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Teams / 2018 / U18 Girls

U18 Girls

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About the Team

  • Coaches: Bec Marshall, Simon Appleby
  • Team Managers: Simone Roberts

Training Times


 6pm - 7pm 

Running group on Monday Nights:

    • Murphy Reserve
      Time is 6:15pm sharp to 6:45pm
  • Match Report Round 15
  • We finished our season will a well-deserved win. The girls have worked so hard throughout the season with the last four games demonstrating how far we have come. Although we didn't finish on top of the ladder this was definitely a learning year and it's been amazing to watch the growth of each players skills and confidence on the sidelines.
    We knew this game was going to be physical and we committed as a team to remain disciplined and playing our brand of footy, and not getting sucked into the other team's antics. 
    We hit the scoreboard early in the first quarter against the wind and set the standard for the game. Our midfield was led by Winnie who was unstoppable and put her head over the ball and smashed through every contest. Molly, Ava and Liv rotated through the ruck standing strong with Molly winning every contest. 
    The leadership displayed by Bella on the field helped us to stick to our game plan when the opposition came out in the third quarter and tried to rattle us. Ava led displaying discipline when some of the opposition tried to engage in off the ball antics. We replied with a number of goals. 
    Our game was full of team plays and the smiles and the laughter was infectious. Although we haven't got to sing the song much through the second half of the year we sang it loud and proud.
    Well done girls and thank you to Simon as Assistant Coach and Simone as Team Manager.
  • Match Report Round 14

    No report

    Match Report Round 13

No report

  • Match Report Round 12 Sunday July 22nd 


Match Report Round 11 Sunday July 15


What a game. After our school holiday break we came ready to play, and we absolutely smashed it.
It was a beautiful sunny winters day with a nice breeze which we were fortunately enough to win the toss and gained the scoring end.
We played confident contested team footy with every player committing to the ball, and putting in first, second and at times third efforts.
Our mid field did not stop running with Ava winning most ruck contests and Jelly, Winnie and Bella making an unbelievable mid field combination.
We played in front and for the first time the spectators could hear the girls calling out on field.
We entered the fourth quarter three goals in front and did not give up.  Our endeavour at the ball was second to none, but unfortunately our opposition were able to successfully utilise the scoring end to their advantage and won by 9 points.
The side we played were on top of the ladder and today the girls demonstrated we could of beaten them.  We learnt today that we are a Division One side, we have the skills and team mates that can beat the top side. 
We will focus on goal kicking and tackling this Thursday at training. I am so proud of each of you and I am so excited that you have all realised that you are good enough for Division One!


Round 10

No report

Match Report Round 9 Sunday June 17

Like everyone that played on Sunday the conditions were amazing- not! It was Cold wet muddy footy. The u18s were lucky not to get the rain until after the final siren but the ball was still slippery and as heavy as a brick.
Our first half was shaking we had some good passages of play with Molly, Bella, Buzz standing out for their second efforts and hard contests. Our defence worked hard with Ava, Mar, Muzz, Liv and Julia being put under a lot of pressure and giving their all. The first half we were exposed as werent playing as a team and our pressure around the ball was reactive to our opposition. 
Our second half we came out ready to play. We were first to the contest protecting our player with the ball at every contest and we displayed our never give up colts attitude. Every player in the team contributed and gave their all which resulted with the opposition being kept to 2 goals for the second half. 
Moving from Div 2 up to Div 1 has definitely challenged the girls. We went from not needing to training and being able to win easily. To needing to train so our skills, fitness are on point and cementing some successful team plays. Although each player has exams other commitments etc we must commit to train for the rest of the season as we are better than the teams we are playing but our lack of training is the reason we arent matching them on game day. 
Keep your heads up girls you played an amazing second half and next week we will play 4 great quarters of footy.


Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th

It was a tough game for us this week. With a number of players out due to injuries and


we hit the field with 15 players.

We started the game on point with high intensity and hard contesting footy. Everyplayer knew their role and worked hard to stop the opposition maintaining possession of the ball. We worked so hard to win the ball but we struggled to bring the ball into our 50. 

We tried a number of position changes with both Buzz and Issy being rotated through the mids to give Bella and Jelly a

well earnt

rest. Both Izzy and Buzz pressure around the ball was fantastic with both Jelly and Bella continuing throughout the game to break through packs and clear the contests.

Mariea had a run on the ball in the second half and demonstrated how hard she was willing to hit the ball. She attacked the ball and her tackle pressure helped to turn the ball over a number of times.

Our defence consisted of Mar, Liv, Lilly with Cam Buzz Issy Ava and Mia rotating through. Contesting was to a great standard and


many times with the opposition either losing possession or kicking a point.

Our wings and centre players Cam Julz Mia Arabella had a tough game trying to maintain structure and link the plays. They never stopped running all day, put on amazing tackles and continued to contest fight for everyball.

Our forwards gracie lilly clem and Ava assited by pushing up the ground committing to putting the effort

in to

sprint down to our 50 every

turn over

. Thanks to Gracie for kicking our goal of the day whilst under immense pressure. 

It was a tough day today but


maintain that our effort intensity and skill was better than our opponents. We broke down when we were trying to link through our centre not due to individuals but due to our mental attitudes. We must believe we are the better side and trust each other to protect when we put our heads over the ball.

The score means nothing when watching our game and


truly believe we can beat our last two opponents.

Please commit to training every Thursday as we only have 6 games left for the season and come on Tues with the seniors if you are interested. Well done Simon Peter and I are still very proud of you!

Match Report Round 7 Sunday May 27th 

Port Colts U18G v Beaumaris

This was the first match for the team in Division 1 after promotion from Div 2.

The team started the game slowly and took some time to adjust to the increased intensity and speed of the opposition. Beaumaris skipped away to an early lead with 3 goals to one in the first quarter. In the second quarter the team settled and started to assert themselves with increased belief that they belong in Div 1, it was an arm wrestle with both teams unable to score a goal. Jas Gregory was in everything doing some great chases and tackles in one of her best games. 

After half time Maysen moved into the ruck and Liv went to full back which settled the team and Port started to get on top with two fantastic running goals from Winnie and Kate McKenna, at ¾ time we trailed by only 7 points.

In the last quarter our lack of any bench players caught up with us and Beaumaris had considerable momentum kicking with the wind. However, our defence was standing firm with incredible pressure being placed on their forwards with close marking, bumps, spoiling and tackles. The team were keeping their structure and playing with great determination. Unfortunately both Jelly and Kate hurt their ankles in quick succession and had to come off, with two players shortBeaumaris kicked 3 late goals to win by 28 points.  

On a sad note Zara Shepherd was tackled to the ground in the dying seconds and unfortunately dislocated her shoulder, Zara was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment. Zara was extremely brave given the circumstances and we wish her well in her recovery. 

Beck and I were extremely proud of the teams effort and commitment and with the return of some players this week and a greater understanding of the Div 1 tempo we will be better prepared to take on Bentleigh.

Go Colts! 






Match Report Round 6 Sunday May 20th


This morning the girls arrived and were ready to play. Our warm up was impressive and proves we had come to win.

The first quarter was fantastic and every player got involved and played their role. We had hard tackles, good contested marks, running plays and demonstrated great team work. 

At quarter time we all recognized that at times we were being sucked into the ball due to the opposition flooding around the footy.  

As a team we all committed to being disciplined, maintaining our structure and maning up on our players. 

As soon as we were confident and held our position we were winning the footy, playing our game of footy and kicking goals. 

As a coach Simon and I were super proud of each player today. I can not stress enough how awesome it was to watch everyone get involved and give their 1st 2nd and 3rd efforts. 

We head into the season on top of the ladder and it is up to us to maintain discipline and focus on each game to keep the top position. 

See you on Thursday at North port 6pm to 7.30pm when we train with the seniors.

Such a great game well done girls.

Beck and Simon



Match Report Round 5 Sunday May 13th

Every week one player will complete the match report. This week pur vice captain Clem completed a fantastic match report but she did forget mention that she kicked a bag full of goals for us!! Great report Clem!We went into our match on Sunday feeling confident after a string of recent wins and aware that Oakleigh had been well beaten in their recent games. Even so, in our pre-game talks we  stressed that we would have to work hard and not just expect the win to happen.Our focus for the game was on three key points: talk (encouragement and communicating effectively); keeping possession (specifically, shepherding and leading hard and fast); and holding our structure (building our wall and keeping our position).

After an average first quarter, in which Oakleigh proved tougher than we’d expected, we received a well-deserved reminder from Beck that we needed to lift our efforts and begin to play harder to earn the ball.


As the game went on, we began to play harder at the ball, took advantage of our scoring opportunities and built a strong wall to keep the ball in our forward half. Overall, our intensity and our pressure - especially in the second half of the game - was extremely enjoyable to watch and be a part of.


The result was one of the most complete team performances that we’ve produced. Our 102-point win was achieved by everyone contributing and doing their jobs effectively.


But there were some standout performances. No one who was lucky enough to see it will forget Bella’s epic dash down the left wing, taking bounce after bounce before lining up and slotting a rousing goal. It helped set the tone for the team, as did her two other goals and onfield leadership.


Throughout the game, Winnie smashed her way through traffic in the centre of the ground to continually launch us into attack, and she kicked three skillful goals along the way.


Clever positioning and courageous play from Maysen at the top of the forward 50 was very influential in keeping the ball near our goals, and she was rewarded with a goal of her own.


Cam’s work on the wing helped keep our wall in place, as she strongly held her position and continued to send the ball back into attack.


As usual, Jelly was ferocious in clearing the ball out of the centre, and kicked a goal when the opportunity came.


Although she was understandably nervous, second-gamer Leila not only held her own when asked to do the ruck work for first the time, she was involved in some significant moments in the game.


Overall, I am proud of how well we continued to play our own game, work hard for the ball, and execute our skills and come away with a sensational win.

-Clem Ryan-Fuller


Match Report Round 4 Sunday May 6th





Match Report Round 3 Sunday April 29th

Game 3 and another fantastic win.

The first five minutes the girls showed they had come to play great team footy and were there to win. We were disciplined sticking to our structures, throwing 100% intensity at the ball with many players running past presenting for the ball time and time again.

We were consistent and our more experienced players began to stand up and lead on field supporting our newer girls.

Going into half time we only had a few moments were we lapsed concentration which each girl identified and agreed it was due to being sucked into the play and not holding position. 

Congrats to Cam for finding her position as wing providing many linking plays. Rosie and Gracie in the forward leading marking and successfully demonstrating the confidence to have a shot at goal. 

Mia B and Mia D ran all day as did our mids who again continued to give 110% intensity and recognized when to swap in and out of the play allowing them to have a rest when needed, assisting them to run out the entire game. 

Zara Buzz Mareah and Izzy killed it in the back line being committed to sticking to their players and putting their heads over the ball.  

Our intensity and tackling pressure was fantastic to watch. Most of all we are really starting to work as a team together. 

Congratulations to everyone each player contributed to the win and as i said i could easily comment about each of you but the report will be too long. 

Well done girls i am super proud of what you demonstrate and displayed today.


Match Report Round 2 Sunday April 22nd

 Game 2 against our arch rivals StKilda started out very differently from last week. The sun was shining, with very little wind, and a full list of 24 players. 

The girls 3 goals were:

- playing hard footy focusing on the ball and not the opposition

- keeping possession by having accurate skills

- building on our structures. 

The girls went out hard and established a great lead which they maintained throughout the game. We worked together as a team with many players really starting to increase their intensity with 2nd 3rd and at times 4th efforts. Every single girl held their own and contributed to a team win. Clear standouts included: Backline which was unstoppable with Ava and buzz showing leadership and continually running off the backline and connecting with the middlefield. Winnie, Bella, Mason, Mia x2 worked hard throughout the entire game, and Clem Liv Kate and Jelly standing strong in the forward line. 

Every single player showed improvement and team work which contributed to our fantastic win.

This week we will be focusing on our shepherding, communication and will continue building on our team structures. Congratulations girls what a great game of footy.


Match Report Round 1 Sunday April 15th

The u18 girls round was a ripper!  With only 18 girls we opted to run with no bench and use rotations to rest the girls throughout the game.  With approx. 10 brand new players who hadn’t met each other we focused on 3 general areas throughout the game.  Communication, Pressure and Intensity/ Effort and the girls smashed it. 

With the rain streaming down the wet conditions made it tempting and easy for players to take the easy option and just kick the ball along the ground, but our girls stuck to our game plan and always took possession and picked the ball up. The ground was huge yet we could still hear the girls from the furthest side of the ground calling for the ball. We watched them go hard at the ball  and had some strong team plays, with players running past and putting in the 2nd, 3rd and at times 4th efforts.

Every single player got involved and played their role. Special mention to Bella who was unstoppable, Kate who in her first game demonstrated a natural ability to read the play and confidence to get involved.  Our girls in defence killed it and continued to play as a team and prevented the opposition (who had 30 players) from scoring until the 3rd quarter.  Special mention to Ava and Jaz who really dug deep when the pressure was on in the backline.

The 3rd quarter we were put under a lot of pressure with the opposition attempting to stage a comeback, and our girls started to look a bit tired.  But again we fought hard, and dug deep working together as a team.

Jaz sealed the game with the final goal which cemented our first win!

Simon and myself were so impressed with the standard of play and display of team work, especially in the trying wet conditions. 


This Thursday we will look to focus on setting up a few structures, so if all the girls can try to make it to training that would be great.

Well done girls what an exciting way to start the season off!



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