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U14 Girls

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About the Team

Coach: Steve Schreuder

Assistant Coach: Sam Jansen

MATCH REPORT ROUND 10 - Sunday July 14th

With pretty much two weeks off for everyone and several players out with injury, away on holidays or last minute withdrawals we scrambled to make a team on Sunday.

We were up against South Melbourne who had a few wins under their belt and with a player down for the first 30mins the pressure was on.  Our midfield dominated early and quick goal was scored when Georgia latched onto a ball sent in over the heads of the South Melb defense putting her in a great position to chalk up our first points for the game.

 Although as a team things felt a little flatter than usual this was a game where each and every individual contributed and demonstrated moments of brilliance which when brought together created a dominating team effort. 

We welcomed back Ella S to the side after a long recovery from a stress fracture, it was exciting to have her on the ground playing! Ella has remained a true team player during her time off supporting her team mates at both training and on game days helping out where she can. Ella made a great come back on Sunday as a key player in our forward line moving well to lock the ball in our forward 50 and showing that regardless of her time off her skills are still in good shape!

Gwen stepped out on field with an ankle injury due to a holiday hiking incident but with some strapping and a determined attitude it didn’t hold her back and she continued with her dominance as ruck and despite the injury created some grief for our opposition with her strength and height.

Tia shone on Sunday and it was awesome to see her confidence growing and the positive impact that had on her contribution to the game, her strong over head marks were particularly impressive! 

A weekly star that largely flies under the radar, yet time and time again creates total brilliance with her speed, agility and solid kicking skills is Ella J. Ella was unstoppable when she got her hands on the ball on Sunday, she out classed South Melbourne on more than one occasion with quick hands and accurate kicks in just the right places. 

Thankfully Holly from Under 12’s joined us early in the second quarter giving us our 15 on field.  Although smaller than our opposition (and most of our team!) Holly wasn’t deterred and made a nuisance of herself for South Melb’s defense and demonstrated her skills can easily match those of the higher age group. Holly bagged two goals as a result of her speed and ability to pick up a loose ball and dispose of it efficiently. 

Georgia is proving a force to be reckoned with in our forward line and provides a reliable option when we bring the ball down, she holds her ground well and the defense struggle to match her strength. A handy two goals on the weekend to add to the teams tally.

Two weeks off didn’t impact Poppy! We saw speed we haven’t yet seen! Poppy was swift with picking up the loose ball and took off on several occasions leaving the opposition madly chasing her. Some work on that running kick and there’ll be no stopping you Poppy!

It really doesn’t matter where Hannah goes on the ground, forward, back, mid or ruck her strength and powerful kicks result in the opposition having very little options for keeping her out of the game. Consistent and reliable every week and a great team player.

Speaking of consistent and reliable our mid field duo Siena and Harriet openly dominate every game. 3 weeks away up North didn’t slow Hat’s down and those tackles were as fierce as ever, makes us coaches pretty glad we’re watching and not in her path! Siena created play after play providing countless opportunities in our forward line with accurate, long kicks and speed bringing the ball through the mid field.

Two of our feisty little players that, although on the shorter side, show good things come in small, speedy, tough packages are Rach and Mia. Week after week these two hustle and hassle no matter who gets in their way.

We thanked our lucky stars on more than a few occasions for our dependable back line consisting of Mila, Maddy and this week Em (who showed it really doesn’t matter which end of the ground you put her she’s going to give it her all). The girls provided a solid safety net when South Melb managed some time in their foward line and heavily contributed to keeping our opposition scoreless. Not an easy job, well done ladies. 

Another solid win. Another week closer to finals and another week closer to having lots of our missing players back! Time to work on refining some of our skills and build a little more fitness before chasing the final flag!

MATCH REPORT ROUND 8 - Sunday June 23rd

Well it’s certainly been an exciting start and the positive run continues! The girls placed another notch in their winning belt on the weekend with a solid defeat over East Malvern and that was despite us being quite short on players and having just the minimum 15 take the field on Sunday.

It was another game fuelled by great intensity for the entire match with many players continuing to step up and have their best game... again!

There was plenty of run in the legs this week again. This caused havoc for East Malvern who struggled to keep up, and a number of times were out-numbered due to our speed. Two clever kicks from Cam over the East Malvern defenders and into our forward line resulted in goals after Siena took chase on the ball converting to easy goals to get us started on the scoreboard for the day. From there things flowed nicely.

Overhead marking continues to be a skill we’re seeing improve each week with Mila, Jazz, Siena, Hannah, Cam and Ella all wining great contests in the air.

East Malvern did catch us off guard and for the first time in 7 quarters of football a goal was scored against us. It was a good opportunity for some quick lessons for our midfield and defense, demonstrating the importance of our midfield players getting back quickly to support the back line. Mila found herself under some serious pressure but stood firm and did well on a few occasions to fend off a run from our opponents and create time for us to move into position.

Mia took the game on in both the backline and forward line this week and proved a force to be reckoned with! She consistently challenged our opposition making a nuisance of herself causing many turnovers and forcing the ball out of the pack to our advantage.

We welcomed Sedona back into the side after some time out with school commitments. She came back in all guns blazing with great talk, constant hustle in the midfield and great positioning in both her defensive and attacking roles.

Han again proved herself a solid force in the backline, stopping majority of East Malvern’s attacking play in its tracks. She’s a tough, reliable player. It was great to see her apply some of this force up in the forward line to assist the team to a solid finish in the final quarter.

Gwen spent another game solidifying her skills in ruck and demonstrating she’s prepared to contest every ball ferociously. She ran hard all day, providing great options from almost every ruck challenge.

One word for Siena – KICKING! Wow. On target this game with long kicks, short kicks, wide kicks and kicks at goal. Long, strong, accurate kicking all game. It’s obvious this is something she has been working on and it’s paying off.

Maya settled nicely into the forward line positioning herself to create plenty of space in which we were able to move the ball in and around to set up scoring opportunities including a goal of her own!

Third week in a row saw Emily fire up and demonstrate more of her skill development providing great chase in the forward line and going hard into every pack to win the ball. Another game showing courage and determination.

Another solid performance from Cam who provided many opportunities from which we were able to score. Cam chased down players, attacked the ball hard, showed skill with bouncing, kicking and supporting team mates with great shepherds.

Instructions from coach at half time were to attack harder by playing on when the opportunity arose, we saw some great efforts following this instruction and this is something we’ll focus more on in coming games, especially since our speed usually leaves our opponents chasing our dust.

It was exciting to see some passages of play involving several kicks, handballs and bounces on the run resulting in goals showing a great progression in skills and understanding of the game. We saw Cam and Siena team up with a one two on the wing, Jazz position herself for a great mark then a pass to an available player, Rachel sweeping up a loose ball and playing on to send it into the forward line, Ella making good use of space on the wing to send the ball into our 50 with ease.

Another fantastic team effort with plenty of great skills demonstrated but also opportunities to learn and build further on our skills. It’s exciting to be doing so well with so many strong players absent at the moment, even bigger things to come!

Have fun Sunday girls!!


MATCH REPORT ROUND 7 - Sunday June 16th

Three in a row! Who doesn’t love a winning streak?! This was a particularly good win getting up on a side that from appearances looked big and strong but our girls showed no fear and took them on from the first bounce. 

It was clear from those first few minutes we were going to give Brighton a run for their money dominating early and scoring an early goal thanks to some quick hands and a skilful boot from Cam. 

We were thrilled to welcome new comer Jazz into the side. Was exciting to see her at training and even more exciting to see her join us on the field! Jazz played an excellent debut game showing great ball sense and an ability to win the hard contest. There’s definitely big things to come from this girl! 

Great to have Charlise join us again. She was awesome, finding space on the wing with her speed giving us a solid option out wide. Excellent foot skills resulted in a couple of great goals making her a very valuable player.

Mia displayed excellent consistency in the backline giving the entire team confidence when the tables turned and Brighton went on the attack.  She was solid in defence all game, kept harassing her opponents and forcing turnovers. Nothing got passed her. 

Emily is continuing to step things up week after week and again played her best game ever! With several super impressive over head marks and great contests in our forward line she was unlucky not to finish with a couple of goals but provided a solid figure in our attack.

Tia is another player continuing to improve every week, she consistently tries hard, applying great pressure and getting amongst it when she can. She showed true footy grit pushing through the pain of a falcon ball to the head and just getting on with it!

Siena was damaging and ran hard all day causing so much grief for the opposition. They had no hope when she went on the run! Dominating with her tackling pressure and penetrating kicks forward, she was a solid force through the centre and into the forward line.

Second game back and Cam was outstanding. Showing her natural footy talent despite her time off from injury she challenged Brighton with hard tackles, fierce attack on the ball, great runs and topped it all off with couple of awesome goals as a just reward. 

Harriet was the team’s top tackler! Formidable on the chase and applying ground laying tackle after tackle. She just keeps going, solid in the midfield all day, an unsung hero again.

Gwen cemented herself in the ruck and battled it out hard all game. Even against those she’s slightly smaller than she continues to give her all and keeps the bigger opponents working hard and fighting for every ball. 

Awesome to welcome Maya back from a few weeks away. She was a key player in our defence for the first half and later demonstrated skills that proved very handy out on the wing later.  

Hannah another solid performance proving it’s very hard to compete with her! She simply owned the ball when it came her way, powerful and determined and a great inspiration to the team providing support, encouragement and leadership. 

Madison demonstrating consistent improvement each week kept presenting in the contest and battled hard with her opponents. We’re impressed with her ability to contest the marks against larger opponents and bring the ball to ground giving us a good opportunity to grab the turnover.

Rachel another player who worked hard all day, relentless in her pursuit of every ball in the forward line. Her efforts kept the ball in our forward 50 on countless occasions and she proved a dangerous player to our opposition. 

Mila was as solid as ever, showing strength and determination in every position she tackled during the game. She repeatedly won the hard ball, formidable in the contest. A reliable player who is proving she can play a solid game in any position 

Ella J was simply awesome! Big runs out of defence creating goal scoring opportunities on more than one occasion, perfect defensive ground positioning making it hard for Brighton when they went on the attack and great disposals, so reliable and accurate. Ella is quickly becoming a great rebound attacking defender. 

We had hard working midfield/wingers that just didn’t give up. Our forwards had relentless pressure from bigger opponents as they flooded back but we stood strong and held our own. Many of our forward movements came from a great defensive structure set up across the 50m arc and we managed to keep the ball locked in our forward 50 for the first three quarters! Sadly we saw Poppy out for a large part of the game with an ankle injury and hope she recovers quickly. 

On a whole this was a wonderful team effort with so many players really stepping up and showing their determination and courage out on the field. It’s really exciting to watch the progress each week. Keeping Brighton to zero on the scoreboard as well as healthy number of goals for us was great!

Well done girls!

MATCH REPORT ROUND 5 - Sunday May 26th

Today was the day we got to sing our song for the first time! After being placed in division 2 following the grading games we knew this match would be a good chance for us to place our first win for the season and we went in composed but excited at the prospect.

We came into the game with a few injuries but thankfully welcomed Hannah back after time out for concussion and illness. However, still only 16 on the list for the day. With one on the bench we knew we’d have to work hard all game and that was a focus, a consistent four quarters of footy. No down time. No easy goals for the opposition.

With a strong and determined start we scored quickly through a solid long kick down the wing from Ella to find Caitlin free and on the run from her opponent. Caitlin nailed the pick up and maintained good composure to kick the first goal and give us a lead we managed to hold onto for the duration of the game.

From here we were off and there was plenty of awesome play to follow...

Understanding your positions and when to move / leave – many players showed they were really getting the hang of reading the game and used their understandings to create passages of play in the forward line, through the centre and in defence to give us the advantage time and time again. Ella pushed up from defence and got involved in the middle of the ground to assist with sending the ball long into our forward line. Siena pushed back into defence to support our backline when play moved quickly down there. Hannah ran off her opponent to offer a strong contender in the contest whilst Sedona dropped back to the goal line to cover.

Being aware of our opponents and their positioning – we saw a marked improvement in knowing where our opposition was, picking up loose players and communicating with our team mates to let them know when to push up or back to help out.

Open forward line – with over 70% of the play in our forward line keeping it clear and open for our forwards to be able to move and lead for marks in the ‘hot spot’ was a key factor in our win.  In particular Caitlin was able to mark the ball in key forward locations on several occasions because she had the space to do so, this created many scoring opportunities.

Tackling – there was no shortage of gutsy and tenacious tackles on field today! Rachel, Sedona, Harriet, Sienna, Mia, Mila all slaying some serious wipe outs to create turnovers in our favour.

Contesting the ball – this has been a big focus in training and from previous game discussions. We need to want the ball more than our opposition and in this game we showed we had the desire and skills to contest the ground ball, lock the ball into our forward line and generally want the ball more than our opponents.  We were contesting high and low all game and working hard to be first to the ball with some great desperation shown including Siena’s daring, diving mark in the forward line resulting in our second goal and Hannah’s determined lunge on the defensive goal line to save an opposition goal.

Communication – it was great to hear a lot more noise on the ground this week! There was much more support for our team mates, telling them when they were hot, clear or to kick long etc... this is something we need to ensure we continue and stand outs for keeping up the chatter were Hannah and Sedona.

As a team we worked hard all game and it was great to see the continued effort even when Beaumaris had the wind and attacked hard. Keeping them to one goal with some close calls and desperate defence was the result of great team work and consistent determination. Solid defensive performances from Mila, Hannah, Sedona and Ella J helped secure the win.

It was fabulous to see some new names really stepping up and getting involved in the game this week. Emily started on fire with her most ferocious quarter of the year to get involved early and set a great tone for the game to follow. Poppy went in hard for those ground balls, tackled and provided many opportunities to support some great passages of play throughout the game. Rachel proved herself a constent pest to the opposition getting in and under with strong tackles, plenty of solid chasing and constantly fighting for the ball. Tia showed her understanding for the game is developing and skills really improving with some strong kicks forward and great use of her height to provide contest in the air. Mia caused no end of grief for the opposition providing solid chase, hard tackles and some great disposals proving a very handy team mate.

A special mention to Ella Stacy for her continued support of her team mates despite being sidelined with injury and her management of the bench rotations for the past two games. We’re lucky to have you and excited for your return to the ground!

Well done ladies! A solid team effort and a great start to our season in division 2.

Match Report - Port Colts U14 Girls Blue Division, Round 4, Colts v St Kilda, Home

A perfect day for footy in the last grading game, we had a good squad ready to go! These Saints girls looked tall and strong, yet another club that has 2 x U14 girls teams. We had our best numbers for the season, but we still missed some experience with Hannah (sick), Ella S (foot) & Cam (ankle) all still unavailable.

We went into this game with a focus on staying in the competition, making sure the Saints earnt their kicks and marks. We need to compete in the air as well as we do on the ground. Neither team had won a game this season so it was always going to be a hard, desperate contested game.

In summary: We matched the Saints girls for the best part of the game; at times we controlled possession and locked into our forward half for extended periods of time. Our third quarter was our best for the season and our first winning quarter with 3 great goals.

  1. Centre bounce: Our contest in the middle was great. Gwen had a big job on a big opponent and held her own all game, well done. Harriet was again in and under all day, Jess was trying hard and making every contest, Poppy & Mia applied pressure whilst Charlise looked dangerous when she ran on to the ball. Ange again showed great determination and effort with her attack on the ball. It was a great effort by all in the middle.
  2. Forwards: Siena at centre half forward found herself pushing into the middle on several occasions to help out; her 2 third quarter goals inspired the team. Caitlin chipped in for a third quarter goal, whilst Mila, Tia, Leah and Emily all worked hard to get to the contest. Structurally we need to keep working on the forward line; we gave away height and age in the forward line but we managed to keep the ball locked in for good periods of time – Well done. Goals have been hard to come by this year yet we kicked 3 in a quarter!!
  3. Defence: Another pressure game for the defence, our midfield and forwards worked hard to help out and we managed to be competitive for the best part. Ella again controlled and managed the kick outs well, Rachel, Sedona and Madi all applied pressure when the ball hit the ground. Maya looked dangerous with her attack on the loose ball and run out of defence.
  4. Contesting in the air: There was some good effort and improvement here, but at times we still had players watching the ball and standing off their opponents. This resulted in 3 or 4 of the Saints goals being relatively easy. Working hard for only 80% of the game exposes us for the other 20% when we don’t attack the ball or the contest. Opposition teams are using this time to move the ball and score easily.
  5. Injury update: Jess went down early in the last quarter with a knee issue, having gone into the game with sore knees it really shows the commitment of this girl to give her best even when not 100%. Jess was running at full speed into attack when she kicked and strained her knee, the injury looks to be a minor grade 1 medial ligament strain we hope she will return in a couple of weeks.

Ange was chased down and tackled, her knee driven into the very hard centre square area with the tackling player’s weight landing on her. Ange was in lots of pain but thankfully after a trip to the hospital and some tests and X rays there was no structural or bone damage evident, Ange will hopefully miss just 1 to 2 weeks with this type of injury Please all take note: this was a moment when Colts team mates should have been screaming at Ange that she was hot, before she was tackled from behind!   

It’s very important to understand injuries and communicate any soreness to the coaches and medical staff. Footy is a tough game, maintaining fitness and managing your body is extremely important. Sometimes you can play on with knocks and bumps, other times it’s better to come off rest and ice your injuries for a faster recovery.

Both Jess and Ange where just about to send us deep into attack in the final term when there injuries happened; who knows if these forward entries may have resulted in goals??!! The game was a lot closer than the scoreboard showed, so well done to all for a great effort. Grading games are over and we now look to the season ahead …stay tuned for more information.

See you all at training, Coach Steve

MATCH REPORT ROUND 3 - Sunday May 12th

Port Colts U14 Girls Blue Division, Round 3, Vampire’s v Colts away

It was Mother’s day and a huge effort by mums to attend and help out on the day, many thanks.

The Vampires where tall and strong, this group of girls was yet another club that has multiple U14 girls teams and can select seasoned players of an older age group to compete in the Blue division.

We had a real struggle for numbers; but with some great recruiting we managed to field a team with last minute recruits in Issy Flood & Georgia Allen returning for the first time from U12 girls last year and new inclusions Tia and Ange in their first games!

It was the overall effort from our young group of determined girls that stood out to me, against the odds our team pressure was fantastic; we gave up height, age, experience, and skill all over the ground yet managed to stay competitive from the best of three quarters – the first half there was nothing in it apart from our ability to finish with a score, the third quarter in particular we really had a crack and kept the Vampires to 1 single goal. Vampires eventually kicked away as we had run out of energy kicking 6 goals in the last.

In summary we had Moments of brilliance, good structure and a never give up attitude.

  1. Defensive kick outs: Our ball movement from defence was impressive; using the new play on rule to maximum effect we moved the ball from our last line onto the wing on several occasions. One play almost resulted in a score with the Vampires not being able to get near us, Ella J combined with Siena and Jess in a well-executed run down the wing and forward entry.
  2. Tackle pressure: every player stood tall, against really tall opposition. Fierce talking and second, third and fourth efforts where noticed by the coaches. In a best on ground performance Harriet was leading the way with multiple pressure acts that created turn overs and opportunities.
  3. Never give up attitude: Caitlin, Mila, Tia and Poppy all gave it their best shot at competing for the ball even when outnumbered, out of breathe and out sized.
  4. In & under: Our smalls pressured the opposition and where always trying hard lead by Emily, Leah, Sedona & Rachel. Relentless ground ball contests, tackles and pressure.
  5. First gamers: Super impressive débuts by Ange and Tia. Ange has an ability to win the contest and powerful left foot that will be very dangerous for opposition teams in the coming rounds, whilst Tia’s effort against bigger bodies shows she was willing to give her best in any competition. Georgia A and Issy Flood came back into the team from the wilderness, courageous as ever as these two just got down to business; it was great to see them return to footy! Maybe (hopefully) we will see more of them in weeks to come!!


Next week St Kilda in our last grading game…multiple players coming back in to the side will give us more balance and composure.

See you all at training, Coach Steve

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