasonably rested home from their long trip back Sunday morning.

    See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

  • Match Report Round 10 Sunday June 24th Div 3


Away at East Brighton to face top of the table Vampires. Their Div 1 team forfeited due to lack of numbers & their Div 3 team presented with 19 boys. We, in turn had 15 boys after a couple of late withdrawals. Under the By-Laws the Vampires could run one extra on the field after they evened numbers up. They gave us 1 player. We started with 16 (15+1) they with 17 + 1 on the bench. We asked to play 15 aside & they run 4 off their bench, (our preference). They declined. If we rejected their offer, they could play 19 to our 15, so we accepted…They gave us a different player each ¼. Still, on a perfect day for footy at first bounce I couldn’t think of any place I’d rather be… 

1H –– Macca in the ruck & onballers, Ellieh, Shaggy & centreman, Sheeds were poised to do well. We won the first clearance and up forward quickly to post the first score on the board, a behind but a very positive start. That was quick, but short lived as the Vampires cleared quickly and kicked 2 goals in a minute. Then in an obscure incident Captain Marlow tweaked his back at FB & hobbled to the bench. This was a huge blow for him & the team. The loss of his presence down back & his long kicking could not be substituted try as we did. Stretching under the watchful eye of trainer Donna and her apprentice, Jess to no avail & he retired from the game. Down to 14 +1, the coach was frantic trying to match up boys but with 2 short on the ground there were gaps everywhere.  

The ball spent a fair bit of time down back and this kept the likes of Darcy, Tommy Keller and Kavo busy. Nick James now at full back was terrific, but the amount of ball that came in was enormous. Jackson Cox was a real target out on the wing and he got plenty of the ball when it came out. The end score at Q1 7.4 to our 1 behind was a disastrous start. 

In Q2 there was more of the same. Goals to Vampires appeared easy. We had the same number of boys down back as they had forwards. They won it out of the midfield and at times we did not lay a hand on them. Simply not good enough. Our endeavour & intensity was lacking despite numbers. We did not play tight enough & tackling, a natural strength in our game, was ordinary. There were times we could have been more competitive. Despite this, some of the boys ran their heart out, Ellieh, Sheeds & Shaggy.  Darcy was clever at times avoiding would be tacklers. Ellieh & Sheeds, were tenacious trying to work through tacklers & Shaggy contested wherever he went. When we had the ball we did not lift our eyes to deliver accurately and bombed long only to have it returned. Rather than hold the ball & switch we used the corridor which was well occupied by them…& the ball came back.

With the ½ done, 5 inside 50’s for 3 scoring shots & 1 major. Our 6 tackles & 9 marks matched exactly last weeks’ effort. Given the conditions this week to last week was polar opposite, was simply not good enough.  

2H – When a side is down by so much it is difficult to find the energy to lift, but lift they must. We knew they could but didn’t know when. This was indeed character building. Q3 came and the onslaught continued with 9 goals straight, many from close range as they ran in uncontested. Josh Graham was competitive. The backline was trying hard but the run was coming from their midfield. With no rotations available our midfield tired. We changed it up, however generally across the ground we were loose & allowed them to earn easy kicks. The Vampires took advantage of a team under manned. & ran us into the ground. Thomas Bradshaw in the ruck to give Macca some relief worked well & he tried very hard taking marks & laying tackles. Macca too was no slouch & rewarded for effort with free kicks. 

When Nick James went down with a rolled ankle at the 10 minute mark in the 3rd ¼ we were down to 13 boys. Connor took his place at FB & was excellent. His defensive marks and endeavour was super. Nick insisted he stay on for the team sake so he limped to full forward from the backline at lightening speed…. By the time he got there the siren sounded for ¾ time. We took the huddle to him. He didn’t hear much of the rev up – we needed him to make his way to FF in time for the start of the last ¼….3 minutes limp at lightning speed away.  

With a 3rd ¼ score of 143 points to just 3 we needed a new focus. The challenge - to match the Vampires score in Q4 & score a goal. With 12 +1 fit players & Nick at FF unable to run, Connor at FB & Jackson Cox with Darcy were terrific this ¼. The team lifted their intensity. Ellieh’s 2 bounces down the wing was exciting & shot on goal just faded for a behind. We had 5 inside 50’s in that ¼ matched the past 3 ¼’s. Toughness was the order & no better shown when Ellieh & Darcy both brave & single focused moving flat out for a ball smashed into each other. It ended Darcy’s day at the 8 minute mark. With him retired to the bench & 11 +1 able boys, (Vampires 17). Raph kicked our first goal with a clever & patient kick to delight the loyal crowd & cheer we did. Again the ball run into our forward line by our midfield ended with Nick who kicked around his body on his rolled ankle for a painful goal. The boys had 12 marks in Q4 & posted 2.3 to the Vampires 2.6 with 11+1 boys to their 17. Objective achieved! Brave men, really outstanding! 

It may be difficult to understand that a coach can be proud of the effort of his players when the score line reads as it did, but the last ¼ was as good as effort as any I had seen. There are things to work on for sure, but bravery and reliance is an attitude and theirs was first class in the last ¼. We will get better. It starts from the training track. 

See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.


Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 17th - Div 1

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 17th - Div 3

At home to host Waverley Hawks, winless in their last 4 outings but very competitive even so. Only endeavour would separate the teams in the worst weather conditions encountered in 3 years of coaching. 17 players started. Marlow & Finn late withdrawals due to illness & injury. Our # 1 ruckman Monna also out injured but braved the weather to support the boys, as did sister Jess. We were delighted to welcome back Oscar (Hosko) Hoskins for his first game of the season. Today belonged to Captains for the day, 100 gamers – Raph Koz & Will (Shaggy) Haughton. Both have been great servants of the club & ran through the banner followed by their team mates to begin the match.

1H –– Macca in the ruck & onballers, Ellieh, Shaggy & centreman, Sheeds were poised to do well. In Q1, we kicked against a gale force wind & didn’t we know it! Waverley were on! Inspired by the World Cup, they kicked off the ground at every opportunity. When they did hold the ball they kicked long and deep. Three of four Q1 goals were from set shots, one at 50 metres that sailed through post high & two from 40 metres. Their 4th goal was in close.

We tried valiantly to go forward with limited success. 3 forward entries without conversion. Any loose ball would be soccered by Waverley out to the boundary line & the chase would be on. Our best passage of play in Q1 began with Matt at FB who kicked well to HB Josh G. He hit up well to Nick just forward of the wing and he delivered by foot to Jackson Cox. He with a pinpoint pass delivered to Oscar at HF. Although we did not score from that attack, it did show the boys skills in terrible conditions.

The weather Gods unleashed their fury with gale force winds & rain descended upon us like needles from heaven. To not score was not altogether unexpected. For the day, only 1 point was scored against the wind by either team!

In defence, Bull led the way at HB with awe inspiring attack on the footy. A Darcy spoil in the last line of defence saved a certain goal & a Matt Walker chest mark under pressure did likewise. Our defence could not be faltered. In the ruck, Macca was sensational. He tackled hard & was very, very unlucky not to be awarded a free kick at CHB. Ellieh was chasing everything down & Shaggy, swimming in mud, was getting plenty of it. Our midfield started well.

In Q2 we goaled with a clever piece of foot work from Hosko to 100 gamer, Will Haughton to snap truly for our first goal. We had another chance when Hosko went forward but a minor score recorded. We threw Thomas B in the ruck to change things up. We had another 4 scoring shots & went inside 50 9 times, but could only manage 5 points. Dropped marks were costly. Woody took our first mark of the quarter 15 mins in & we took only 2 more for the ¼. The boys had their chances. The tackle count poor in Q1, was better in Q2 but still not up to scratch. We were second to the ball. They simply played with more urgency. They wanted it more. It was pleasing to keep Waverley to 1 point.

Our wingers, Jackson C & Jackson B were competitive. They were asked to draw their opponents out wide to open up the corridor. Jackson C had a strong first half. Tommy K was continuing his new found form in the BP.

With the ½ done, we had worked hard in patches. 12 inside 50’s & 6 scoring shots, for 1 major. Our 6 tackles & 9 first half marks were below our seasons average of 10 in each category & reflected the horrid conditions.

2H – The same conditions faced us in Q3 as in Q1. To the boys credit they lifted their intensity. Waverley scored only 1 goal. Sensational defence by our 6 back-man, particularly Matt & Kavo. In this ¼ Kavo took a couple of marks & picked up free kicks with his body on the line. Tossed like a rag doll in one, it had him bounce & skid backward along the turf like a skimming stone across a pond. Kicking was difficult against the wind. The ball was slippery & turnovers on both sides could be forgiven. In this quarter like the first we did not get it inside 50 & therefore, did not score.

In Q3, down to 17 players from the 5 minute mark with Woody off & done for the afternoon was a big loss. Still the boys gave their all. Bull, roved to give Shaggy a rest was enormous in this ¼. Raph dug deep in his 100th game & tried everything to find space to use his skills. But space was not the order of the day. Connor at CHF found conditions testing but again presented well in a very difficult day for high marking forwards, his specialty. Hosko in his first game, adjusted well to the pace & better for the run. At ¾ time we were down by 4 goals. With the wind at our backs in the last ¼, there was every chance to come home strong.

In Q4, the first ball up, a tap from ruckman Thomas to Sheeds on the run was textbook until it was called back. The umpire deemed the throw up not high enough & so repeated the ballup….In this ¼, Nick James & Josh G were influential up forward & on a wing. A Macca mark at CHF was excellent. He lined up from 45. With a very heavy & slippery ball, it went off to the side but still in our FP. Thomas Bradshaw had a blowout ¼. He won a couple of free kicks in our forward 50 & did the bulk of the ruckwork across the ground. Up forward the boys lead to the ‘dead’ pocket. They had been told about this pocket & yet went there a number of times. Set shot from there rather than kick front and centre had us spray the ball & minor scores eventuated. 7 inside 50’s, & 4 points, not good enough.

At the close of play we had 10 scoring shots to Waverley 9. Inaccuracy cost us & a congested forward line with boys up forward not working for each other as well as they could. A clear path to goal would have helped.

Congrats to the 100 gamers, Raph & Shaggy. A memorable day for them & for all the boys in the most appalling conditions they’ve played in. Thanks to parent helpers on the day, particularly those who were out in the weather. Rod Cox, boundary umpire, Mike James, goal umpire, John Bradshaw, water carrier and Ian Strachan, umpires escort & to all those parents that braved the cold and wet to support their boys – thankyou! Nothing quite like shared experience to bring people together!

See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm. It’s gonna be clear skies!

Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 3rd - Div 1


Match Report Round 8 Sunday June 3rd - Div 3

At home to host Mordialloc at 9:00am the dew was heavy across the ground. Slippery conditions were a certainty! Mordialloc (Mordi) fresh off a win were keen to bring their A game. Our efforts have been good since grading but not reflected on the scoreboard at the close of play. Late withdrawals due to a call up to Div1 were Steve Axias & Vice-Captain Lucas Duffy. Big losses, but we did welcome back Finn McMahon & Marlow Perrott from injury for their first games for a number of weeks. This was also a special day for two 100 gamers – Jackson Cox and Kavo. Both have played a lot of footy and ran through the banner followed by their team mates to begin the match.

1H ––Our midfield consisted of Monna in the ruck & onballers, Jono & Ellieh and centreman, Sheeds. The first goal came from a text book centre clearance. Monna to Angus off to Ellieh running through CHF to convert our first major. The ball was difficult to handle. It was important not to over use the handball. Harry Brown, competitive in the air & at ground level had wonderful intensity! Nick James was played at HF to assist with forward pressure & he delivered with early touches. As did Josh Graham who improves in every game. Ellieh burned rubber with scintillating speed & Monna lead the way in tackle count. Our backline stood strong. Finn, Matt, Marlow & Macca repelling early attacks with intensity at the ball & clearing with composure. 100 gamers, Jackson C, Kavo were solid giving their opponents little to work with & Woody showed great discipline to kick long to advantage.

A great example of team play in Q2. Connor from HF on the boundary rather than blaze away saw Nick James front & centre 25m out & kicked in that direction. A contested mark by Nick resulted in a set shot. The kick slightly off line deserved more than a point. Connor willing to share the ball around was a great example & very pleasing to see.

All the boys contributed early. The surprise in the first half was the form of our returning Captain, Marlow. On in the second ¼ he went to full back – his call & an excellent decision he made. Fully recovered from an ankle injury he returned after a 6 week absence. His willingness to compete, his run and long kicking a real highlight.

Goals were hard to come by. A Jono kick from the middle to find Connor at CHF and his kick to Ellieh at half forward saw him line up from 45m, Connor not content to stop there ran hard to the goal square to make a contest should the ball fall short. His was rewarded when it did & he took a contested mark in the square & from a set shot kick truly, his first of three for the game. Sensational! A shoulder injury to Sheeds the only hiccup that had him off for the Q3.

Notable mentions for hard running & contested marks were Jono & Harry Brown, the later showing great fight to contest every ball & the former, a smooth mover strong in the air & delivered well. Josh Graham had clean hands when others struggled & was given the challenge to share the load with Matt Walker to take on Mordi’s prime ball mover & they delivered with success. Other boys adding pressure was Raph who hustled Mordi toward the boundary line at every chance.

Our wingers, Darcy & Jackson B were competitive. They were asked to draw their opponents out wide to open up the corridor. The boys are getting better at this. The deficit at half time was only 5 points. We were right in this.

With the ½ done, we had worked hard. 12 inside 50’s & only 5 scoring shots were a result of conditions not effort. The forward line pressure was there. Our 17 tackles & 13 first half marks reflected the conditions.

2H – We spoke about our lethargic 3rd ¼’s as the cause of our past 3 losses & were reminded this was about attitude not ability. We loaded our forward line with boys to run & tackle. Woody & Harry B rotated to share the load this half. Ellieh, Monna & Thomas B were the other main rotation up forward & in the middle. Jono was consistent in the middle. The backline again stood strong. A little nugget of gold was found in Tommy Keller. He played in the back pocket, a first for him & was outstanding! He played his best game of the year, & quite possibly ever. We also found a new Winger in Jackson C who played very well in that 2nd half racking up multiple possessions in his 100th game.

Nick James & Connor were our multiple goal kickers both with 2 each in the half. Ellieh assisted Nick with his first with a kick from the boundary to find him front & centre was great vision. The next was from good work from HB that started with a loose ball get by Kavo. His quick hands to Woody who kicked & found Angus. Rested from injury, he with great run delivered to Nick who kicked his 2nd for the day. Connors goal from a loose ball get was Cat like & he finished with 3 for the day, a super effort! His multiple leads at HF a nightmare for his opponent.

At the close of play we had scored in each ¼ and held Mordi scoreless in the 2nd half. The backline stood strong under Finn, Marlow and Woody ably supported by Matt, Kavo, Macca & Tommy K. Thomas B was fantastic when he went in the middle to allow Monna & Macca to play different roles, up forward & down back, equally as important. They gave it their all to force turnovers & we converted them to scoring opportunities. The boys went in and sang the song loud & proud, the 100 gamers particularly pleased.

Congrats to the boys. We can rest this weekend and then the second half of the season begins on the 17th June.

Thanks to parent helpers on the day! See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th - Div 1


Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th - Div 3

We played against a 2nd division team relegated to 3rd division after 4 weeks of grading, East Sandy. Our Captain Lucas Duffy won the toss & decided to kick against the wind. Rory & Paddy moved to Div 1 & in came Connor S & Harry B. Late withdrawals were Macca & Woody. That meant we started with 18 boys and no bench. They had a full bench. We wanted to base our game on pressure & tackling.

1H –– In the first ¼ we looked for defensive efforts. We got that in spades! A great start by Matt & Nick James played down back with early touches and good run. The ball carried with the wind & at times our boys ran under the ball & it dribbled through for minor scores. Steve at full back kicked out strongly hitting targets. Up forward against the breeze, the ball dropped short & we got caught out behind. Our 10 inside 50’s returned only 2 points & that would prove costly as the game wore on. Monna in the ruck followed up with enormous tackles. Harry Brown was a strong body in the contest & made his presence known in the middle laying tackles. He also takes a super mark. Campbell was on song, marked across half back & kicked well & played what would be his best game in Div 3 to date. Jono flew through the midfield and Ellieh was magnificent & ran with great intensity. At ¼ end the East Sandy had kicked 1.4 to our 0.2. The defensive side of our game had held strong against the wind.

With the wind behind our backs in the 2nd ¼ we were up and about. We looked for Tommy K to effect the scoreboard & assist with defensive pressure in the FP. We started well. Good passages of play resulted in goals. A pass at HB by Jono to Campbell at Centre Wing & his kick to Ellieh at HF had him line up from 40m. A magnificent kick from a set shot saw it sail through for our first goal. This was followed soon after by a solo effort on the wing by Darcy Robb. He hassled & beat 3 opponents to dodge and weave to deliver the ball to our forward line. A shepherd by Lucas Duffy paved the way for a rampant, running Josh Graham. He picked the ball up at half forward, with pure strength and will broke through two tackles & under enormous pressure kicked a banana kick from 35 metres out to everyone’s elation! The goal of the year so far – unbelievable & well celebrated by all! Unfortunately we also conceded 2 goals.

In the backline Steve took a number of strong marks and played on to advantage. He read the ball well in this ¼. His long kicking a feature. Jackson Cox marked well & gave terrific support. Run from Kavo was good along with handball to advantage & he tackled unrewarded. The deficit at half time was only 10 points. We were right in this.

With the ½ done, 18 inside 50’s & 5 shots on goal pointed to a lack of forward line pressure. This hurt. Our tackle count & pressure was excellent with 28 tackles. We were marked the ball to record 19 first half marks.

2H – On a day of clear skies the wind had picked up. The backline knew the ball would carry and the forwards were reminded to play in front. East Sandy came out of the blocks flying! They started from the midfield and the avalanche was quick and swift. They piled on 7.5 and we struggled to contain their run. How quickly the momentum had turned.

It wasn’t all bad though. We had some great passages of play. Working hard was Monna, Ellieh & Jono. All boys lead by example to give us energy and run. A highlight in this ¼ was a big centre tap by Monna to Jono flying through the middle to deliver by foot to Harry B. He took a solid mark & goaled with a magnificent kick from 40m out. Shortly after a Jackson B tackle in the FP 15 metres out was rewarded and he kicked another goal. Nick James had a fine ¼ and his efforts in the backline were outstanding. In the 3rd ¼ we had only 4 marks and for the entire second half, 8. Our 10 tackles in Q3 were solid but not enough to stop the run & scoring of East Sandy.

To the boys credit they never gave in. We matched East Sandy’s 4 goals in the last ¼. A move of Thomas B to ruck from CHF gave Monna a rest up forward & paid dividends. Thomas high leap & fresh legs gave us energy in the midfield. He got a number of touches, & covered ground between CHB & HF. Our tackle onslaught continued down back with Matt Walker & Lucas Duffy. They gave it their all to force turnovers & we converted them to scoring opportunities. Connor’s 2 last ¼ goals was a super effort. He gathered the ball & with great balance and finesse turned opponents inside out to drill 2 goals within minutes of each other. A great pass from Campbell to Jono had him line up for a much deserved goal. However, the goal of the ¼ was from Thomas B who followed up his own ruck work, gathered & let fly with a ripper 45m kick that carried the heads of the forward line & bounced through for a goal.

On a very warm morning the boys with no interchange were still able to produce 4 last ¼ goals. These are encouraging signs for next week. The boys improved on last week & aren’t far away from scoreboard success.

What we learnt: Our spread, run & carry was good at times throughout the game. Our pressure & tackling was consistently excellent. We had 49 tackles! The team is settling with fewer selection changes. Transition of the ball was more effective. A few of our boys need greater intensity to win the ball. A predictable approach to clearing the ball from full back improved again this week & our forward line was more functional, but with 11 scoring shots from 32 inside 50’s, we need to work harder to score. Our midfield was excellent but a lack of rotations meant the boys lost some run at times. These are all things to discuss & to work on at training during the week.

Thanks to parent helpers on the day! See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm.

Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 20th - Div 1


Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 20th - Div 3

Our Captain Lucas Duffy led the boys out. He won the toss & kicked with the breeze due to rainfall predicted in the 2nd half. Paddy Gowland playing in his 100th game had a banner too match. He lead the boys out and burst through the banner with the lads in tow. We had a similar team to last week & were confident of a good showing against a team we met in the first grading game and had success.

1H –– Out of the blocks we came, Bang! The first clearance text book from Monna to Jono flying through to kick to Paddy who gathered & on the run banged one through from 35m out – Goal! Great start for the 100 gamer, Paddy! Geez, that was super quick… Back in the centre to reset. Monna again in the ruck teaming up with Jono & with them Woody & Ellieh. With a great run from the centre clearance, Ellieh kicked to Campbell who kicked forward to the lead of Thomas Bradshaw who marked strongly & goaled from a set shot 25m out. The boys were teaming well.

We had Lucas Duffy up forward to add defensive pressure & increase scoring opportunities. His attack & pressure was outstanding – real leadership. Tommy K was in amongst it & Woody was having a cracker of a game & kicked our 3rd goal for the ¼ from a Thomas Bradshaw pass after he marked strongly.

When Murrumbeena went forward the likes of Jackson Cox & Nick James were there to tackle, hassle & run the ball out. The half back line stood strong with Kavo doing well with early touches & so too Rory. On the wing Jackson B marked strongly continuing his great form of last week. On the other wing Matt Walker using his pace ran hard and was always in the contest with early kicks. Our only blemish was late in the first ¼ and against the run of play, an uncontested mark 10 metres out resulted in their only goal to reduce our lead to 12 points at ¼ time.  

Against the wind in the second ¼, we scored 1 goal from a Thomas Bradshaw mark & goal. Our backline stood up well. Darcy Robb with sure hands marked well & kicked on point from the back pocket. Jackson Cox marked strongly & Kavo having his best game of the year held his marks & transitioned well. Macca in the ruck continued the good work of resting ruck, Monna. The two ruckman are big tacklers & show the way. Macca’s run & tackle effort outstanding again this week. It was the 1%’s that came to notice. A Woody smother at CHB, the marking flair & run of Jono, a Darcy Robb mark in the last line of defence & a run down tackle by Ellieh on their playmaker #20 was a cracker rewarded with a free kick, the run of Matt Walker, the courage & composure of Captain Lucas, & never give up attack on the ball by Paddy all simply awesome! All the boys were playing so well!

The ½ done. 14 tackles & a massive 34 marks, 13 inside 50’s & 8 scoring shots showed we dominated the first half, however with 4.4 on the scoreboard this seemed under done for the effort. Murrumbeena at 2.4 were competitive.

2H – Rain began to fall. Monna, our number 1 ruckman was tireless and again lead the ruck work in the middle with great support from Macca. We tried a couple of moves to give the boys exposure to different positions as is our aim. This wasn’t the problem, basic skill errors were. We dropped marks we had taken in the first half. We used little in close handballs to boys under pressure, we over ran the ball, we rushed our kicks to no-one in particular & in the backline we were easier to play against. They made us pay with 5.4 to our 1 goal in the 3rd ¼. Our 1 goal was pretty special. A banana kick from the pocket by Raph Koz was Eddie Betts like - pure gold! Aside from this nugget, a very disappointing ¼ given the wind behind us. Such a contrast to the first half. How quickly the momentum turned.

In the 3rd ¼ we took only 7 marks and for the entire second half, 14 in total. Our 10 tackles showed we were chasing. Steve A in the forward line added some strength but the ball did not venture there much so we switched him back to FB for the last ¼. In the 3rd ¼. Nick James, Woody, Jono, Ellieh & Matt Walker all tried hard but try as they might we did not go forward.

In the last ¼ Murrumbeena had 4 scoring shots for 3.1 we had 3 forward 50 entries against the wind for 1.2 with Ellieh our only goal kicker. The likes of Rory played a serviceable game, battled hard all day. A lot was asked of him in many different positions. His run & long kicking a feature of his game. Jono was knocked up getting kicks. As with last week, our opposition this week wanted the ball a little bit more.

What we learnt: There are encouraging signs – It’s not all about the scoreboard! The boys matched them well in the first half of the game, but a poor 3rd ¼ cost us. Our spread was better this week & the boys are beginning to transitioning the ball effectively. A predictable approach to clearing the ball from full back improved this week…we still need to work on this but it is coming together. Our forward line was more functional but needs to work harder to score. More forwards are needed on the scoreboard... Our midfield was excellent in the first half then faded due to fatigue. We need other boys to build fitness to rotate & share the load. These are things to discuss & to work on at training. They are common areas to improve in any football team, and improve we will!

The final word – Congats to Paddy on achieving 100 games, the 1st lad to do so in our Div 3 team. Well done to parents, Michael & Gemma too - that’s a whole lot of driving around & many Sunday roasts sacrificed!

Thanks to parent helpers on the day! See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm at South Melbourne.


Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th - Div 1

Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th - Div 3

 Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    4.6.30         def by         East Brighton Vampires 8.8.56

Goal Kickers

Campbell McNabb 1, Ellieh Laurent-Miller 1, Thomas Bradshaw 1, Thomas Keller 1

Best Players

Lucas Duffy, Rory Newton, Jackson Bouwman, Nick James, Campbell McNabb, Jono Proudlove

Match Day Awards   Rory Newton, Jackson Bouwman, Jono Proudlove

Happy Mothers’ Day & what better way to celebrate it than with a game of footy... With 4 weeks of grading games done & dusted we remain in Div 3, a competition that will be pretty even. With 18 boys to start the game our Captain Lucas Duffy led the boys out. We kicked with a slight breeze in the first ¼. With 8 changes to the team due to injury, unavailability & promotion to Div1 the challenge was to have the team gel & play good consistent footy together.

1H – We had a game plan – the question; would we deliver on it. It relied on forward pressure, tackling, keeping the Vampires out wide & holding structure. Our first ¼ started well. Our forward pressure was enormous and resulted in 7 scoring shots but inaccurate kicking returned only 2 goals. The first goal came from a pass by Nick James to Ellieh who marked and slotted one through from a set shot from 20 metres. Shortly after, Campbell with great run & carry, side stepped to create space slotted one through from CHF. 3 of our points were gettable goals. Perceived pressure meant boys rushed kicks and they blazed away.

Great signs early from Jackson Bouwman who marked well. He has a ripper side step that he used to advantage through the game. Nick James also in the action early. Both boys played their best ¼ of footy for the year. An uncontested mark in our backline – unforgiveable – had EB score a major and they followed soon after with another. The boys needed to tighten up down back.

A slender lead at ¼ time by 4 points increased to 8 at half time did not do justice for the amount of ball we had. At half back Lucas D was playing his role and rebounding well. Jackson Cox and Kavo were getting their hands on the pill and some run from Steve was a welcome return after a week off. In the centre Monna was combining well with Ellieh, Shaggy and Jono all getting kicks and important touches. Darcy Robb took an important mark in the goal square to save an almost certain goal and kicked on point to Lucas D. It was run out of the back line and Rory gave chase. Collecting the ball with great run sent a long bomb to Thomas Bradshaw who marked, played on & sent the ball long in the Campbell direction at full forward. It spilled out the back and Thomas K in the right place at the right time kicked an important goal. The second goal of the ¼ came with good work from midfield that had Raph involved and he steadied and passed to the Thomas Bradshaw lead. He marked and from 20 metres out kicked truly just as the half time siren sounded.

With the ½ done the stats were in our favour. 25 tackles, 17 marks, and 19 inside 50’s. The only area lacking was conversion, only 8 scoring shots. We dominated the first half with great run, good intensity with all boys contributing but battled to hit the scoreboard. The Vampires had capitalised on the few scoring opportunities given to them and were still within 2 kicks. Half time 4.6 to their 3.3

2H - Monna, our number 1 ruckman was tireless and again lead the ruck work in the middle and around the ground. We tried a couple of moves to give the boys exposure to different positions but this did not pay off. We couldn’t settle & rushed our kicks. Rather than take time & control the game we turned the ball over. Some important tackles didn’t stick that should have. Their #12 was running amok. A few of the boys did not work hard enough, particularly up forward. Despite taking marks, there were so many more we dropped. We put ourselves under pressure with silly half a metre handballs to boys under pressure. Rather than drawing the tackler and taking the game on, we surrendered the ball in panic. Slowly the momentum turned.

Josh Nicol tried hard to keep the ball in our forward line but he didn’t have much support. Both Josh G & Jackson B was terrific on the wing and ran and tackled hard. In the 3rd ¼ we had 11 inside 50’s and kicked 1 point. We had 15 marks and 11 tackles so again we dominated, but not on the score board. The Vampires took the lead and at the last break were 4 points up. The game was there to be won. An unfortunate sling tackle on Nick James saw him concussed and he took no further part in the game and the offender was red carded. Nick was playing his best game of the season until then which threw out our structure. Both teams had 17 on the field from late in the 3rd ¼.

In the last ¼ the Vampires jumped us and looked confident. Full of running they piled on 3.4. The likes of Rory playing a ripper game & Jono were doing their best to keep us in the game. We brought the ball into our half forward line 9 times for no score. As with the 3rd ¼ when we did go in, we crowed the avenue to goal. We lost structure and were in each other’s way. The Vampires stacked our forward line but when they got the ball clear they ran hard, harder than us. They wanted it more. They had a greater sense of urgency in our back line than we did in our forward line.

What we learnt: The boys were very good for the first half of the game, but scoring a single point from 20 inside 50’s in the second half was inexcusable. The reason, a crowded our forward line blocked the avenue to goal – we lost structure. A predictable approach to clearing the ball from full back works & the ‘second’ kick to a target is most important…we still need to work on this. A forward line that is not organised or does not defend resolutely is easy to play against as we found out today. Our midfield was ok. The more time we play together will make us more effective. These are all things to discuss & to work on at training during the week and common areas to improve in any football team.

Thanks to parent helpers on the day! See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm at Port Melbourne.

Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 6th - Div 3

 Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    1.2.8         def by         Ajax 23.19.157

Goal Kickers

Jake Austin 1

Best Players

Lucas Duffy, Thomas Bradshaw, Josh Graham, Jackson Cox, Paddy Gowland, Charlie Clarke, Mackenzie Q Hudson

Match Day Awards   Josh Graham, Charlie Clarke, Jackson Cox

Ajax fielded their highest ranked team in U15 in Div 3 and they have been going along nicely. We knew they were well above the other Div 3 teams so this game was always going to be tough and it proved so in more ways than one. A withdrawal due to injury from Saturday school boy footy had us start with 19 boys.

1H - We had one aim – to be a strong tackling side today. This was an attitude & courage was required. Josh Graham proved he was up to the task. He was a tackling machine. So too Jackson Cox & Nick James with early tackles rewarded with fee kicks. However, in what was a bitter opening ¼ our retaliation at some unwarranted attention boiled over resulting in two yellow cards within 10 minutes of the first ¼. This was very disappointing. Regardless of the situation, all boys need to practice restraint and place trust in the adjudication process led by the umpires & not be so easily provoked. With a 20 minutes rest for the yellow card holders we could only field 16 boys for half of the first & second ¼’s.

Despite this, our first ¼ was strong and we managed to keep the ladder leaders to just 4 goals & kicked 1 ourselves. Macca was winning the ruck and in one ball up he and Charlie combined to win the ball & kick forward to where Jake Austin was (in for his first game) gathered and goaled.

With the ¼ done and 8 recorded tackles, we were strong early but keeping the boys focused was challenging. A lot was asked of too few & in the second ¼ we would pay as much energy was used defending in Q1.

In the second ¼ Ajax continued as they began the first ¼, uncompromising. Well organised in the centre, they roved to Macca, our winning ruckman & cleared the ball well. 10 scoring shots added 9 unanswered goals. They were very good. Their bigger bodies & quick movement and run and carry outclassed us. In the centre we were a little slow to match up & they ran the ball out easily. There was a lot asked of a relatively new midfield. Paddy was doing everything in his power to lift the team and Woody added strength whenever he got the ball. Our backline was under siege. Jackson Cox and Lucas Duffy were shining lights down back. Matt W playing at FB for the first time in the absence of regular FB Stevie was trying his heart out as was Josh Nicol. Darcy R was asked to add some speed in the back pocket & did. As soon as we would run it out, back in the ball would come with interest to strong marking options.

2H - Monna, our number 1 ruckman tied up with other commitments in the morning arrived to assist us at half time and we now had 20 players to utilise. The swap of Thomas Bradshaw to CHB & Woody to CHF worked well initially with Thomas taking a couple of grabs. Macca with some much deserved rest on the interchange to start.

We saw patches of good play from our boys & credit to them they kept at it. When we did go forward, we were not able to lock it in. In the 3rd ¼, they ran & piled on 7.7. We didn’t trouble the scorer. Then an injury blow. Early in the ¼, a season ending injury to Harry Thom at half forward. Competing strongly in the air he had the terrible misfortune of dislocating his finger & did not return to the field. An x-ray a short time later confirmed it was also broken & surgery a few short hours later has cut his season short. Last night back from hospital he was resting at home bemoaning the impact on his ability to handle the PS4 controls…I’m sure he’ll find a way! On a serious note, terribly bad luck for one of our most consistent performers & a very fair minded sportsman & we wish him a speedy recovery. A leg injury to Raph then followed with him limping off late in the 3rd ¼ but toughed it out & returned bandaged & on one leg shortly after. A red card surprised us at ¾ time & saw us down another player. It was a dirty day for us.

In the last ¼ now down to 18 very tired players & no bench we asked the boys to remember that tackling was our aim. The stats showed we were a bit short in the 3rd ¼ & needed to pick this up. To the boys credit they stood tall. We had 8 tackles and 6 marks our best return of any ¼. Rory took some telling marks in the backline and his long kicking was exactly what we needed. Thomas Bradshaw back at half forward competed hard in the air & was often double teamed. Josh G continue his strong attack on the ball. Charlie was active with Jake on the ball & Nick James provided strong competition and run. Paddy had a blinder ¼. He ran hard all game & must have covered about 10 km’s for the day. Macca tore up the turf punching when he couldn’t mark and was in the thick of the action. His game was inspirational and his improvement this year to date very impressive. Josh Nicol made every opportunity up forward competitive. This ¼ was clearly the most impressive keeping Ajax to just 3 goals and we with 3 inside 50’s for two scoring shots our best return. Both unlucky not to result in goals.

What we learnt: We have a tough, resilient team that never gave up. Provocation will occur again & we need to handle it better…. ignore it & answer with blindingly good football. Wrestling opponents’ is distracting & likely to result in yellow cards….A predictable approach to clearing the ball from full back works & the ‘second’ kick to a target is most important…a forward line that plays behind & that does not defend resolutely is easy to play against. A midfield must be well organised and learn to respond to change. These are all things to discuss & to work on at training during the week and common areas to improve in any football team, even at the elite level.

Thanks to parent helpers on the day. A special mention to Francine (Team Manager) who was kept very busy on the day & our medicos, Donna and Rhonda for their expertise in the medical department particularly assistance they offered to Harry Thom, invaluable! See you all at training Wednesday night from 6:00pm at Port Melbourne.


Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th - Div 1



Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th - Div 3

Under 15 Port/South Melb Div 3             SMD    21.15.141         def         East Malvern 2.2.14

Goal Kickers: Connor Strachan 8, Harry Brown 4, Charlie Clarke 3, Thomas Bradshaw 2, Nick James, 1, Josh Nicol 1, Angus Sheedy 1, Harry Thom 1, Matt Walker 1

Best Players: Liam Monaghan, Lucas Duffy, Connor Strachan, Thomas Bradshaw, Matt Walker, Harry Brown, Charlie Clarke, Ed Chantrell, Steve Axias, Mackenzie Q Hudson, Paddy Gowland

Match Day Awards: Connor Strachan, Lucas Duffy, Thomas Bradshaw


A week is a long time in football…thumped by 25 goals in Round 2, just how would the boys respond in R3? The answer – with an emphatic victory!! We fielded our strongest side on Friday night and within 36 hours lost 3 boys to injury before the ball was bounced, our Captain & B&F in 2017 Marlow, Deputy Vice Woody & speedy winger, Darcy.

We played last year’s Div 4 premiers East Malvern who were promoted during the week to Div 3 after recent big wins in Div 4. They were in form and on their home ground, we were wary.

Captain Lucas Duffy, in the absence of Marlow & Paddy Gowland his Vice in the absence of Woody led the boys out. We used Cathy Freeman as inspiration quoting the 4 words she said to herself immediately before running & winning her 400 metre final at Sydney 2000 Olympics, “Do what I know”. Inspired by years of training that built self-belief & strong results that gave her confidence to perform. Just as the boys have played years of footy and understand what to do, the need to have self-belief & confidence to ‘Do what they know’ was asked of them.  

1Q – East Malvern were on early with the first goal of the game. We settled quickly and in what was a scrappy first ¼, managed 5 goals. Charlie Clarke clever with one from in close, Harry B a long bomb and then assisted Thomas B for his first of the season. Connor joined the scorers from close range as did Matt Walker with one off the ground. This ¼ was workman like. Nothing glamourous, but plenty of good stuff, from clever hands from the likes of Kavo to Sheeds for a shot on goal that just waived through for a minor score, to bone crunching tackles from Charlie, Nick James and Lucas Duffy up forward that showed excellent forward defensive work. A sensational spoil from Monna running back into a pack to split 3 players made his presence felt. Mr Intensity, Big Harry B playing across half forward who bustled his way through packs taking on the opposition and inspiring others to do the same.

2Q – Having done well in Q1, we had the slight advantage of a cross wind. The boys’ tails were up & they all wanted some of the action up forward. Some individual glory rather than team orientated football was present in this ¼. They spent much time in the ‘dead’ pocket and shots on goal resulted in minor scores. The runner was sent out many times to message the boys about the ‘dead’ pocket but to no avail. Harry B managed to bag one from a tight angle from 40 metres, with other goal scorers being Connor and Charlie for the ¼. Macca was super in the ruck winning hit outs and Charlie roving to him was outstanding. His gut running, tackling, first, second and third efforts was outstanding. The first half done we rested and looked to reset for the 2H.

The boys were a different side to last week and the stats sheet said so. 25 inside 50’s for 18 scoring shots, 26 tackles and 21 marks were great signs that the boys were controlling the match.

3Q – At half time we spoke to the boys about the ‘dead’ pocket & the importance of team work to bring all players into the game. Individualism was not in our game plan. This resonated and we saw some terrific passages of unselfish play. From the centre we saw Monna pass to Ed and a short kick to find Raph at half forward. He found Jackson C by foot in the pocket. A quick centring pass to Connor at FF & he unselfishly handballed over the top to Harry T in the square who goaled. Connor was marking strongly as was CHF Thomas Bradshaw who was putting in a blinder.

Lucas Duffy was playing a ripper Captains game & involved in a number of goal assists. His intensity caused a number of turnovers. The likes of Sheeds pounced & with great speed run and carry. Charlie lightning fast crumbing and Harry Thom bustling and strong body work from Harry B all gave East Malvern a headache. Again the basics were done well. A smother from Sheeds midfield stopped a certain inside 50 for them, tackling pressure & winning possession from first gamer for 2018, Finn. Macca winning hit outs in the middle & Nick J & Matt & Harry T body work on the opposition all important contributors. A run from FB by Steve A to Lucas D onto Finn and in-turn he to Connor was fantastic ball movement that resulted in a goal to him. This was a ripper ¼ with 7.2 to their 0.1.

4Q - An opportunity to move boys around in this ¼ had an immediate impact when Sheeds scooped up a loose ball and on the run goaled to set the tone from half forward. A Harry B centring pass to Thomas B who marked strongly provided another major. Josh N marked strongly & goaled from a set shot. Paddy ran rampant with many possessions. We had many even contributors. Jackson B was doing his bit on the wing & Tommy Keller in wide open spaces on the other wing given a good opportunity to show his flair. We finished strongly scoring 6.3 to 1.1.

Our stats reinforced the scoreboard story – 50 Inside 50’s (25 in both halves of footy) & 35 scoring shots, 53 tackles, a massive 18 in the last ¼ and 47 marks (18 in the 3rd ¼), 10 centre & 12 stoppage clearances respectively. Last week we asked they take Rd 2 loss as a wake-up call, an opportunity to improve in Rd 3. They certainly did that.

Thanks to parent helpers on the day. A special mention to Div 1 boys who came to support the boys & to Div 1 Coach Dimi who volunteered his time as the runner in a week that Div 1 had the bye. Connor with 8 goals celebrating.


Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd - Div 1

PM/SMD 3.5. (23)   East Brighton Vamps 16.13 (109)

Goal Kickers: Henry 1, Joey 1, Mack 1

Best Players: Max, Nick, Joey, Henry, Angus, Mack, Louie

Match Day Awards: Max, Angus, Nick


Second game of the season in U15 Div 1, and first at home at Murphy Reserve. Playing against the Vampires who have been Div 1 Premiers in U13s and U14s during the last 2 seasons. We won the toss and kicked to the Plummer St end supported by a gentle breeze. In the pre-match, Dimi emphasised the importance of Pressure, Quick Ball Movement and Accountability.

The boys delivered for Dimi and Scotty in Q1 with fierce tackling, clean hands and frequent F50 entries –

albeit we ended Q1 just behind on the scoreboard 1.1.7 to 1.3.9. During Q2 and Q3 the Vampires were strong and our intensity dropped off – they kicked 13 goals to nil for us in this period. Dimi asked the boys for a big effort in Q4 and they played well with some good clearances, marking, passing and tackling and we almost out-scored them 2.1 to 2.3.

In the post match Dimi summarised the game in saying:

  • . the boys did very well in Q1 and Q4 but let the Vampires control the game in Q2 and Q3
  • . that games like this provide great learning opportunities about applying pressure and game plans for four quarters
  • . the boys can build on the positives from both last week and this week and take this into training and then our next game

Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd - Div 3

PM/SMD 3.2 (20)     Highett St Pauls 26.18 (174)

Goal Kickers: Connor Strachan 2, Harry Brown 1,

Best Players: Liam Monaghan, Lucas Duffy, Lukas Woodhouse, Connor Strachan, Matt Walker, Harry Brown

Match Day Awards:Connor Strachan, Lucas Duffy, Liam Monaghan

This was a very difficult report to write...we were thumped 25 goals and this is how it unfolded....

Our first game at home hosting a combined Highett/ St Pauls merged outfit. St Pauls played Div 2 Highett played finals in Div 3. Like last week we expected this would be a tough day and it was, big time!

With ANZAC day in mind the boys stood to honour the ANZACS as ‘The Last Post’ was played. They entered the field under Captain Marlow, Lucas Duffy and Woody following. We won the toss and with no wind at all on a perfect day for footy lined up to begin.

1H - The first half was serviceable despite the score line against a very well drilled machine. Highett’s quick hands at stoppages & use of the ‘outer ring’ to clear the ball was first rate. We played behind in both the backline and forward line. Their midfield was strong and attacking. Up forward they found space & took uncontested marks. We were not physical enough. From the boundary line they centred the ball to the hot spot & marked when we assumed they would go for goal and did not man up. Their midfield went deep to the forward line to create options. We didn’t follow. In the forward line we battled hard but were caught behind. They got great run from half back & again their mids were involved & ran the lines.

The half time stats told us we were in trouble.

Centre clearances – One. Stoppage Clearances – Nil . This, despite Monna’s winning the ruck & working hard around the ground. Our backline was under siege. All things considered, the score line could have been worse... Macca was competitive in the backline as was Matt Walker with Lucas Duffy both fierce in tackling and running the ball out. Josh G tried hard and did some nice things as did Jackson C . Woody was doing everything in his power to lift the side. His ripper run from CHB, then baulk and delivery to Harry Brown was outstanding and resulted in a goal from a set shot from CHF.

When we did get it inside 50, and we did 13 times we only managed 2.2. We kicked only a solitary point in the 2n d 1⁄4. New to the club and first gamer, Connor S , showed he really had something and with 3 scoring shots & 2 goals playing from the Centre in the first half. However, there were too many boys not prepared to do the hard running to keep in the contest.

Highett managed 10.9, 5 goals in each 1⁄4. We held 20 marks not far from our target of 24, however our disposal and decision making was poor at times & made it difficult to get a run on. A couple of early injuries to FB, Steve Axias & Josh Nicol saw both boys off for some time which upset the team balance, but certainly not an 8 goal difference.

2H – Sitting in the shade at half time we rearranged the bard to try and get some inspiration going. The boys had never been in this position. This was new to them and it was energy sapping. Highett on the other hand were full of running. They amassed 16.9 in the second half including an 8.1 in the 3r d 1⁄4 that knocked thestuffing out of us.We made several moves but not no avail. They had their tails up. They moved the ball well and went out wide to runners. We panicked, forgot our structure & rushed our kicks. Our forward line was starved of opportunity.

We aimed to match them in the last 1⁄4. To try and reset. This had some effect and the boys to their credit improved greatly to hold Highett to just a single goal in the first 10 minutes. The move of Harry Brown to the centre to support Marlow and Monna helped with his physical attack on the ball. But the class of their midfield showed & they got a run on. The flood gates opened and they banged on 5 goals within minutes with little up field pressure. The backline under siege again. We were cooked & Highett scored freely

Our stats reinforced the scoreboard story –In the 2n d half we only had 2 inside forward 50’s for a total of 15 for the match /4 (Last week we had a match total of 27). We did not win a stoppage in the second half. Our tackle count of 27 was down on last week’s 42 and marks held of 29 showed only 9 in the last half (we had 26 in the last half last week). We were handed a football lesson today by an excellent team! There was patches of good play, just not enough often enough.

Knocked down, but not out. This is only round 2. Some teams use a loss like this as a wakeup call. They reset. I.e. In 2017, Rd 16, Richmond lost to St Kilda by 70 points. They used this loss as a wakeup call and hit form to improve and ultimately had great success . For our lads, we treat this as a wakeup call, an opportunity to improve. We know we have work to do, and work the boys will do.

We put this game behind us now. We train well Wednesday and Friday and bring our ‘A’ game out next week.

Thanks again to parent helpers on the day.

Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th - Div 1

Goal Kickers: David 2, Elli 2, Henry 2, Jesse 1, Joey 1, Mose 1, Sam 1

Best Players: Mose, Mack, David, Henry, Oscar, Joseph, Jesse



Match Day Awards: Oscar, David, Mack


First game of the season in U15 Div 1. The boys were excited and looking forward to playing under their

new coaches Dimi and Scotty. It was also Sam’s 100 th game – a very popular team member who has

shown us many memorable moments over the years! Congratulations Sam. We were also very fortunate

to welcome 3 new players to the team – Dan, David & Mose – who all acquitted themselves very well in

their first game for the club.

The competition is going to be strong which provides great learning opportunities for the boys. Beaumaris

finished 2 nd in U14 Div 2 last year. They won the toss and kicked to what turned out to be the scoring end,

albeit the breeze shifted during the game. In the pre-match, given the wet & windy conditions, Dimi

emphasised the importance of winning the contested ball and to tackle hard.

The game started slowly with Beaumaris taking the Q1 honours 2.3.15 to 0.3.3. Dimi let the boys know at

the Q1 address they were right in the game. With some straight kicking we won Q2 3.0 to 2.2 but

Beaumaris were cleaner with the ball and still on top. During Q2 our boys showed some promising system

and attacking flair at both ends of the ground. Q3 they kicked 4.3 to our 3.2 with Beaumaris scoring a

couple of easy goals. Q4 was a great effort by our boys with good centre clearances and attacking footy

meaning we took the honours 4.1 to 2.1.

In summary the boys did well but were beaten by a slow start and Beaumaris’ cleaner hands. They did a

great job at various times during the game controlling the footy from deep in our D50 and taking it deep

into our F50 with a series of kicks and marks – this was a pleasure to watch. To understand how the boys

grew during the game and the impact of the slow start - Q1 was 2.3.15 to 0.3.3 their way and Q2-Q4 was

8.6.54 to 10.3.63 our way.

In the post match Dimi let the boys know that they are a good side and did well. Beaumaris’ clean hands

throughout the day probably won it for them. He explained to the boys how proud he was of their efforts

and excited about the areas to be worked on to improve.




Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th Div 3

Goal Kickers: Harry Brown 3, Thomas Bradshaw 1, Lukas Woodhouse 1, Tommy Keller 1

Best Players: Ed Chantrell, Lukas Woodhouse, Liam Monaghan, Matt Walker, Angus Sheedy,

Mackenzie Quentin-Hudson, Steven Axias

Match Day Awards: Ed Chantrell, Mackenzie Quentin Hudson, Lukas Woodhouse



We gathered at Murrumbeena Reserve to play last year’s 4th placed in U14 Div 3. With only one team in U15, we knew they would be tough. 

We announced our leadership group for 2018 before the match. As voted by the boys, our Captain is Marlow Perrot, Vice-Captain, Lucas Duffy and Deputy Vice, Lukas Woodhouse. These 3 boys have been outstanding in the past 2 years and deserve to carry the honour in season 2018. 

1Q - Marlow won the toss & made the call to kick against the wind. Our first ¼ started well with Monna in the ruck, Marlow, Sheeds & Paddy in the centre winning the first centre clearance. Murrumbeena settled in quickly and scored the first goal. We thought here we go..credit to our back line lead by Steve Axias at Full Back, Nick James & Jackson C. Ed C & Macca were tenacious. The boys tackling pressure repelled their attack. They were sensational!  

When we did go forward it was hard work, but perseverance paid with Thomas B kicking our first goal of the season half way in. The coach with sleeting rain ripping at his eyeballs & straining to see who goaled called out “how did he kicked it?” and was greeted by a Mum (who can’t be named), but seen later escorting the umpires, responded with “his foot I guess”…. Touche. J

Tackling was our big feature this ¼. 15 tackles laid with great efforts from Sheeds, Macca, Paddy, Monna, Ed and Kavo that set the standard & caused turn overs. We gave the opposition no time to settle. Darcy’s attack on the ball strong as he charged through continuing his good form from season 2017. 

2Q – With the wind and a strong cross breeze to content with, the only goal this 1/4 came from a Lukas Woodhouse mark from great work up-field. With sleeting rain and against the breeze from a tight angle Woody slotted it through. The deputy vice-captain showing great poise & precision kicking. Inspirational!! As was Matt Walker, playing a great game. His endeavour and attack on the ball was first rate & followed up by terrific tackles. First gamer and new to the club, Josh Graham was doing likewise. We were inside 50 7 times for only two scoring shots. At half time the message was ‘anticipate’ the next move. Cappa, our assistant coach & runner Sheeds senior noted that multiple efforts were required by the boys. Forwards were playing behind to anticipate the wind carrying the ball but that did not work – they had to play in front. At half time with 2 goals apiece the third ¼ was so important.

3Q - We upped the anti in the 3rd ¼. The stats showed we were on top in the centre clearance and around stoppages. In this ¼ our work rate lifted with 8 inside 50’s and 9 marks. Harry Brown came into his own with 2 terrific goals. The first a snap around the body and the second from impressive team work beginning from a full back kick-out. Stevie played on from FB, kicked long to Woody who delivered to Ed playing in the centre now. He sent a long ball marked by Harry who from a set shot kicked truly. The boys lifted. Tommy Keller at half forward laid a tackle that brought cheers from the crowd. He took a free kick & pumped it long to full forward. Jackson Cox was ferocious and upended his opposition literally, the guy did a back flip when Jackson charged through the pack with brute strength. Macca punched effectively from behind when not in a position to mark – outstanding! Raph who had been lively to this point jumped on an opportunity near goal and a snap on what looked like his left foot went through, although I might have to confer to our umpire’s escort on the accuracy of which foot…J. A 3 goal into the wind ¼ and the pressure from up-field from the likes of Paddy, Josh, Nick James, Woody, Monna and Stevie kept them to just 5 points.   

4Q – A 15 mark, 10 tackles and 8 inside 50’s yielded 3 goals 4 pts for the ¼. Murrumbeena managed 1.5. This ¼ we saw great passages of play with the boys building on their understanding as to how to run the ball effectively out from full back. No long bombs to a contest. 30 metres kicks to the pocket and then over the back to the runners cleared the ball effectively. Boys were asked to kick long from Midfield to the forward line to use the wind. They did.

Woody, Steve and Darcy (now in the back pocket) executed this magnificently. Back flankers Paddy and Jackson Cox were great support, and Jackson B got involved when he marked and kicked to Harry B who just missed to the left side of the big sticks. Soon after he made amends when Woody kicked to Paddy up the field then to Harry for a strong mark and goal. However the ¼ belonged to two boys, Tommy K & new to the club for his first game, Josh G. Both scored goals. Tommy from a monster kick from Marlow from the centre after a Monna tackle turned the ball over. Tommy lined up and never looked like missing. Josh (Facing in picture) worked hard at half forward, punched the ball from behind then gathered his own ball and turned quickly and goaled. The crowd went beserk!   

The siren sounded to end the game & the scoreboard showed victory by 21 points. 19 lads walked off the field with just rewards from an excellent work ethic. First round done, there was plenty of great football

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